Proform Exercise Bike Display Not Working – How to Fix It Quickly

Is the display on your ProForm exercise bike not working correctly? This merely indicates a problem someplace that needs to be recognized and resolved as soon as possible. We understand how irritating this experience can be; as a result, we have carefully identified the potential issues and provided instructions on how to resolve them as early as possible.

In many home gyms, you will discover an exercise bike as a standard piece of equipment that you will use regularly. Even though numerous styles, models, and brands are commercially available, ProForm is one of the most dependable solutions available. There are various reasons why your bike may not display. Most of the reasons are discussed in this article.

You will find various causes of this issue and possible solutions. In addition, you will find detailed information on how to maintain your ProForm exercise bike and all the necessary maintenance tips. Also, this article includes frequently asked questions that are well answered to help understand better.

Possible methods to fix a ProForm exercise bike display not working

proform exercise bike display not working

The failure of your ProForm console’s display to come up indicates a malfunction with the power supply.

Solution: Inspect the batteries and connector to see whether or not they are in excellent working order. If the situation is reversed, the faulty component must be replaced as quickly as possible. If the batteries and the plug are in good working order, you may need to have the console or the wire harness repaired or replaced entirely.

1. How to replace the console display

Steps on replacing the console displayFunctionEssential products
Remove screwsEnable lifting of the console out of its mounting placeScrews.Check the ProForm console’s display
Disconnect connection wiresTo facilitate removal of the consoleConnection wires
Replace the display consoleTo eliminate the old oneConsole display
Check for correct wire installationProper connection 
Reinstall all disconnected wires and screwsTo fix the console plate in its usual positionScrews

Step 1; Remove the screws that hold the console plate and set the screws aside for later use. Below the plate, you will find these screws. After the screws have been removed, carefully lift the console out of its mounting place.

Step 2: The wires linked to the console should be disconnected. It appears these cables are connected in the same way as a telephone jack. A wire that runs through the console is another thing you can encounter while exploring it.

Step 3; with a plastic end, this wire is comparable in appearance to a second wire that extends from the upright. Double-check to see that all of these wires have been disconnected before continuing.

Step 4; As soon as you have disconnected these wires, double-check that the wire harness (on both ends) is correctly installed. A new console should be used to replace the destroyed one.

Step 5; Reinstall the disconnected wires into the console and rejoin the screws that hold the console plate in its usual position on the back of the machine.

2. How to replace the wire harness

Step 1; Remove the four screws holding the upright support from the bracket and set it aside.

Step 2; Remove the upper and lower wire harnesses from their respective connectors. Connect the new wiring harness, and then reposition the upright support in its usual position by reattaching the screws to the frame.

Main problems associated with ProForm exercise bike

Main problems associated with ProForm exercise bike

If your ProForm exercise bike’s console display is not functioning correctly, you may experience other difficulties or troubles. Here is a quick table;

ProblemSolutionEssential product
A worn-out seat Replace it as soon as possibleCheck the ProForm exercise bike seat from bracket
Damaged pedalsRemove the pedals and install  new onesPedals
Drive belt spilling Examine the tension of the belt and make any required adjustmentsCheck the drive belt from Amazon

1. A worn-out seat

A damaged or worn-out bike seat will prevent you from getting the most out of your workout sessions.

Examine the seat of your bicycle regularly for signs of wear and tear.

Solution: If you want the most comfort possible, replace it as soon as possible.

How to repair a seat that has been destroyed or is no longer functional

Step 1; Allowing the adjustment knob to turn freely is recommended. Remove the seat bracket from the bike frame by rotating it counterclockwise.

Step 2; Split washers and lock nuts must be removed to disconnect the seat and carriage fully. This is accomplished by connecting the seat carriage to the seat bracket.

Step 3; the replacement seat should be installed to the seat carriage after being opened and unwrapped. Set the seat in its proper position by affixing the split washers and locknuts to its frame.

Step 4; It is important to ensure that the seat bracket is repositioned correctly in the seat post. To tighten the bracket, turn the adjusting knob clockwise.

2. Faulty or damaged pedals

Your pedals may wear out due to constant use. If you observe a decrease in performance right away, you may need to remove the pedals and make the necessary repairs as well.

Quick fix: Remove the pedals and install a new set of pedals in their place.

How to repair or replace pedals that are damaged or unreliable

Step 1; using a wrench, remove the ped als from their positions. To detach the right pedal, turn it counterclockwise a number of times with the wrench until it is loose, then remove the wrench. Next, separate the pedal from the crank arm with your hand until free.

Step 2; for the left pedal, repeat the procedure, but this time turn the pedal in the opposite direction as the right pedal.

Step 3; Try the new set of pedals and label each one individually to ensure that they are installed correctly. The pedal with the letter L should be positioned on the left, and the pedal with the letter R should be installed on the right.

Step 4; when you’re finished installing the appropriate pedal, slide it into the crank arm and tighten it with your hand in a clockwise motion – you should turn it at least ten times. The adjustable wrench will be used to complete the process.

Step 5; Ensure that it is properly tightened. Carry out the same procedure as you did for the right pedal installation, except this time turn the pedal anticlockwise.

Step 6: Before installing new pedals, you must first grease the pedal threads with a silicone spray. Make sure that you complete this step completely.

3. Drive belt spilling

This occurs when the belt slides out of its proper place when the bike is being operated.

Solution: Examine the tension of the belt and make any required adjustments.

How to make adjustments to the drive belt

Step 1: This task necessitates Hex keys or an Allen wrench. These tools are also employed in the process of assembling the bicycle.

Step 2; the left pedal must be turned counterclockwise to be removed from its position.

Step 3; Remove the screws that hold the side panels together and set them aside.

Step 4; Remove the side panels from the frame.

Step 5; to obtain access to the belt pressure bolt, detach the idler pulley adjusting bolt from the pulley.

Step 6; Make necessary adjustments to the belt tension bolt and ensure it is properly adjusted. Make sure that the belt is securely fastened and does not slip.

Step 7; Adjustment bolt should be tightened or reinserted. Restore the side panels and the left pedal to their original places after repositioning.

Daily maintenance of an exercise bike

Keep your exercise bike clean by using a spray cleaner daily. Keep the cleaner away from the bike’s paintwork. To wash the frame and other elements of the bike, use a clean cloth and spray the cleanser onto it before wiping them down as gently as possible. It is possible to use water and soap instead of a spray cleaner if you cannot locate one nearby. In addition, avoid using abrasive cleaners or some types of cleaning products containing oil. Using oil-based cleaning products on the frame has been shown to degrade or degrade the paint on the frame in the past.

Approximate time to assemble exercise bikes

For new exercise bikes for a home gym, you will need to assemble them yourself once they have been delivered to your home address. In certain circumstances, the process of assembling each component might take up to 2 hours, and in others, it can take even longer. If you find this activity stressful and do not like to participate, you may hire a bike technician to conduct the task for you. This does not come at a high expense.

The maximum weight for most ProForm bikes

Most motorcycles have a maximum weight limit of 300 pounds, which is very standard. A maximum weight limit of around 500 pounds may be specified depending on the design. If you surpass the weight restriction, the bike may come to a grinding halt. This is a dangerous behavior, and you should avoid it. We recommend that you get a bicycle capable of supporting your weight comfortably. Along with increasing your safety, it also helps to lengthen the life of your bike.


After reading this, I believe you know what you should do if your ProForm bike display fails again. Please make sure you are familiar with the critical components of the exercise bike when it is delivered to you.

Ensure you provide the model name, number, and the serial number of your exercise bike in the order description when seeking to replace a part or component on your bicycle.

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