The Original Xbox Av Cable Not Working – Causes & Quick Solutions

When the cable is not working it means no transmission of data is enabled. Hence, this leads to no signal to the connected device. Anyway, you don’t have to worry about yourself as this problem can be fixed.

The cable not working is caused by different issues, for example fault connection. This display is nothing but a black display on the screen. As a user and your Xbox av cable not working this article is my favorite.

In my article below I have given tips on how to troubleshoot different problems and even explained those different causes. Use my article to solve your issues by looking at all the sections including the solutions in the frequently asked questions and lastly the conclusion of the article.

Reasons that lead to the Xbox cable not working

Reasons that lead to the Xbox cable not working

A faulty av cable will be indicated by four red LED lights and this shows that the cable you are using to connect both the television and the Xbox 360 is not functioning well. Although the error code is not brought in, the models have the HDMI connection.

Here is quick guide some to some of the problems caused by poor av cabling and their solution:

ObservationsCausesEssential products
Hardware failurePoor cable connectionCheck for the best HDMI cables from amazon
Poor video qualityFault in the HDMI cableCheck for a quality Xbox 360 console from amazon
Blank or black imageChange the HDMI cable 

If you experience difficulties connecting to the Xbox 360 or the cable is not working at all. This article will explain how you can correct the main common issues on the Xbox 360.  Check Amazon for the best flash lights

In the case where you want to use a VGA cable for audio output what you need is to terminate the connection to stop the connection between the cable and the Original Xbox cable.  The four red LED flashing lights show that the Xbox 360 console cannot identify the audio or video cable used.

Cut the connection and then connect back to your video cable then clean the endpoint of the video cable with dry clothing until you ensure there is nothing inside the cable like dirt.

Chop the head of the original Xbox video cable. You don’t have to be terrified carrying the following setup. The setup itself is so easy and if you understand the procedure correctly you will be able to sort the problem out. Check Amazon for the best Xbox video cable.

As long as you understand what you do, anyone can do it. Just terminate the connection between the Xbox 360 cable with the Xbox system this helps to blow away all the dust that was initially in the cable.

The video cable error is caused when the av cable is not detected at all. Failing to connect or a serious error has occurred whole four red LED lights will flash.  It is good to get yourself a 360-component cable and a good video cable that consists of red, white, and yellow plugs.

When a system cannot detect video cable even after plugging in this automatically a system failure. The red ring of death causes the three led lights to flash normally infamous with rrod. The issues can be fixed more precisely.

You decide to plug your Xbox 360 console through the video cable on the television that you are sure is not working. Head to the display settings and reduce the frequency to fifty hertz or even do it vice-versa depending on the way it is set. That shows that you cannot detect the video cable.

An Xbox 360 repair guide can help you to sort this out where the guide has the video instruction stating how and what you need to solve and correct the problem in a more precise way.

The process usually takes some time to respond. During the time you are using the Xbox 360 wireless controller, it is advisable to activate the Xbox console by using the help guide button on the controller you are using.

If you try to replace it and it is not working then repair the scaler chip and the graphics processor inside your Xbox so that you sort the E74 issue. You can decide to power off, then connect the HDMI cable and have a look at how or if it can work.

When you go and visit youtube and type Xbox 360 fix it will give numerous options on how you can solve the issue and return to your glory days. If you identify a problem with the video cable, try and buy another cable to try.

Microsoft has a slimline dongle for use in the audio with the help of the HDMI. Hacking your cable can also work. In times when you can’t see the Xbox 360 dashboard crosscheck the connection and ensure everything is right.

Troubleshooting the problem

original xbox av cable not working

Try to follow the steps below:

1. Inspect if the input setting of the television is instructed to the input where the A/V device is connected.

  • Ensure the television and the A/V device such as the compact disc are turned on.
  • Take the remote control and click the INPUT button. Follow by switching the input to where the A/V device is located. Then inspect if the image appears on the display unit.

2. Inspect if the cable is attached tightly connected to the television and the A/V device. Ensure it is tight.

3. Inspect the input setting area on the audio system of the device if it is set to the input where the A/V device is connected.

  • Choose the best input method according to the requirements you want.
  • In case of no image on the display unit of the television and by chance you pose a spare cable of a video. Connect the A/V device proportional to the television and not via the audio system using the cable of a video mentioned. For the second time check if you can see the image.

4. Inspect the input port of the television

  • Try connecting the cable to another input port on the television.
  • Click the Input button on the television’s remote control then click the button input to the one that is in line with the input port that you did the connection in step one of the connections.

5. Try to connect another A/V device to the television

  • In case you pose another A/V device, connect it to the same input port on the television as the original A/V device. After that, inspect if the image appears on the television screen.

6. Reset the power of the television and the device connected. The issue on some occasions is caused by the factors from external services such as service networks or the connected devices. Resetting the devices improves the performance of the device and its speed.

  • Power off the connected device and the television and then remove the power cords.
  • Keep the removed power cord for two minutes.
  • Connect the power cords back to their positions.
  • Power off the connected device and the television.

7. Try to factory reset the system

  • Resetting the liquid crystal display
  • Resetting the android television

Fixing the Xbox one no signal

Fixing the Xbox one no signal

This means that when the cable is connected it displays nothing on the screen.

1. The Xbox wireless connectors can terminate the connection in the console.

2. Most televisions have several HDMI ports for video games playing.

3. Inspect the condition of the HDMI cable and connections as the cable might be not connected with the Xbox one Console.

4. Using a different kind of port because yours on the tv can be worn out. In the presence of additional HDMI ports use those.

5. Inspect the Xbox one power brick as the LED light should be white to show that it is working properly.

6. A hard reset to the system can sort a large number of Xbox errors and problems but it only takes not more than two minutes to troubleshoot the problem.

7. Ensure neatness and all the parts of the system are clean in the desired manner to keep away dust that can block the transmission of signals.

8. Enable your Xbox one to run at the allowed resolution mode. Click the power button for around fifteen seconds until you hear a beep. Wait again for more than thirty seconds and then click the power button and then eject.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I connect the original Xbox to my old television which has no HDMI port?

You can decide to use the Xbox 360 VGA HD AV cable. In case you have digital television with an HDMI port, connect the television using a standard HDMI cable with the console. Inspect the back of the Xbox or the sides of the television to see the requirements.


Before you can purchase a cable, it is good to look at which cable connector is compatible with the ports of your television and the Xbox 360. Different ports have different types of connectors and so you have to choose carefully.

The use of different cables results in no information signals being translated to the endpoints hence it does not work. If you find difficulty connecting your cables do some research online or call an expert who can help you fix the problem.

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