The oven light won’t turn off-what should be done?

Light in the oven is an indicator that the stove is working or not working. When starting the stove, the light will show since it works with the heat in the oven to maintain the temperatures of the oven.  When opening the oven door, the light will light up unless there is a circuit or other electrical appliances. After using the stove, the light will also turn off automatically. However, sometimes the oven light can fail to turn off, which causes worries to the user since it shows there are problems with the sensors and other mechanisms in the system.

Therefore, when you have such issues with your system, you need to check the machine carefully and get to know the parts with the problems. In most cases, the problems arise from the door, the electrical appliances, wiring, or faults within the system like the switch. If you have the causes, you can find the best solutions and correct the oven.

The article below shows the primary causes of the oven light failing to turn off that you can quickly identify with the system. After that are the solutions that you can use to fix the problems with the system, which contains steps that you carefully follow to correct the problem. Later are the frequently asked questions, common questions about the oven, and conclusions summarizing the guide.

Reasons why the oven light won’t turn off

The oven light won't turn off-what should be done?

Faulty oven control board

 The oven control board in the oven contains the relays that help in transmitting voltages. The voltages help move the bake and the broil circuit depending on the user settings and the sensor input. Therefore, when the control board relays short delays to function in the oven, the light won’t turn off when using the machine since the board will still send the voltages, usually to the heating circuit.  If you observe such a problem in the oven, consider replacing the control board.

Faulty thermostat

A thermostat mainly controls the temperature inside the oven and the cycles on the heat when the temperatures are getting low.  The faulty thermostat fails to work such that it prevents the range from heating, causing the lights to fail to turn off.  Therefore, consider checking the common causes of the lights issues, mainly the thermostat that people fail a test and maybe have problems. So if the oven has such cases, consider replacing the thermostat to get the oven back to its proper state.

Broken door hinges and racks

 To identify if the oven lights are not turning off with issues with the hinges, check the door when it is open and the lights are still on. It indicates that the door is not closed. When the door is completed, the oven lights must be off, so when they are still on, consider checking the door’s state. In most cases, the door problems include the hinges and cracks that get broken, causing the issues.

Therefore, the oven user considers checking the hinges’ state and removing them if they have faults. Use new hinges to replace the hinges to avoid some other problems with the oven.

Faults with electrical appliances

 The oven uses electricity to run, so that appliances may get in touch with the power issues like the power surge and blackouts that when the electricity comes back, it can affect the apparatus hence failing to work. The electrical problems can cause the light to either fail to light or will then fail to turn off due to excess power the cables provide.  Therefore, when you have the oven check the electrical appliances and reset the oven by fixing new devices to the faulty areas.

Faulty door switch

Sometimes the door switch causes the lights to turn on in the oven without the user’s knowledge or when you are not using the oven. You can close the door, but when the switches are broken, the sensors cannot detect that the light will still be on if they are completed.  Therefore, identify the problem and solve it immediately to avoid some other issues. You can deal with this issue by removing the older switch and fixing a new regulator for use in the oven.

Poor wiring

When fixing the oven to the power supply, consider hiring quality technicians who can repair the bulb well with the power supply to light and turn it off automatically. Poor wiring of the system causes the bulb to light on and off without moving with the working process of the oven so the lights can turn on when the oven door is open or off, which causes malfunctioning of some areas. Therefore, mind the technicians fixing your range to the power supply. If the wiring is poor, consider getting repair technicians to help repair the problem in the oven.

How to troubleshoot an oven light that is not turning off

When having the oven light that is not turning off, consider reading the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual, which gives you the direction of what to do when working with issues with the oven. Below are the steps you can follow when troubleshooting the stove that you need to follow carefully to avoid missing some steps that will make you fail to work with your oven.

i. Gather all the requirements you need in the troubleshooting process like the screwdriver for opening the internal parts of the oven, the new tools for replacements in the oven, and a bag to keep the screws you are removing and the old parts.

ii. Please switch off the oven machine by unplugging all the power cables from the primary power source so that it helps you get access to the faulty internal parts without fear of electrical injuries. Ensure you cover yourself and put on gloves and an antistatic wrist band that reduces electrical injuries.

 iii. Using a screwdriver, open the internal parts of the oven to get access to the broil and bake. Ensure you keep the screws well so that you can use them when fixing back the oven system after troubleshooting.

iv. Check any faults with the oven, including the control board, the broiler, the bake, the wiring system, and other faulty parts within the system. Some of the features may have been damaged or maybe old in the oven that caused the problems. 

v. Replace or repair old parts in the oven following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to fix them.  Remember, some of the features in the range do not need repair; you will have to replace them with new parts for the proper functioning of the machine.

vi. If the replacement process fails, consider asking a technician. In some cases, you can forget to identify the area of the problem that you need to consult a technician that can open the oven and find the process they can replace.

vii. Fix back the cover panel of the oven in place with other components. It had problems.

viii. Switch on the oven for testing whether it is working correctly or it still has problems. If the stove is not working, then you can try repeating the process multiple times. However, you can keep pushing the process, but you are still repeating the same mistake that can later fail to work. The only solution here is consulting a professional to show what is wrong with the oven and fix it.

Frequently asked questions;

What are the other oven problems that you can encounter in your machine?

In some cases, you can find that different problems exist and can happen in the oven. The most common problem with ovens happens after cleaning the range that the water for cleaning and other detergents causes the stove to have issues with its system. After cleaning the oven, you can leave some water in them so that when it stays for some time, it can react with the metal surfaces and cause rusting.  When the oven has rust, the working rate is always low, which can cause the failure of the whole system to work efficiently.

In some cases, when you use detergents when cleaning, the detergents may have some scent that when you use the oven for baking the cakes, the smell sticks on the food that can cause food poisoning. Therefore, consider checking on the types of detergents you are using to reduce such occurrences when cleaning the oven.


The oven light is an indicator of many things when using the oven. The lights sometimes indicate the oven is on, and when the light is off, it can mean the oven is off. However, sometimes the lights can be on for the whole time the oven is in the house, which shows a problem with the oven. The article above shows the causes of the light not turning off the whole time which can be because of the parts within the stove or the electrical appliances that can be having issues. There are also steps you can follow to troubleshoot the problem.

Finally, consider identifying the problem before doing anything; this saves your time working with the oven. Remember to read the manufacturer’s instructions which you need to understand so that you know what to do when working with the stove.

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