Why My Wii Hdmi Converter Has No Sound – Reasons and Easy Fix

I know you are worried because you are not getting any sound from your WII U converter. Yes, you must be, especially if you have been enjoying a live experience with your TV. But, all over a sudden your house has become so silent; people may think you migrated.

Well, if you are one of the victims, then I want to assure you that correcting a WII HDMI converter with no sound is absolutely possible. However, before you start treating the disease, it’s always advisable to know the root cause. Therefore for such a problem, mute mode, no power, and problematic converter might be held responsible.

For enthusiastic DIYers, this article is here to help you try out your skills. Yes, and I am sure by the end of this article, you should be able to fix the converter no sound problem on your TV while using the WII converter. The guide is very simple, involving simple tricks.

Quick table:

How to fix WII HDMI converter no sound (complete Guide)Reason/functionsTools
Step 1: Check the Mute mode of the TVTo unmute the TV for your favorite volume 
Step 2: Check the volumeTo adjust the volume to your desired volume level 
Step 3: Check TV’s input channelThe TV input channel should be toggled to HDMI 
Step 4: Ensure the WII HDMI converter settings are correctTo ensure the converter pairs well with your TV 
Step 5: Troubleshoot WII U connectionTo delete available malfunctions that might be sacrificing your TV’s sound 
Step 6: Use a different cableTo test the reliability of your current cable1. WII HDMI converters
2. HDMI cable

Reasons for no sound in my WII converter

wii hdmi converter no sound

If you are keen, the introductory part has already shed light on a few causes of converter no sound. Well, this action will try to expound them so that you may realize what exactly is with your WII HDMI converter. Have a look at these culprits

1. Outdated software

WII HDMI converters sometimes lose sound as a result of outdated TV software. Try to remember the last time you updated the system of your TV. What you should ensure is that the converter has the newest system update.

2. Mute mode

Though it sounds petty, sometimes your TV might be on the mute mode. This issue looks simple, but you may end up staying for a whole looking for other problems. To fix this, you should ensure the audio mode is enabled and there is nothing like headphones connected to the converted.

3. No power

Here is another petty issue that might hinder your WII HDMI converter from producing sound. How much do you trust your electricity power supply? Sometimes the supply fails, meaning that all the connected devices won’t start.

You should therefore begin by ensuring that the WII HDMI converter is plugged in the socket with power. Inspect the wall switch and make sure it is switched ON.

4. Faulty converter

How many years has the converter served you? I ask so because sometimes no sound issues might be as a result of aging. A device with many years in service tends to misbehave. If this is the case, the only and best solution will be to replace the WII HDMI converter. Check on amazon for the best WII HDMI converter.

The cable might also be problematic, meaning that video and sound won’t be transmitted properly.

5. Low volume

Maybe the volume level of your Television has been turned low. While you were away someone turned down the volume due to his own reasons. Unfortunately, he is not there; he could have informed you.

So to be sure that this is not the problem, make sure you are satisfied with the volume settings. Failure to do so, you may end up taking the device to a repair shop.

6. Wrong input channel

Have connected your Wii HDMI converter to the right channel? If not then this might be the source of misery. The TV input channel should be set to HDMI to help video transmission from the converter.

How to fix WII HDMI converter no sound (complete Guide)

How to fix WII HDMI converter no sound (complete Guide)

With the culprits above, I am sure you are now wondering what to do. You don’t have to be worried because we have a lot for you. This section will help you with tricks or troubleshooting guides if you have ever encountered such a complication with your WII HDMI converter.

Use the following step to fix the no sound defect;

Step 1: Check the Mute mode of the TV

As we have already put it forward, mute mode will leave you silent. Checking this mode can therefore save you from hassles you may incur while searching for other problems. The mute mode means that sound on your TV has been completely disabled.

But, you can clear this issue by pressing the volume up button. Alternatively, there is a mute button on the TV’s remote control that should help you fix this. Just press the key and the mute mode will be over.

Step 2: Check the volume

Since we have confirmed that the volume of your TV might be switched to low level, consider solving the issue too. To adjust the volume, other TVs come with volume up and volume down buttons on the back to help the user.

But, the easiest way is to use the remote control. Press the Volume Up button to confirm the level. If it’s set to too low, set it to your favorite. It worked for you? Then you are among the luckiest people in the world.

Step 3: Check TV’s input channel

If you are using a WII HDMI converter, then the TV input channel should be toggled to HDMI. You can achieve this by going to Settings, Select Input channel and then choose HDMI.

You may be struggling to get sound from your WII HDMI converter, yet the TV is on Composite Cable mode. Check and make sure there is nothing like this problem.

Step 4: Ensure the WII HDMI converter settings are correct

Correct settings imply that you should ensure the converter pairs well with your TV. Failure to check this may result in no sound production. Many people neglect this setting and end up blaming themselves for having no sound on their TV.

You should therefore check and ensure this is not the issue affecting your TV.

Step 5: Troubleshoot WII U connection

Troubleshooting is very simple because sometimes you are advised to power off everything. For the WII HDMI converter, disconnect it from the power source and then wait for something like 2 minutes before reconnecting it.

Doing so will erase available malfunctions that might be sacrificing your TV’s sound.  It’s simple right? Yes, just like that and everything will be restored for you to enjoy watching your favorite TV shows. 

Step 6: Use a different cable

If you doubt your HDMI cable, I guess it is high time to give a trial to a different one. If you get sound on with a different cable, then I guess yours is malfunctioning.

Additionally, you may try connecting the cable to various HDMI ports. If it works, then the current port is faulty.

To end this issue, buy a replacement. There are various WII HDMI converters in the market that can fit your budget. However, you should be careful not to go home with a low-quality model.


  • Do all WII come with HDMI ports?

Not really. There are models like Nintendo Wii that don’t feature an HDMI jack. However, there are a number of adapters that give you a chance to link WII to the HDMI port. For example Portholic Wii to HDMI Converter becomes the easiest to use.

  • Can I use Japanese WII in America?

Yes, as long as you use the latest WII freeloader. Gamers can play games from all parts of the world just like when using GameCube Freeloader. But currently, all Wii unmoded consoles are region-locked, meaning that they only play games from a specific region.

Final words

Hopefully, this guide helps you understand everything pertaining to the Wii HDMI converter no sound. We have tried to shed more light on various factors that could give rise to this issue and we have also suggested a complete guide to fix the problem.

From the above discussion, you can realize that culprits like low volume, faulty cable mute mode, and outdated TV software should be checked on.

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