The Washing Machine Takes 3 Hours to Wash – Various Reasons

In this drastically changing and improving technology, many people expect that any new machine implemented or introduced will be faster and more reliable than the old ones. People will be impatient when they use the new washing since they expect it to be faster than the old. Sometimes these new washing machines might take a relatively longer time than expected because of some reasons here and there.

The washing machine can take the shortest washing cycle or take a long time to complete the washing cycle when you are using it. You should ensure that all the conditions that your machine requires so that the washing process will be a success. You as the user should ensure that you follow all the procedures given to you by the manufacturer on the correct way to use such a washing machine.

In some instances, it isn’t easy to speed up the process of washing when you want to have a faster washing because maybe that is how the machine was made. What you need to do is to ensure that you have all the requirements for washing. The article will focus on the possible reasons that make the washing process long, how to speed up the washing process, and how long a washing cycle takes, among other things.

The washing machine takes 3 hours to finish a washing cycle

washing machine takes 3 hours to wash

Most new and modern washing machines have some seemingly endless time when they are washing, which can be inconvenient for people in a hurry who want to finish washing within a short time. One of the reasons these washing machines take a relatively long time is that they are made to use as little water as possible while still cleaning the clothes. The idea will make washing a little bit longer compared with older machines that consume a large volume of water in one complete wash cycle.

The main reason for using less volume of water and power in one cycle of wash is to reduce our carbon footprints. Reducing the amount of water to be used will ensure that the amount of carbon footprints is less. Since the amount of water used in the washing process is more minor, rinsing the clothes will ultimately not take less than three hours for the clothes to be spotless.

When the manufacturers are concentrating much on improving the washing machine’s efficiency, the washing cycle is likely to increase compared with older washing machines. Now some regulations are put in place for all the electrical appliances to meet so that any devices that are being produced will meet the required standard. The idea will ensure that all the customers or the users of such machines will get better quality machines that will take a short time to complete one wash cycle.

Reasons why the washing machine takes 3 hours to finish a wash

Reasons why the washing machine takes 3 hours to finish a wash

Washing is in good condition when they take an average time to finish any given wash, but when the time keeps increasing than the normal anticipated, there might be a problem or your setting is incorrect. There are a few reasons why the washing machine keeps adding time for every complete wash. Below are some of the reasons that make your device take a long time. The tips will also help you restore your machine to operate normally if it takes a long or short time to finish a wash cycle.

ReasonFunctionEssential product
When there are excessive suds in the drum   
When there is an uneven load inside the drum  Check Amazon for the best drums to use
When the water level change and the switch hose damaged  Check Amazon for the best switch hose
Check if the suspension rods are worn out Check Amazon for the best suspension rods

1. When there are excessive suds in the drum

The soap suds are one of the standard parts of your machine’s wash cycle. Having too many suds in the washing machine will come with some problems affecting the washing process. Too much foam in the washing process will leave your clothes not being washed properly, forcing you to rewash the clothes because they are improperly cleaned.

Excess suds will prevent your clothes from getting a thorough wash since it prevents your clothes from scrubbing against each other appropriately. The up to date washing machines have sensors that will detect if there is a large amount of suds within the unit’s drum.

Having too many suds will make the washing process fail or take too long because it will make the process of rinsing long because the clothes will be rinsed several times until they are clean. Using low quality and cheap detergents will take a long time to be broken down in the washing process.

To fix such a common problem that you can face in the washing process, try using only the best and recommended quality of detergent and make sure that you have the right amount on the washing drum. You can also check the properties of the water you are using to know if it is too soft or hard. The idea will help you understand the correct amount of detergent depending on the properties of the water you are using.

2. When there is an uneven load inside the drum

When there is an uneven load inside the drum

When you have too much load in your drum, the drum will not spin appropriately since the pack is more than the machine can hold; therefore, the washing process will take longer to finish. An uneven load also affects the way the washing machine will not spin properly. Check Amazon for the drum

When you load the clothes on one side of the washing machine, the machine often will take a longer time to complete one cycle than the average time. The cycle time will continue to increase when you have an uneven distribution of clothes and, therefore, will cause you to use a large volume of water. Consequently, the electricity bills will also be high.

To fix such a problem from occurring, ensure that you load the clothes evenly the next time you want to wash them. You have to ensure that all sides of the drum have equal load or weight.

When the machine has an improper balance in the drum, it can cause your washing machine to rock violently throughout the washing process. It will not only make the washing process belong and increase the overall expense but also cause a lot of damage to different parts of the washing machine.

3. When the water level change and the switch hose damaged

The function of the water in the washing machine for sending the power out of the device. It helps control the timer back to its water inlet valve when the device needs to be filled with water.

On the other hand, the water level switch has the function of ensuring that the water in the drum is removed after the wash cycle is over for the washing process. The wastewater is pushed through the drain hose to be removed from the waste stack.

When the water level switch is damaged or faulty, it wreaks all kinds of havoc on the washing machine, leading to endless washing cycles.

To the above problem, ensure that you locate the water level switch hose and check if it is damaged or faulty. But if you cannot have any problem with your naked eye, remove the hose to the sink and run some water through it to check if it is damaged or broken.

After you run some water through it and see that some water is dripping through the hose, it, therefore, needs to be replaced.

4. Check if the suspension rods are worn out

 Check if the suspension rods are worn out

The function of these suspension rods is to help dampen the drum’s movement in the washing machine. The rods help ensure that the washing is balanced when it is working.  Check Amazon for the best suspension rods

When the washing machine’s suspension rod is broken, the unit will not shake or vibrate as expected during the washing process. This is not good for any washing machine since it results in additional unnecessary washing cycles. Another problem with broken suspension rods is that your device will be damaged after you have some prolonged shaking in the unit.

To fix such a problem, lay and turn down the washer and make sure it faces down so that you can see the attached springs or make up the suspension rods if they are damaged so that you can do the replacement when they are not working as expected. They are essential since they ensure that the washing machine completes the washing cycle as desired.


In the article above, we have seen that so many factors will possibly make the washing cycle prolonged. Some factors that lead to an increased wash cycle are due to some parts of the machine being broken or if they are faulty. But due to the fact, the new and modern washing machines are designed to use as few resources as possible, making the process of the wash cycle belong as well.

Finally, one of the prolonged washing cycles is that the overall cost of washing will be more expensive than the usual expense. Therefore you should ensure that your washer is economical in one way or another by providing that it is running well without any problem whatsoever.

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