How to Fix RV Clearance Lights Not Working

Having a recreational vehicle or RV with you might be a fantastic experience if you enjoy taking road trips. A kitchenette, bedroom, and bathroom are included in the unit’s price, giving you the impression that you are traveling inside your own home while on vacation. The storage space available in these cars also allows you to travel with all of your stuff without worrying about it.

Despite this, recreational vehicles and motorhomes are massive vehicles that can be difficult to steer at high speeds. These vehicles must have clearance and flashing lights installed on them to ensure the safety of others.

These make it simpler for other drivers to detect that a large truck is being driven on the roadside. While not all RV clearance lights malfunction, some users have complained that theirs are not. We will use this article to present you with troubleshooting steps that you may utilize to resolve the problem.

Steps on fixing RV clearance lights

Fixing clearance lightsFunctionsEssential products
Ensure the wiring is in good conditionTo check for loose connectionsCheck the clearance lights from Amazon
Clean the ports and connectorsTo eliminate corrosion or rustCleanser
Check whether the pins are damaged Screwdriver

Step 1; Make sure your plug’s wiring is in good condition

rv clearance lights not working

A typical problem with recreational vehicles is that their clearance lights may not work correctly. There is no reason to be concerned about this, as you should resolve the situation quickly and effectively. Keep in mind that a variety of different circumstances might cause this issue. This is why you must first identify the specific factor producing your problem.

Besides that, you should follow all of the actions outlined below to assist you in resolving the situation as quickly as possible. The wiring for your clearance lights is the first item that you need to check for damage. A simple removal or disassembly of these is possible. Considering this, you can carefully inspect them to determine whether any of them have become loose or have been cut down by accident.

Immediately replace the damaged wires with new ones if you observe any damage at all. It’s also possible to tighten all connectors if they have just become slack over time. It can be challenging to determine whether or not electricity is properly flowing through the cables on your own. Because of this, you should seek the assistance of a professional. On the other hand, a voltmeter should be helpful if you are familiar with the way these connections function and want to solve the problem.

Step 2; Ports and connectors that have been thoroughly cleaned

 Ports and connectors that have been thoroughly cleaned

Then, after you’ve ensured that all of the wirings are in proper working order, Connections and ports are the following items that you should consider installing. To begin, remove the plugs and thoroughly clean the area around them. Remember to take the plug out slowly and carefully, as moving the plug while it is linked can cause the pins to become loose and break. Clean all the dust out of the ports and plugs on your computer and laptop.

After that, you can examine the pins to see if any corrosion or rust has developed on them. If there is any, you will have to eliminate it, so be careful. When wiping off does not eliminate the accumulated corrosion, current passage through the pins can become halted entirely.

On softening corrosion, you will either need to utilize a cleanser or warm water to assist you in this process. As a result, the problem can be quickly resolved by just wiping it away.

Step 3; pins may have been damaged

If you have followed all of the instructions above and are still experiencing the same problem, don’t hesitate to contact us. There is a possibility that your pins have been damaged due to this. This is pretty common and necessitates the user’s replacement of the plug or an attempt to repair the problem.

You can notice a tiny space between the pins if you look closely at them. Occasionally, these can become connected, resulting in the connection being terminated. These can be fixed by simply shifting them apart with a screwdriver or a sharp knife.

However, it would be best to ensure that no excessive force is given to them. This is because the pins are susceptible to any movement. If the pins break down while being pushed apart, or if they are already damaged, this should be considered.

Then you can go out and buy a new plug to replace the already in use one. To change the plug, you’ll need to remove a total of two screws from the jack assembly. The process is relatively simple, but be certain that all of the wires are connected to the pins correctly.

How to troubleshoot an RV slide that is not sliding

How to troubleshoot an RV slide that is not sliding

A great deal of enjoyment may be had by going on camping vacations with friends and family. These allow you to explore new places while creating lasting memories with your family and friends. However, it would be best to keep in mind that you will need to bring the appropriate equipment on your journeys. This is why most campers opt to purchase large vehicles such as recreational vehicles and motorhomes. These come with plenty of storage room for all of your belongings, as well as furnishings for you to relax on.

Additionally, motorhomes include other beneficial characteristics such as slide-outs, which are not always present in different vehicles. A single button click will allow you to add more space to your existing room(s). Users will have significantly more space to move around in their vehicles due to this procedure.

Although these are fantastic, there are certain drawbacks that you may encounter while using them. The slide-out is not fully extended is a regular complaint from people who have this issue. If you are experiencing the same issue, then reading this post should be helpful to you in solving the problem.

Step 1; examine the electrical wiring

Contact us if you discover that the RV slide-out is experiencing difficulties, such as the gadget not fully extending. Then one of the first things you should look for is the type of slides installed in your car. For the most part, there are two options: either motorized or hydraulically operated.

As a result, the troubleshooting procedures for various slide-outs may differ from one another. One common reason for your slides not to function correctly, on the other hand, is a problem with the electrical wirings. For this reason, you should begin by ensuring that all of the cords connecting your device are correctly attached.

Ensure that these are receiving the recommended level of electricity that they require to perform correctly. Sometimes the issue can be caused by the slide-outs not receiving adequate energy, so addressing the problem should resolve the problem.

Step 2; something may be stuck in the slide-out

In addition, if something is stuck in your slide-out, you may encounter this type of problem as well. This can be rather inconvenient to deal with, but it is a problem that can be easily avoided. The most effective remedy for this is to open your slides and thoroughly clean the moving elements within them.

The gears will become clogged with dust over time, preventing them from functioning correctly. Considering this, thoroughly cleaning out all of the dust and debris should eliminate the clogs. After completing this procedure, the slide-out should begin to function correctly once more.

Step 3; Customer Service should be contacted

If you are still experiencing the same problem after following the procedures outlined above, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance. A substantial probability exists that your slide-out is faulty in this case, as well. An excessive amount of moving parts can be damaged, resulting in an issue like this.

Instead of figuring out what is causing the problem, you should call the manufacturer’s customer service department for assistance. The team will look into the issue and develop a feasible solution for you to consider. Using this method should ensure that the problem has been resolved and continue to use your vehicle.

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Frequently Asked Questions;

  • What is causing my trailer’s running lights to malfunction?

Other possibilities include that if the trailer has numerous running lights, the overall power draw may be too great for the tow package cabling to handle. It is possible to test this by disconnecting some of the lamps connected to the running lighting circuit and seeing if the rest of the lights begin to function normally. If they do, the problem was likely with the running light course. The use of LED lighting would eliminate this issue


After completing the procedures mentioned above, please let us know if you’re still experiencing problems. If this is the case, there’s a good likelihood your slide-out is defective. To have a situation like this happen, there are several moving elements.

Contacting the RV’s support team instead of finding out what’s wrong is the best course of action. Your problem should be investigated, and the group should offer a solution. If you follow these steps, you should continue driving your car normally again.

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