Why my stove burner light but won’t turn off

The stove is among the best kitchen appliances that people prefer to cook at any home place. When you use the stove for a while, it may start developing some other issues that can cause further damage to the stove and make it later fail to work. In some cases, like in our article, the stove burner light fails to turn off, which worries the user. The burner stove issues result from some problems with the burner that you need to know and correct.

Before starting the possible ways of fixing the stove burner, you need to identify the problems with the stove. First, you need to open the whole system and check for any errors in the furnace. After that, find the best possible solutions for the light in the stove. You can choose to remove the parts with damages and fix new features to work on the stove.

The article below shows the common causes of the stove burner light not turning off, which can result from electrical issues and others, and the steps to follow when fixing the light that you need to follow carefully to help improve the problem. Then there are the frequently asked questions, typical questions about the stoves, and the conclusion, which summarizes the whole article.

 Causes of the stove burner light not turning off

Why my stove burner light but won't turn off

The stove burner light failing to turn off is a result of faults with the whole system or the burner that fails to provide enough power to the bulb. Therefore, when you have any issues with the burner, consider identifying some significant causes, then move on with the troubleshooting process. Follow the reasons below to use them to check for the burner issues with your bulb.

Faulty switch

The stove needs a switch that you press to start the stove when lighting it up for cooking. When you have terrible controls, the stove burner will possibly fail to light since the buttons are not working well. To check if the stove burner switch is not working, consider lighting the stove.

If it burns, but the control takes longer to start or starts immediately, or maybe it is loose, the switch is faulty. In this case, you need to remove the defective switch and fix a new button in the stove for the proper functioning of the stove.

Broken knob

 The knob in the stove is for controlling the temperatures of the heat when lighting the stove. So when the knob of the stove is not working well, it means it cannot control the temperatures when using the stove.  

In some cases, the knob causes the switch to be off when it is just on. Therefore, consider swerving the metal switch with such a case, which can work with the knob properly in the stove.

Failure of the electrical appliances

The electrical appliances issues cause less power to be sent to the lights that it fails to turn off. Sometimes, the appliances send excess energy to the bulb that it continuously lights when the stove is not even in use. The electrical appliances include the control board, the power cables. Poor wiring is part of the electrical appliances that the individuals fixing the stove fail to follow the correct procedure for fixing hence connecting the wires carelessly.

When connecting the cables and the rest of the system is poor, there will be faults with the power transmission in the stove.  Therefore, make sure you ask a technician to perform the wiring process to reduce the electricity issues, and with the cables, consider using original wires for the stove. If the cables are old, choose to replace the wires.

Fault surface element

The primary cause of the stove burner light not turning off is the low surface element that keeps the light on. So if the electrical connections have a fuse or build a continual voltage to the burner, the surface element will need repair to function correctly. The solution here is disconnecting the stove from the power and giving the burner time to cool.

The surface element might have issues with the element switch instructing the running process and turning on or off in some cases. The element switch acts like the thermostat that controls the temperature in the stove. Therefore, if the burner light cannot turn off, consider checking the element switches to replace it if it has been damaged.

How to fix the stove burner light not turning off

How to fix the stove burner light not turning off

i. Gather all the requirements you need for the troubleshooting process of the stove

To troubleshoot the stove burner light that is not turning off, you require some standard tools to help you open the stove when looking for problems before fixing them. If you have the tools at home, you don’t have to worry about buying new tools since you can use them for the process. Some tools include gloves, protective clothes and antistatic wrap, range switch, baker, and screwdrivers.

ii. Open the control panel of the stove

After collecting all the requirements, use a screwdriver to remove all the screws holding the control panel. In the control panel, you will get the knobs that can cause some other effects on the stove. Check the control panel if it has any issues related to the burner, and you can fix it. Check the knobs in the panel so you can quickly identify the effects of the burner on the knob.

 iii. Check the switch

The switch controls most operations in the stove, like turning on and off. Therefore, check the connection points within the button, which can have faults causing the errors.  The most common problem in the switch is the component switch that joins in the control that will keep turning off the circuit breaker. If the button has any issues, consider replacing the switch immediately.

The switch mainly works all the time in the stove so the possibility of it having damages is very high that the user needs to be keen while using it and replacing it whenever necessary. While checking the issues with the switch, consider using the hold switch to turn on the stove; when it fails to work correctly, replace it with a new one.

iv. Replace the wires connected to the switch

The switch consists of wires that transmit power from the primary power source to the rest of the parts in the stove. Therefore, pull the violet wires from the burner switch and tape the top of the cable space with electrical tape. The video protects the wires from shorting to the metal board. Check some of the other cables in the burner switch and confirm their state. If they have some more issues, you can remove them and fix new wires. Or you can choose to change the complete control from the burner.

v. Check the burners and clean them

Sometimes the burners start misbehaving if they have issues or the elements are dirty. Therefore, check the burners if they have any dirt particles and clean them using certain detergents to avoid damaging the burner’s surfaces and allowing them to dry. You can use a piece of cloth to wipe the water and dry the burner later.

vi. Replace the hot pan on the stove

In most cases, the stove burner lights have effects due to the hot pan, which seems to be smaller. When you are using a small burning pan, the burner will produce so much heat that the light will keep lighting for a longer time. So consider replacing the pan if you have a small one and fix a bigger one to reduce the excess heat from the burner.

vii. Check the power cables

In this step, you turn off the power supply to access the power cables and the circuit breaker, which can have issues with the system.  Check the power cables and replace them if they have any problems.

viii. Inspect the whole system

The last step is checking the rest of the parts in the system to confirm their state. If they are all good, you can switch on the stove and test if the process is correct and is working. When you try all this, and the furnace is still misbehaving, you can repeat the process and correct the minor mistakes.

If the process fails to work, consider consulting a technician to help you fix the problem since they know more about the stoves that you can be assuming on some issues with the furnace causing the problems.

Frequently asked questions;

1. What are the effects of the burner light failing to turn off?

If the burner light fails to turn off, there will be losses of the user since it will consume much power, and there will be the production of excess heat that the user will not be comfortable with while using the stove.


The stove burner light failing to turn off is a result of the power cables, the pan, switches, and some other issues with the burner. The guide shows the causes of the problem on the burner and later the possible solutions to troubleshoot the problem. Kindly follow the steps to work with your stove carefully.

Finally, remember to read the manufacturers’ instructions in the manual book with more information about the stove, including the preventive measures. You can also consult a technician to help you fix the problem if you find it hard for you.

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