How to Troubleshoot Pioneer Touch Screen Not Working

Pioneer touch screen allows the user to change different activities in the car like controlling the volume of music or changing stations by touching using fingers, unlike in the olden days when the only option was to use turning knobs. In some of the pioneer touch screens, some people fix the GPS, video streaming, phone integration, and other activities that it can do with.

However, the pioneer touch screen is vulnerable to problems that make it not work correctly. If the screen breaks, it will fail to work, or at some point when it fails to respond, then it will fail to work. But this should not worry you since you will get something that will help to fix and solve the problem.

Below are some of the problems that the pioneer touch screen causes to fail to work. The steps by step guides will show you what to do to fix the problems. Then, at last, there will be the frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion which summarizes the article.

How to fix a pioneer touch screen that is not working

pioneer touch screen not working

Before fixing the pioneer touch screen, consider checking on its problems and mainly check the most common ones to fix quickly. Below are the steps you will follow when fixing the issue. Always consider reading the manufacturer’s manual on working with the touch screen and what you need to do when trying to fix it. The steps are fixing the pioneer touch screen not working due to its unresponsiveness nature.

Techniques to employ when working with the screen;

Techniques usedFunctionsEssential products
Fixing a pioneer screen due to a broken screenReplaces the broken screen 
Fixing pioneer screen due to failure to respond to touchFixes the issues with the screen touch 

Fixing pioneer screen due to failure to respond to touch

pioneer touch screen not working

If your screen fails to work such that it is not responding, you need to follow the steps below. Here are some of the tools they need:

  • Piece of cloth or cotton wool
  • New screen protector to replace

1. Reboot the stereo

When your pioneer touch screen is not working, it could be that it is not just responding without any other problem. Therefore, what you need to do is try to reboot it. Rebooting is the most common solution to most machines that fail to respond.

2. Clean the pioneer touch screen gently

Try cleaning your touch screen using a cleaning detergent and wipe with a soft piece of cloth or cotton wool to remove any dust or dirt particles that accumulate on the screen. Take good care when cleaning the screen by trying to be gentle to avoid breaking the screen when cleaning it.

First, remember to clean your hands before touching the screen for the cleaning process. Go one with removing the old screen protector to clean the screen, then move on with fixing a new protector.

3. Factory reset to clean it

After performing the physical cleaning of the device to remove dust, consider cleaning it internally with the factory reset method. You will have to use an Android head unit or a USB keyboard. Factory resetting helps fix any software-related problems with the screen and can help fix calibration issues.

Fixing a pioneer touch screen due to the broken screen

Fixing a pioneer touch screen due to the broken screen

If the touch screen is not working since it is broken, there is no solution for such problems since it only needs a replacement. The replacement process is more straightforward than you can do it yourself as long as you follow the necessary steps.

Tools needed;

Below are some of the tools that are necessary for the process to be successful:

  • Panel remover
  • Piece of cloth or cotton wool
  • Screen cleaner
  • Double sticking tape
  • New screen paper

i. Remove the panel from the car

The first step is removing the panel using a panel remover to separate the screen from the car. After that, unscrew the screws holding the stereo to the panel internally and place them in a magnetic kit to prevent the screws from getting lost. Ensure you separate the wires before removing the panel out. Please note how to fix the cables since you will need to fix them again.

ii. Dissemble the car stereo

After removing the stereo, ensure you place it in a free and safe place such that you can have a good time handling the stereo since it contains many wires. Using the screwdriver, remove all the screws holding it, keep them safe, and locate the front panel.

There are several locks around the stereo that you need to unlock to check the significant area of the problem. You can choose to use a panel remover to avoid using a lot of force when working with the device.

iii. Remove the main wires of the screen panel

After opening the panel, remove the main wires since they are visible and the circuits.

iv. Remove the touch screen

Ensure you disconnect the wires and circuits that are connected to the screen. The process of removing depends on the location of the motherboard. In some cases, you can disconnect the touch screen without removing the motherboard.

v. Remove the broken screen

Remove the touch screen from the panel by loosening the adhesive. Ensure you can see the LCD after removing the screen. Consider cleaning it using the screen cleaner to remove the dust and other dirt particles when you see the LCD. The microfiber cloth is for wiping it gently.

vi. Fix a new touch screen

After cleaning the LCD, you are now suitable for fixing a new screen. Ensure you use a high-quality and robust adhesive like the double-sided adhesive tape for fixing the new touch screen. Get suitable sizes for the tapes to get an attractive output.

Therefore, you need to peel one side of the tapes and place them on both sides of the new screen. After that, put the screen in the correct position and ensure all the wires are right. You can add a screen protector to the new touch screen to protect it from damage.

vii. Reassemble all the parts

Put in place all the parts that you disconnected adequately. When removing the parts, it is good to note the position of the part such that when you are reassembling them, you will have an easy time fixing them. Ensure you place the wires to their exact place for power transmission to their respective parts for the screen to work. Close every part with the panel; after fixing all the parts, reconnect the stereo wires to the car.

Problems that encounter the pioneer touch screen that they fail to work

Problems that encounter the pioneer touch screen that they fail to work
  • Failure to respond

Pioneer touch screens are delicate and enjoyable when the screen is responding well. However, when they are not responding well, it will also fail to function. Moreover, when the screen fails to respond, you cannot touch it, and it starts functioning unless you fix the whole thing. The unresponsive nature is due to the loss of calibration with the screen. The other case can be dust and dirt that builds on the screen, causing it to be unresponsive.

  • Poor wiring

When there is poor wiring with the screen, there could be an issue since it can with internal wiring. If the wiring is poor, there could be a problem with powering the touch screen that will be having issues when using it. Poor wiring can be due to faulty installation or some vibrations that make wires within to be loose.

  • Physical damages

Touch screens are so delicate that if they hit or get in contact with a hard surface, they can easily crack. Therefore, when they crack, they will fail to work. Sometimes touching the screen more frequently causes cracks that can make the screen fail to work correctly.

  • Software error

Pioneer touch screens depend on software to work with the car. Therefore, the software is a result of several programs, and we all know the programs can have bugs and errors that when the software detects the touch screen will not work well until you fix the issue. The problems above are some of the common issues, but many more of them.

Frequently asked questions;

  • What are the different types of pioneer touch screens?
  1. Pyle PLT85BTCM
  2. ATOTO pro A6Y2721PR
  3. Alpine ILX W650
  4. Pioneer AVH 2500NEX
  5. BOSS Audio system BV9358B


When your pioneer touch screen is not working, you need to find a way of fixing it. The article below shows the process of fixing the touch screen, which depends on the area of the problem that can either be with the broken touch screen or with the failure of responding to the screen. If you follow the process, you do it yourself, saving you a lot.

Therefore, consider knowing the exact cause of the problem before you try fixing it when you are having such a problem. Consider following the manufacturer’s instructions when working with the screen. If you try all the steps when fixing but they fail, you can consult a technician for more help since you can be skipping a particular step. 

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