The Pool Pump Won’t Turn On – Fix It in Second

The pool pump not turning on is an excellent bummer for any individual who minds about them having fun relaxing at the pool. Everything happens for a reason; even though you wonder what is wrong with your device, you can quickly check on the issue and fix it immediately.

The major problems are with the electrical parts or some dirty particles clogging in the pump in most cases. When your pump is not turning on, it does not mean you should stop using your pool since it will lead to several issues with it.

The article below shows the major causes of the pool pump not turning on and how to fix them to work after that are the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

Reasons why the pool pump is not turning on

Techniques used to fix the problems;

Technique usedFunctionEssential products
Replace faulty parts like the motorHelps in working with good partsCheck Amazon for the best motors
Fix loose components in the pumpHelps correct the wiring and breakerCheck Amazon for the best breakers

1. Electrical problems

Electrical problems are the first thing to check when your pool pump is not turning on since it can be the breaker, wiring, or capacitor with issues. The problem feels complicated, but it is not. Those with automatic pool pumps need first to check on their timer and ensure it is in the right place. Below are some of the electrical problems:

  • Breaker and wiring issues

If your pump is not turning on, it might not be the pump’s issue. Therefore, you need to check the power source first since most outdoor outlets have power breakers that need tripping. However, if there is no issue with the power source, consider checking the pump’s voltage and ensure it works well with the outlet’s capacity.

After checking the above parts, consider checking the external wiring between the pump and the outlet. Ensure all the wires are in their correct positions to work well.

  • Capacitor

The capacitor is another culprit of the electrical parts that cause the pool pump not to turn on. Most devices that have capacitors include air conditioners, clothes dryers, and car audio systems. The capacitors work by starting the pump to provide some electricity that enables it to turn on.

When the capacitor is faulty, it produces a humming sound, and the pump is not turning on. Sometimes, the capacitor makes a continuous humming sound until the circuit breaker tips. Replacing most of the issues with the capacitor can be done personally, except that you need to follow several procedures to be through with it since it is a complicated process.

Remember, the capacitor will store power that you need to be careful when working with it. If your pump is old, consider replacing the capacitor or choose to replace the whole thing.

  • Motor

If the pool pump is not starting, but there is a humming sound, then the issue could be the motor is not working. To check on a faulty motor, open the pool pump, which requires some knowledge about it for the task to be easy. When opening, it is not that you need to check on the motor alone but also the other parts like the bad bearings that you can fix quickly. When fixing issues with the pump, consider checking the motor shaft and the big horizontal tube inside the pump that rotates with the help of the impeller. First, ensure you turn off the pool pump before opening it up to give the motor shaft a pin.

If the motor fails to rotate, check on any dirt particles around it since some block the impeller and make the pump fail to work. At this point, to disassemble the impeller to know what is wrong. Ensure you remove the screws, remove the motor by pulling and removing the gasket. You will get the space to remove all the debris accumulating into it and fix back the parts.

  • Bearings

If you try checking the issues above but are not helping your tool, you need to check on more problems until you fix the issue. Here we are checking on the bearings that can have any issue. The bearings fail to work when they experience corrosion since they are mounted on the motor to reduce friction as the motor shaft spins. If you have corrupted bearings, you need to replace them or replace the entire motor system since you cannot lubricate to make the system work.

Remember, the bearings are expensive when you purchase new ones for replacement, and the process becomes challenging. The tools you need are a special bearing puller with two different bearing sizes, a hammer for tapping the top of the motor casing to disassemble the rust that builds inside it.

However, if you check all the above parts but nothing is working with your pool pump, you need to purchase a new pool pump for your recreational activities.

2. Accumulation of dirty particles

The other cause of failures with the pool pump can be the dirty particles that accumulate in several pump parts. Therefore, when having such issues, check the parts carefully to ensure that there is no dirt around the pump. Dirty particles accumulate too much to the point that the motor cannot rotate anymore. Therefore this must provide power for the pool to function.

Steps of fixing a pool pump that is not turning on

Steps of fixing a pool pump that is not turning on

when you have a pool pump that is not turning on, it will fail your recreational activities for the personal pools and those doing business with it. It can bring losses to their organizations. Therefore, you need to identify the parts with failures and fix them. Below are some of the steps you need to follow to correct the issues.

Tools necessary

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammer
  • New tools for the replacement

i. Gather all the requirements you need for the fixing process to have all the things you need so that you can have an easy time working with your pool.

ii. Read the manufacturer’s manual on how to work with the pool pump such that you will be able to know the parts you need to start with when opening the pump to check for any faults. It also contains the precaution measures you should take to avoid injuries.

iii. Cover yourself well by dressing in a specific dress code and putting on the antistatic wrist band to avoid shock from the electrical components that can fail to work but still contain power.

iv. Open the pool pump to check on the common issues with it. First, check the breaker and wiring whereby the wiring sometimes becomes loose to a point it is not transmitting power to the different parts of the pump, causing failures. Replace the breakers and tighten the wires within the pool to ensure that everything is in place and works well.

v. Replace the capacitor if it is not working. However, if the capacitor is totally in trouble, you need to replace the whole system since it is one of the critical components of the pump. If you fix the issues with the capacitor, but nothing is working, choose to move to the next step.

vi. Check the motor if it has any issue by opening the pump to locate the motor, check the motor shaft, check the impeller and other visible parts.

vii. The location of the motor can contain some debris that accumulates at it that you need to remove the debris and clean the area. If you clean and test the pump, but it is not working, consider moving on to the next step.

viii. After cleaning the area, close the pump and ensure the impeller is suitable.

ix. Check the bearing if they are harmful since they experience corrosions that make them fail the pump when working. Therefore, check the bearing if it is rusty and remove it by fixing a new bearing for work.

x. Fix everything in place and test the pool pump to see if it is working. If the steps above are not working with it, you need to consult a technician to help you fix it, and if everything fails to work, you need to purchase a new pool pump for your swimming purposes.

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Frequently asked questions;

  • What causes most of the parts with the pool pump to have issues?

The primary cause of the issues with the pump parts is that most of them become old that they fail to work correctly. Therefore, if your parts with the pool pump are experiencing issues, it could be that they are old that you need to replace them with new ones.

  • Where can one buy the new parts for the replacement process?

To purchase the new tools for replacement, consider visiting any retail shop around your place or visiting online websites like Amazon to get the parts.


The article above shows the causes of a pool pump that is not working and how to fix the parts since you can follow steps to make the process successful. If you try using the steps and nothing is coming, choose to purchase a new tool.

Always consult a technician if you find it challenging to work with some parts, and always read the manufacturer’s instructions before starting with anything with the pump. 

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