Why is my RCA portable DVD player not reading disc?

In some cases, opening and closing the DVD player disc tray and restarting the player may be sufficient to resolve the problem. However, most often, the error is caused by a scratched, stained disc or an unclean laser lens inside the DVD player, both of which are easily repaired in a matter of minutes.

This article will guide you on the various troubleshooting tips one can apply to fix the RCA portable DVD player issue. The guide also outlines the ideal ways to fix common disc problems and clean the DVD laser lens, which could cause the error. Find also the best responses to the frequently asked questions on DVD players.

Items required when fixing a DVD player that reads no disc

i.  A lens cleaning disc

ii. An isopropyl alcohol

iii. Compressed air

How to troubleshoot the RCA portable DVD player

When the disc is not reading;

Commonly, your DVD player displays a dreaded ‘NO DISC’ error immediately after you insert your disc into the DVD player. This is very discomforting, especially if you prepared yourself to watch your favorite movie and realized the issue. Most individuals will think that their DVD player is damaged, but this might not be the case.

  • Check to see that the disc is put with the printed side facing out.
  • Check to see that the disk is not twisted, broken, deformed, soiled, or scratched before playing it.
  • Check to see if the disc format is one that the player can play.
  • Verify that the disc’s region code corresponds to the player’s regional code. For example, the regional code for this player is 1.

When the RCA is not working;

  • Cut the power and then back on again to complete the cycle.
  • Check to see that the power cord is correctly attached.
  • Check to see that the DC power voltage in the automobile does not exceed 16V.

When there is no sound or picture on the RCA;

  • Double-check your connection towards the mains power socket.
  • Make certain that the circuit breaker is turned on.
  • Check to see that the power supply is functional.
  • Check to see that the connector is not damaged.
  • Check to see that the volume is not too low.

When the sound quality is poor;

  • Double-check to see that the audio connectors are properly connected before continuing.
  • Check to see whether the audio plug is broken in any way.
  • Double-check that the volume is set appropriately.
  • Check to see that the audio settings for the player are accurate.
  • Double-check that you have selected the appropriate AV input for the TV set.

When the picture quality is poor;

  • Check to see that the AV out/in option has been correctly selected.
  • Check to see that the video connectors are properly attached.
  • Check to see that you have selected the correct AV connection for your television.
  • Check to see whether the video connector has been damaged.
  • Check to see that the video settings on the player have been correctly configured.

Fixing a no-disc error on a DVD player

Why my RCA portable DVD player not reading disc

1. Check for scratches and grime on the disk you’re using before playing. If the disc is damaged, it will not play perfectly, regardless of whether or not the DVD player is operational. You can either fix the DVD with a DVD fix device such as the “Disc Doctor” or buy a brand new DVD.

2. Check that the discs you are using are correct for the DVD player you’re using. For example, if the DVD player does not handle home-burned DVD-R discs, you will be unable to play a DVD you created at home. You may need to switch to a newer model, as most newer models can play the latest DVD format.

3. Using a DVD laser lens cleaning disc, thoroughly clean the laser lens. DVD laser lens cleaning discs are available for purchase at most electronics outlets and on the Internet. After inserting the laser lens cleaning disc, follow the on-screen directions.

4. Insert a disc that has been correctly formatted and is not damaged into your player. Then, check to see if it starts reading the disc while you’re listening. If it keeps making zero sound and displays the same notice, the problem is likely because the disc is not rotating in the player.

5. Turn the gadget off and remove it from the wall. The exterior shell can be removed by removing its three or four bolts and raising the top piece off the bottom piece. This will help to determine whether or not something is just stuck or jammed. It may be necessary to give the object a gentle nudge back into place to rectify the situation.

6. Whereas the DVD player is running, clean the lens. A dirty lens almost certainly causes your no-disc error. Isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab should be used to wipe the lens.

How to correct the common problems on discs

Step 1

Start by pressing the “Eject” or “Open” option on the DVD player to open the disc tray and check that it does not seem jammed or obstructed in any way. If the disk tray seems to open more slowly than usual or does not open at all, it is possible that the disc will not sit flat in the tray or will not be correctly seated in the tray in general.

If the disc tray does not release on its own, gently pull it out with your hand and reseat the disc in the previously opened slot. Try closing and restarting the DVD player to see whether reseating your disc in the slot resolves the “NO DISC” issue. If it does, continue to the next step.

Step 2

Restarting the DVD player after it has been turned off is recommended. Attempt playback of the DVD in a typical manner. An issue in the firmware of a DVD player may occasionally prohibit the device from properly reading DVDs. A reset of the player will frequently correct problems such as “NO Disc” when this happens.

Step 3

Remove the DVD player by removing the disc. Clean the disc with a lint-free rag and some rectified alcohol and water to get rid of any dust or stains that may be preventing the player from correctly reading the disc. Clean and re-insert the disc into the player, then hit “Play” to see if the “NO DISC” issue is resolved.

How to clean a DVD’s laser lens

Step 1

Connecting and disconnecting all cords from the DVD player; Open your disc tray door carefully and gently with your fingers, using the tips of your fingers. Additionally, if the machine includes a small “Manual Eject” slot next to the disc tray, a pin or straightened paper clip can be used to eject discs manually.

Step 2

Open the DVD player’s disc tray and use a compressed air can blow out the inside of the player, which has been exposed. To clean off any dust or dirt that may be clogging the laser’s lens and prevent the player from detecting discs, blow brief bursts of air into the container from the canister. To continue, wait a few minutes for any moisture formed by the compressed air to evaporate completely.

Step 3

Repair the DVD player by reconnecting all of its cords and turning it on for the second time. Press “Play” after inserting the DVD into the DVD player. It should have been possible to resolve the “NO DISC” errors by using compressed air to clean the inside of your tray area if the lens had been contaminated.

Frequently Asked Questions;

How can one reset a portable DVD player?

It is possible to reset the DVD player by pressing a combination of buttons on the remote control or selecting the RESET option from the setup menu (reset). Most of the time, your player’s instruction booklet will include clear directions on how to reset it. Specifically, pay attention to the section under “reset” or “initialize mode.”

What makes the screen of a portable DVD player black?

Typically, whenever the LCD screen goes black, it indicates that the ribbon wire has come loose or that a capacitor or resistor on the mainboard has failed due to corrosion. Check whether the image will turn on by turning the screen around for a little bit more. You can try to return the item or have it fixed by someone else if you are unsuccessful.


To conclude, Portable DVD players, are typically equipped with connections for extra screens and a car charger connector. Not all portable DVD players are limited to playing video DVDs, though. In addition, many may support a variety of video, image, and audio formats, and some even have a built-in digital Television tuner, allowing users to view digital television while on the go.

Finally, plug the power jack straight into the player and turn off the POWER switch to charge the battery. The red alert will remain on throughout recharge. The red light will go out once completely charged. You can now unplug the charger and cease charging.

 If you activate the DVD player and discover that you have no idea what you’re looking at, it may be wise to have an expert take a closer look at it instead. When you open the DVD player, be sure it is not plugged in. If a DVD player’s spindle or laser lens is damaged, acquiring a new DVD player is usually less expensive. If none of the other methods work, you should take the DVD player to a professional repair shop. A skilled repair specialist will inform you whether or not it is worthwhile to repair your DVD player.

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