Whirlpool duet washer won’t turn on-why and how to fix it

A Whirlpool duet washer is a washing machine that can reduce the user’s interest in the device while using it. In this case, the whirlpool duet washer is not turning. The problem with the duet washer results from some of the issues that you can fix. Most of the issues are within its parts that some are faulty or old and cannot work correctly anymore.

However, there are solutions that you can use to solve the problem. Remember, some of the issues are with the pump, the motor and impeller, the rain pump, and other parts within the system. Therefore, you need to identify the factors with issues in the whirlpool duet washer before deciding how to solve the problems. It is good to read the manufacturer’s instructions on the manual book to identify how to troubleshoot the washer.

The article below shows the possible causes of the whirlpool duet washer not turning on and later provides the solutions which have the steps you can follow when troubleshooting the whirlpool duet washer. There are frequent questions which are typical questions about the washers. Lastly is the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

Why Whirlpool duet washer is not turning on

Steps of fixing a whirlpool duet washer not turning on

Faulty washer pump

A washer pump has a circulation pump that contains the motor that provides energy to the pump to circulate water through the spray pumps and the washer, and the pump does remove dirty water from the whirlpool duet washer after use. Therefore, when the washer pump is faulty, the pump’s motor has some issues that it fails to power the whirlpool duet washer so it won’t work.

Failure to turn on, in this case, occurs when the pump’s motor provides little energy that is not enough to give a precise pressure of water to move through the whirlpool duet washer. So when water forces itself through the pump without enough pressure, then the whirlpool duet washer can later cause the washer to fail with its operations. A faulty washer results from using a whirlpool duet washer for long, or the washer is ancient, meaning the drain pump is not functioning correctly as it wears over time. Fix a new washer pump to help the whirlpool duet washer.

Dirty particles in the drain pump

When the drain pump has dirty particles inside it, the whirlpool duet washer fails to turn on. In most cases, the water that the drain pump removes from the washer contains tainted particles. The muddy remains or cloth particles do stick on the walls of the drain pump that block it over time, hindering the flow of water that makes it fail to turn on.

To check a drain pump with dirty substances, open the whirlpool duet washer gently by removing all screws that hold the cover panel after switching it off. Ensure you can see the drain pump with a clear view and open it. Using bare fingers, insert them into the pump and feel it. If the pump is greasy, then dirty particles do not flow with water after washing clothes. Always clean the drain pump to remove the contaminated particles in the whirlpool duet washer.

Deformations with the impeller

The impeller contains a blade that helps water flow to the spray arms. In a whirlpool duet washer, the impellers are always two. Therefore the impellers tend to break after some time, making the whirlpool duet washer fail to turn on when you want to use it. The impeller increases water pressure as it flows through the spray arms, so when the spray pump is faulty, it will cause the washer to fail to turn on.

To check if the impeller in the whirlpool duet washer is terrible or good, use a time when the whirlpool duet washer is on. Switch the timer dial on as it helps in working the drain pump. If the whirlpool duet washer fails to turn on, then the drain pump impeller is terrible as it fails to run, and the path of the pump path remains dry, causing air to pass through, not water causing the washer not to turn on.  A solution for such an impeller repairs the impeller to bring back the washer to its normal functioning.

Old valve

Valves help in letting water in and out of the whirlpool duet washer. In the valves, there are water inlet valves that control the flow of water into the whirlpool duet washer that wears out over time after use for a long time. When the valves get old enough and wear out, they make grounding noises as the water enters the whirlpool duet washer. Sometimes the inlet valve in the whirlpool duet washer gets some leaks that when water is flowing through them, it leaks and in this case water flows with high pressure that when it passes through these leaks, it produces failures in turning on as it escapes the pump.

Ancient valves waste a lot of time washing clothes. They will fill the whirlpool duet washer slowly and may fail to add water to the whirlpool duet washer system. It is easy to identify an old valve as you can look at its surfaces and realize it has some rust or corrosions. In other words, the valves slow down the rate of pumping water to the whirlpool duet washer system, and you will understand that it has a problem and needs repair or replacements. The valves need repair to reduce the failures.

Defective motor

A motor is a device in the whirlpool duet washer that provides power to the drain pump to circulate water through the rest of the parts in the whirlpool duet washer. Therefore, when the whirlpool duet washer is defective, it cannot provide energy to start the washing process. Instead, it will provide less energy that cannot sustain the whole process of washing in the whirlpool duet washer. So when the power in the whirlpool duet washer is less than the drain pump forces itself to pump water with the bit of energy it has, making failures in the whirlpool duet washer.

To check a faulty motor, inspect the movements of the pulley; the pulley will rotate slowly and sometimes rotate in the opposite direction. A defective engine needs immediate replacement since it can cause many other damages to the whirlpool duet washer as it is the machine’s brain. Replace the motor to reduce the failures in a whirlpool duet washer.

Steps of fixing a whirlpool duet washer not turning on

Why Whirlpool duet washer is not turning on

i. Gather all the materials you will need to troubleshoot the whirlpool duet washer. The requirements include the screwdrivers, protective clothing, new tools to replace the parts within the washer, and other necessary things for the process.

ii. Switch off the whirlpool duet washer by removing all the power cables from the power supply to reduce the issues from electricity. Remember to put on gloves and use the antistatic wrap to prevent electrical damages from affecting you.

iii. Check the power cables if they have issues with transmitting power to the washer.  If they have any problems, consider replacing the power cables with new ones. If the issues persist, proceed to the next step to solve other issues.

iv. Inspect the pulleys and the motor since they work together. Sometimes the engine lacks grease that making the system fail to turn. So you must apply oil to the motor so that when the pulley is rotating, it cannot cause such issues.  If the motor is faulty or has more significant damages consider replacing the motor. Avoid doing repairs to the engine since it can cause further damages to the whole system.

 v. Check the state of the other parts of the system to get their proper position of work. Ensure everything within the system is working correctly and lacks any faults. If the issue persists, consider asking a technician to help you fix the problem.

Frequently asked questions;

What are the other issues related to the whirlpool duet washer apart from failures to turn on?

Whirlpool duet washer has some other issues that reduce its rates of working. Some of the problems include the different types of noises that the washer makes.  One of the noises is the scraping noise, which results from metallic objects that get in contact with the drum. The metallic things are from the pockets since they include coins, screws, or nails depending on the individual’s occupation with the clothes. 

Some screws dropping in the dryer are from the machine itself. When they get loose, they fall inside the washer, making noise when the drum is rotating. The only normal noise in a whirlpool dryer is the clicking noise from the machine’s movement during the washing cycle.


Whirlpool duet washer not turning on is a common problem that the washer faces, such that the user needs to be keen with the washer and the issues faster.  The article discusses the leading causes of the failures with the washer, which narrates its solutions later. Kindly follow the steps of solving the problems to bring the washer back to its normal state.

Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions before starting the troubleshooting process of the washer.  If the function fails to work, you consider consulting a technician to help fix the problems since they know more about the washers and how to fix the issues causing them.

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