Samsung TV Horizontal Lines on the Screen

Samsung televisions, particularly the current generation of smart televisions, have earned a stellar reputation in the industry. Customers who have purchased Samsung televisions have provided comments and reviews above average. On the other hand, there are a few recognized faults with some Samsung televisions’ display panels and visuals. The presence of black horizontal lines on the screen, in particular, is noted in the article.

It is more than likely that a Samsung Smart TV having horizontal lines on the display screen has an issue with the board, the graphics board to screen cable, or the display screen itself has been damaged. Replacement of the graphics board, repair or replacement of the cable, and replacement of the screen are all options for repairing or replacing horizontal lines on the Samsung TV.

Samsung televisions have earned a reputation for displaying clear images with vibrant colors on their high-definition displays. It is not pleasant to watch your favorite show while seeing horizontal lines across the screen. There are a variety of conditions that can create these horizontal lines. Most homeowners can analyze and diagnose any problems by following a few straightforward procedures.

Steps to locate the causes of the horizontal lines in a television

samsung tv horizontal lines on screen

It is necessary to take a systematic approach to solve the issue of horizontal lines on a Samsung TV screen. You should be able to identify the most likely source of the black lines on the Samsung TV screen if you carefully follow our instructions. Depending on the Samsung TV model, there may be a variety of various methods to use.

Locating the causes of horizontal lines on TVFunctionsEssential products
Take note of the linesHelps figure out the source of the problem 
Ensure that the input connections are working properlyTo help fix any loose connectionCheck the game console from Amazon
Test the televisionTo know whether the connections are successfulSamsung TV , Samsung remote control
Check for firmware issuesTo help solve the issues easily 
Seek helpFor sure connections

Step 1; Take note of the lines

If you look at the lines that show on the Samsung TV screen, you might be able to figure out where the problem originates. If the lines on the screen are moving, the problem is most likely caused by a faulty connection between one of your input devices and the Television.

When you see static lines on your screen, horizontal or vertical lines that don’t move, it usually means that your graphics card or the cable that links the graphics card to the screen is malfunctioning.

Step 2: Make sure that all input connections are working correctly on your Samsung TV

Make sure that all input connections are working correctly on your Samsung TV

We recommend that you unplug anything currently connected to the input ports on the Samsung TV before proceeding. In some cases, a faulty cable or a faulty connection might cause the signals to the Television to be interrupted, resulting in occasional horizontal or vertical lines appearing on the screen.

When cables are plugged into a television or a device, such as a game console or a cable box, they might cause faulty connections. When input wires are damaged, it is possible to experience occasional issues. This is quite rare.

Test each cable for damage and inspect all of the connection points. Occasionally, there is no noticeable damage. Using a known-good cable as a replacement for the cable you have been using is the most effective method of identifying these issues.

Step 3; test your Television

 test your Television

The next step is to run a self-test on your Samsung TV if you haven’t been able to eliminate the horizontal lines on the screen after testing and changing the input connections linked to it. This feature is accessible on Samsung Smart TVs that are more recent models. You must first establish the model number of your Samsung television.

Your Television’s model number is displayed on a label mounted to the rear of the Television. Find your model number and make a note of it for future use. The next step is to conduct a self-diagnostic test on your Television.

Only execute a self-diagnostic check on your Samsung TV if you are confident that the input wires and accessories attached to the TV are in good working order. A self-diagnostic test is advised if the horizontal lines on the screen persist after all other devices have been disconnected.

  • To turn the Television on, use the Samsung TV remote control. The remote control’s HOME button is pressed. Your TV should display the Smart Hub screen.
  • Select the SETTINGS menu on the Smart Hub in the lower-left corner of the Samsung TV screen. A little serrated gear or cog appears as the icon.
  • The Support menu screen appears on your Samsung TV. Using the keys on the Samsung remote, select DEVICE CARE from the menu options. To choose this option, press the enter key on your remote control.
  • The self-diagnosis method should begin on your Samsung TV. This could take anything from a few seconds to many minutes, depending on your Samsung TV’s model.
  • Several buttons will display at the bottom of the screen after the rapid scan is completed. Click the SELF DIAGNOSIS button with the buttons on the remote control, then press enter.
  • On the screen, you’ll see several alternatives. Select PICTURE TEST from the Samsung remote control and enter. It will be necessary for you to confirm your choice. Enter again after highlighting OK.
  • A test picture appears on your Samsung TV. Look at the test photo to check if there are any horizontal lines. As the system works through self-diagnosis, the lines may suddenly appear in some circumstances.
  • If the lines do not disappear after the self-test, you most likely have a hardware problem with your graphics board or the connected cable. In this scenario, calling a skilled technician to do additional testing and repairs is your best alternative.

The technique for doing a self-test on the graphics screen and board on older Samsung Smart TVs is slightly different. To be sure that the cable or peripheral systems do not cause the issue with black lines on the screen, you should conduct a self-test on your computer.

  • To turn on the Samsung TV, use the Samsung remote control. When you reach the Smart Hub option, press the HOME button.
  • Select the SETTINGS tab, which may be found in the back left of the Smart Hub display. The icon will be in the shape of a bit of gear or cog, with the word SETTINGS written to the symbol’s right.
  • The Self Diagnosis option may be found at the bottom of the SUPPORT screen, which can be accessed by using your Samsung remote. Select the menu option you want and press the enter key on your remote control.
  • The Self Diagnosis screen should appear on your Samsung TV. On your remote control, scroll to the option that says START PICTURE TEST, highlight it and push the enter key.
  • You’ll be sent to the PICTURE TEST screen. Read and carefully follow the instructions. To proceed with the test, select it and click the OK button on the screen.
  • You will see a test image on your Samsung television set. If the horizontal lines have vanished completely or occasionally show throughout the test, pay close attention. It takes approximately 5 minutes to complete.

Step 4; Firmware updates for your Samsung television are available

Firmware issues are rarely related to display issues such as horizontal lines, which are more common. However, a problem with the firmware may be the source of the problem. To be sure, read the instructions in the user’s handbook that came with your Samsung TV when doing a firmware upgrade.

The procedure for changing the firmware on your Samsung television depends on the model of the Television.

Step 5; seek help from a service technician

seek help from a service technician

At this point, you have exhausted all of the solutions available to the majority of homeowners for resolving horizontal lines on their Samsung television. The next best choice is to talk with a trained Samsung TV technician. These professionals have received the necessary training and are equipped with the equipment needed to diagnose issues. If a manufacturer’s warranty still covers your Samsung television, you should contact the Samsung guarantee department for further instructions.

Samsung TV parts are widely available online from various electronics retailers. Ensure that the parts supplier for your Samsung TV is the same as the original. We recommend that you return the connection cable to the TV display screen whenever you replace a graphics card.

Frequently Asked Questions;

  • What is the cause of horizontal and black lines on a Samsung TV?

A damaged cable wire can cause this, or an incorrectly calibrated television monitor could cause it. To repair it, you can either take it to a TV repair specialist or take it to your local hardware store if you are not a technician. If you do not know how to repair it, you risk damaging other TV parts.


Because of the interaction of each hardware and software program point, horizontal strains on the display screen are induced. For example, if the road is unending, this is a “hardware” problem. In any other scenario, the lines are shifting, which can be easily corrected using the troubleshooting techniques described here.

Keeping your smart Television up to date is highly crucial for safety reasons. If this is not the case, the chances of receiving an error are incredibly high. Finally, if none of the solutions successfully resolves the situation, then factory reset your smart TV to its factory settings.

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