The Doorbell Won’t Stop Ringing – What to Do?

Doorbells ringing are used to inform the house owner of the individual on the door that they work more to enhance security at the homestead. The ring doorbells are the most common type of ring alarm that people use on their doors in the world today. The doorbell has modern technologies that connect to it that if they fail to work well, the doorbell can also fail to work well.

If the doorbell doesn’t stop ringing, you need to find the causes of the problem and then try to fix them. Try the following methods if the doorbells won’t stop ringing: upgrading the transformer, checking the doorbells’ button, resetting the ring doorbell, checking the wires, checking the frequency of the signals, restarting the doorbell, checking the related software and consulting a technician.

The article below explains more on how to use the methods on how to tell the doorbell that won’t stop ringing, the frequently asked questions, and the conclusion. There is also the table of contents that shows the content in the article.

Methods of fixing the doorbell

doorbell wont stop ringing

Techniques to use;

TechniqueFunctionEssential products
Upgrading the transformerHelps to check issues with the transmission of power to the doorCheck Amazon for the best transformers to use.
Check the doorbell button.It ensures the doorbell button is working. 
Reset the ring doorbellChecks if the ring doorbell is working 
Check the wires and their connection.It ensures there is a tight connectionCheck Amazon for the best wires to use
Check the doorbell’s signal frequencyEnsures the flow of power is consistent 
Restarting the ring doorbellIt cancels all the settings with the doorbell.   
Reconnect the innovative phone applicationIt reconnects the connection between the phone and the doorbell. 

1. Upgrading the transformer

Upgrading the transformer

When fixing the doorbell ring by upgrading the transformer, you need to check the transformer first. With checking the transformer, check its voltage level so that if the transformer is not meeting the requirements, you need to upgrade it.

Consider using a voltmeter to check the current and voltage of the transformer. If you fail to get the readings, then the issue can be the wiring. Below are the steps to use when upgrading a transformer:

i. Switch off the power connection to the bell and turn the breaker off.

ii. Remove the old transformer from its position.

iii. Remove the wires that connect to it and disconnect them.

iv. Fix the new transformer, connect the cables, and switch on the power supply.

v. Ensure the doorbell button is flexible since it can cause the ringing as it is stuck that you need to clean.

2. Reset the ring doorbell

If you upgraded the transformer, but there are no changes, consider resetting the doorbell since it can be ringing continuously due to some settings with it. To reset the ring doorbell, check the doorbell’s app on your smartphone and follow the manufacturers’ manual or the device manual to reset the doorbell. The method works in fixing the ring doorbell since you might have a slight problem with it.

3. Check the wires and their wiring connection

After replacing the transformer, check the connection of the wires and their state since the process can destroy the relationship. Therefore, consider checking for the cables and fixing them immediately. Remember to switch off the power connection since wires transmit power and can cause injuries when you handle it carelessly.

Check the wires individually and ensure they lack damage and are not exposed. If exposed, consider covering them with electrical tape to prevent the resulting problems when they are naked. Ensure the wires are also separate so that they are not touching each other.

4. Check the doorbell’s signal frequency

The continuous ringing can result from different frequencies, maybe from another device near it. Usually, the ring doorbells should have a frequency of about 400MHZ to 500MHZ. If another device with the same frequencies exists, it can make the ring doorbell switch off. Therefore, if you notice such a problem, consider changing the frequency between 400 to 500MHZ so that it cannot resemble the nearby frequency.

5. Restart the ring doorbell

You can reset the ring doorbell at some point, but there are no changes to that. You need to restart as well to see if it can work. Continuing the doorbell involves switching it off and giving it some time before turning it back on. After turning it on, check the ringing and ensure it is correct.

6. Reconnect the smartphone to the doorbell

Reconnect the smartphone to th

If everything fails after trying the methods above, try disconnecting the phone from the phone and reconnecting it to the doorbell. The technique is the most straightforward for anyone to think of doing.

To reconnect the intelligent phone and doorbell, switch off the wifi or any data connection connecting the doorbell and telephone. Give it some time when it is off and then click it back. Sometimes the failures with the ring doorbells can be with the internet connection that you need to keep the router closer to the doorbell.

7. Consult a professional

Consider consulting a technician if you try all the methods above and they are not working, or there are no improvements. Professionals are individuals who have explicit knowledge of the doorbell and how to work with it. The technician can check the issues with the doorbell and fix them.

Ring doorbells have fewer issues since they are durable and efficient, but they can be affected by factors like humidity or high temperatures. Therefore, the technician can check the problem and fix them. Choose to hire a technician if the warranty period is over.

What causes a doorbell not to stop ringing?

What causes a doorbell not to stop ringing
  • Poor wiring

Poor wiring of the system can make the wires naked or loose such that they can interrupt the connection of the doorbell. Poor wiring can result from installing or upgrading the transformer that there can be loose connections, fraying wires, thinning insulation, and naked wires.

The wiring can be good, but the wires could be having a problem such that they are old or have discolored insulation around them that you need to check on them and replace the cables.

  • Interruptions to the signal frequency

The ring doorbells use modern technology, the z-wave technology for connecting it to a smartphone or any network for communication. The new technology can easily connect to other frequencies like Bluetooth or wifi that can interfere with the network. Therefore, you need to move the doorbell near the hub for good signal strength. If it works, the problem is the interference.

  • Poor settings with the ring doorbell

The ring doorbell works concerning its settings that it can be ringing continuously according to its grounds that it will switch off after the user commands it. Therefore, consider resetting it for proper working when you get issues with your ring doorbell.

  • Faulty button

The ring doorbell has a button for controlling some of the activities with the bell that the controller can have issues with. The most common problem with the ring doorbell is that it becomes stuck. you need to check the whole button area to know if it is sticky or not or if it has any damage. The button has a cover plate that you can remove to check for any dirty particles around it and remove them.

  • Issues with the transformer

Most people only know that upgrading a transformer is a solution to some transformer issues. However, it is good to check it first before deciding on any practice. Problems with the transformer can be with the voltages or current that if they are lower or higher than the average value, the doorbell will misbehave. After checking the voltages, you can notice that they are either higher or lower than tall. The only solution is replacing the transformer.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are the other problems related to the ring doorbell?

The other problem that you can experience with the ring doorbell is that the doorbell can fail to ring due to less power to start the poor bell wiring that the bell is not receiving enough ability to run. The other issue with the bell is that it can ring with either a lower volume or loud, which can be issued with volume settings.


The article above explains the methods to fix a doorbell that does not stop ringing. Before selecting the issue, it is good to identify the possible causes of the problem. Carefully follow the methods you use and check if the bell is okay before moving on to the next step.

Consider consulting a technician if you fail to fix the issue with yourself, which is the last step of all. Remember to protect yourself when working with the wires and switch off the power transmission with your wires when working on them. 

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