TV Wall Mount Studs Too Far Apart – What Should Be Done?

The reality is that most of the televisions don’t have the feature that supports the standard stud centers, but some of them die. You may locate the studs being too far apart for those that support, resulting in inconveniences. Yes, the issue is widespread, and many people keep asking how to fix the studs that are too far.

If you notice your Tv studs are too far apart, you may be frustrated and worried. Nevertheless, don’t worry about the issue since there are some ways you can apply to bring the studs at least close. The easiest way is to use plywood between the two distances, but if you want the most straightforward option, you can use larger plywood. But all in all, seeking help if you are unable is very important to avoid damaging the studs or even the Tv.

The article gives the steps to follow when mounting the Tv to the wall and solving the studs far apart issue. The steps are clear, and everyone can apply them, both experts and non-experts.  Also, some additional information concerning Tv mounting to help you understand more is present, including some FAQs.

Reasons leading to Tv wall mount studs too far apart

Reasons leading to Tv wall mount studs too far apart

Some reasons result in the studs being far apart during the Tv mounting process, and they include the following;

1. Mounting the television too high. It has severe effects in that it makes the neck strain making the studs far apart, and even the neck may break.

2. Mounting the television over a fireplace. Fireplace increases the distance between the two studs, shortening their lives, including the television.

Steps to solve the TV wall mount studs too far apart issue

Here are some of the steps you can use to solve your frustrating and worrying issues.

1. Have all the materials you may need

tv wall mount studs too far apart

Some of the materials include the following;

  • Tape measure
  • Plywood
  • Primer
  • Screws
  • Screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Wooden or metal bar mount

2. Attach the television in the corner

It is the easiest way of avoiding the distance between far studs. First, you must know the best motion for television mounting and the correct position you will mount. The method is only suitable for the people who want to mount the television on the wall and not on top of the soundbar.

3. Prepare plywood

Prepare plywood

The quickest and first way to reduce the distance between the studs is using plywood. Apply for a mounting plate together with plywood and choose the length of your choice. But, the most recommended plywood length is approximately three-quarters, and use it on the wall. The plywood will hold the studs that are too far close.

The plywood will hold the television securely on the wall and prevent falling. However, the method is effective for televisions that are not. If you appear to have a heavy television, consider using the following method and ensure you know the length of the plywood you may need when securing the television in position.

4. Make the plywood effective for heavy televisions

Make the plywood effective for heavy televisions

If you have a heavy television, don’t consider using the previous method but use a method that suits your Tv weight. First, have plywood, mark it with a tape measure and a pencil, and cut it into the recommended size of three quarters.

Get the proper size for concealing your television when attaching it by cutting the plywood. If the plywood piece still does not suit your television, cut the plywood plate that holds the spans close. Using a primer, apply paint on the plywood and ensure the color matches the wall.

Some people, such as aesthetics, usually do such a method. Pass the plywood over the two studs and consider the distance present. Ensure you cover some studs that are more than three for better results.  Using screws, hold the plywood in position and ensure it won’t fall off, and you should use the hidden fasteners rather than the face screwing method.

The hidden fasteners provide maximum sturdy points to keep the plywood in position so that it won’t fall off, and if you don’t have a screwdriver, you can use a power drill. Screw the mount onto the plywood and ensure they grip correctly. When using screws, it is also advisable to use the 3-all purpose screws if you can use them for effectiveness.

5. Use a metal bar mount

If you lack or don’t want to use plywood, you can use either a wooden or a metal bar mount. If you are using this method, the recommended size for the steel bar is two by 4. Run the steel bars across the two studs and put a bracket on the steel bars.

6. Buy a controllable bracket

If you don’t want to strain a lot, you can consider getting a new bracket or one you can adjust easily. Choose one that suits your television model perfectly to get effective results. If you cannot get one, seek help or ask the original maker for more information concerning the bracket that suits your television model.

7. Use additional points on the walls

Use additional points on the walls

If you want to fix the studs permanently, you can consider using an additional point on the walls, and it requires you to cut the wall. Place more points on the areas cut to hold the bracket in position. To carry out such a process, follow the steps below;

i. Locate the area on the wall you want to cut open.ii. Draw a rectangle using a pencil in the area within the wall you want to car and mark both sides, vertically and horizontally, after locating the center of the studs.

iii. Using a tape measure, find the height of the wall. Also, find the height readings of the bracket and calculate the total distance from the bottom to the top of the fixing points where you will mount the television.

iv. Ensure you have enough room to add more fixing points on bot rows.

v. Using a pencil, mark the top cut outlines and cut the lining using a handsaw.

vi. Start adding the recommended framing at the bottom and top side of the lining.

vii. Screws the studs using TEK screws to hold the television in position and prevent falling. Remember to seek help if you cannot carry the process on your own.

Steps to follow when using a metal bar mount to fix studs far apart

The process below will guide you on how to fix Tv studs that are far;

1. Materials needed

Steps to follow when using a metal bar mount to fix studs far apart

You may need the following tools;

  • Metal bars.
  • Stud finder.
  • Leveler.
  • Pencil.
  • Power drill.

Follow the steps below carefully;

  • Get the metal bars, and you can paint them using the paint of your choice. Other people prefer using spray paint as it is the quickest.
  • Locate the position of the studs of the wall. In this process, you can use a stud finder.
  • Position a leveler after holding the two-by-four metal bar and mark the holes for drilling using a pencil.
  • Using a power drill, make the holes where yo.lokj2 will place the planks.
  • After attaching the first plank, position the second one under the one you have put in position and ensure the two planks are flush.
  • Make a hole for the second plank and position the bracket.
  • Mount your Tv.

The best ideas for mounting television without wall studs

The best ideas for mounting television without wall studs

Some people may choose to mount television walls without studs to avoid the issue of the studs being too far apart. Here are some of the tips;

i. Consider the bolts you will use and avoid the coach bolts that are present in the box. In place of the coach bolts, you may use the washers and the nuts together to hold in position the sheet you are using.

ii. You can use plywood on the wall you mount the television and add lining sheets. First, position the lining sheet and mount it before placing it on the wall to get the recommended thickness.

iii. Finally, examine the mounting kit and ensure the screws suit your television size. However, they are suitable for televisions that are light in weight and not heavy ones.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • When mounting the television on the wall, what distance can I place the studs?

The recommended distance is approximately 15 to 23 inches in the middle. If the studs are not within this range that experts recommend, choose to mount the television on a different wall that matches the length. Doing this will avoid the issue of studs being too close or too far.


Nowadays, televisions are thin, unlike the older versions. But also, you may find some that are pretty heavy to carry or mount on the wall. If you want to mount the televisions on the wall, first, you must make the hole using a drilling machine and consider the idea of studs being too close or too far while mounting your television. But in case the studs are far, use the ideas above to fix the issue.

The ideas are different, and both are helpful depending on the user’s taste. You can use plywood that suits your television weight. Also, you can use metal bars, among others. While drilling the walls for the mounting process, consider some things such as; the depth of the holes, the wall, studs, among others. Also, follow the mounting diagram to gain more information. 

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