How to troubleshoot NOAA weather radio that is not working

Noaa radio weather is one of the most common radios applicable at home. The radios make you feel secure and safe from any dangers such as smoke, carbon dioxide, and they also provide a security system. You can control the NOAA weather radio using your smartphone to keep all the people safe from any hazardous weather emergencies. Even though they are effective, they may sometimes fail to work as usual.

What can happen if your NOAA weather radio fails to work? Many effects may come along, but don’t get frustrated about the issue as you can solve it independently. Some of the reasons the weather radio may fail to function are faulty weather radio, no power supply, loose cable connection, etc. If you experience such an issue, try to relax and don’t overreact.

Trying to understand why your NOAA weather radio is not functioning is very important, and that’s why the article below shows some reasons why it fails to function. Also, it provides some of the solutions you can consider why trying to fix the issue. In addition to that, you will find some added information concerning the NOAA weather radio failing to function and some FAQs.

Why is the NOAA weather radio not working?

Many people keep asking why their NOAA weather radio is not working and how they will solve it?

Here are some reasons why it may fail to work.

Faulty weather radio.

The main reason your NOAA weather radio is not functioning is that it is faulty. First, the device may be too old, or its parts are wearing out slowly. Once the weather radio is blown out or completely wears out, the device fails to respond to any signals or may respond to them poorly. First, check the whole machine and see if it is still in good condition.

Loose electrical cable connection.

Another main reason is due to loose power supply cable. If your machine is not receiving enough power, it will automatically fail to turn on hence won’t work. Sometimes, the power supply cable may be faulty and require replacement. Don’t hesitate to replace the cables if you want your NOAA weather radio to function instantly.

Weak signal.

If your weather radio receives both weak broadcast and intermittent signals, it will fail to function. In most cases, if the signals are weak, the machine fails to pick them, and in terms, it will fail to respond to any frequencies.  The issue may be challenging to detect if you are not keen.

Network issues.

Also, if there are some disruptions with your network, you will not control your machine via smartphone. Once the internet disruptions occur, they cut the communication between your smartphone, router, and the NOAA weather radio. In such conditions, you will be unable to take control of the machine. Hence it will fail to function.

Hanging of the weather radio.

Finally, if your weather radio stops functioning, see hanging. Once the machine hangs, all its parts fail to respond to any command hence fail to function. The only way is to reboot the machine by following the correct steps.

Steps to fix the NOAA weather radio that is not working.

If you keep wondering how you can fix your NOAA weather radio, worry no more because there are some steps you can follow to fix it, and here are some of them.

1. Have all the materials necessary.

The first step is to ensure you have all the materials that you may need, and they include the following;

i. Anti-static wrist band.

ii. A screwdriver.

iii. Replacement parts such as; new machine in case it is faulty.

iv. Voltmeter.

v. Exterior antenna kit, etc.

After having all the materials you may need, proceed to the next step. And first, wear an anti-static wristband for safety purposes.

2. Diagnose the cause of the weather radio not working.

The primary step is finding why the NOAA weather radio is not functioning. The process will help you fix the machine effectively without any difficulties. The leading cause may be faulty NOAA weather radio, insufficient power supply, and the existence of weak signals, among others. Then, proceed to the next step of fixing the issue depending on the cause.

3. Check the signals.

Check both the broadcast and the intermittent signals and see if they are weak. If the intermittent signals are weak, use the steps below to fix them effectively.

 i. Understand the frequencies that are available and choose another effective channel.

ii. Choose an external antenna kit and install it effectively on the roof of your house.

iii. Connect the cable from the exterior antenna kit to your NOAA weather radio.

 iv. Ensure you keep the weather radio far from other devices such as PC, satellite boxes, TVs, and even fluorescent lights that may emit radio frequency interference that can affect the intermittent frequency.

For the broadcast frequency, fix it using the following steps;

  • Position the weather radio near the window and ensure the window is above ground level.
  • Choose an exterior antenna kit, install it on your home’s roof, and connect the cable to your weather radio.
  • Check the cables and ensure the machine is receiving sufficient electricity from the power supply source or fully charged. Also, you can test the power from the source to the radio using a voltmeter and see if the readings are correct.
  • Move the weather radio around until you find the best place for a robust broadcast signal. If all the steps above fail, consider replacing your weather radio with a new one.

4. Check the network connection.

If you are using your weather radio and your device, see if the network connection is stable. First, check if your device is connected to the router and also check if the same is done with the weather radio.  If not, establish a clear connection between the two machines and test the weather radio to see if it is functioning correctly. Then, proceed to the next step if the issue persists.

5. Reboot the radio.

Most NOAA weather stations keep hanging, mainly when used for long or when too old. If you find the issue is with the machine hanging, consider restarting the machine. Press the power button for some time until the restarting option appears. Then, select the option.

Also, you can use another option of removing the battery. Locate the position of the battery and remove the battery cover. Remove the battery present and leave the machine for some time. Place the battery back to its location and cover using the battery cover. Switch on the machine and test to see if the issue persists.

6. Replace the NOAA weather radio.

Once you have done all the steps above and the issue persists, it is essential to check the whole machine. If it is faulty or too old, consider replacing it with a new one in the latest version and functioning correctly. Also, you can consider seeking help from an expert to help you detect why it is not functioning and help you solve it correctly.

When buying a new NOAA weather radio, there are some factors you need to consider. First, check the frequency of the radio and ensure it is strong enough to detect any weather changes at home. Also, consider the price, quality, signal, and personal preferences. Ensure the machine suits your preferences.

The NOAA weather radio keeps beeping every five minutes.

There is a reason why your weather radio keeps beeping every ten minutes. Sometimes, your radio may fail to get any test for five days, resulting in a beeping noise every five minutes. To get rid of the beeping;

  • Disconnect the weather radio from the wall slowly using a screwdriver.
  • Rotate the radio over and sift through it.
  • Locate the position of the battery and remove it.
  • Replace the battery with another one that is functioning correctly.
  • Connect the weather radio back to its position and the power supply source.
  • Test to see if the beeping persists. You may consider seeking help.
  • After that, reset the radio clock.

Production of two separate broadcast cycles in your NOAA weather radio.

The main reason why your weather radio emits two different broadcasts is due to atmospheric inversion. The warm air present may be more than the recommended; 999 to 3999 above the ground ducts a signal far to the nearby area, resulting in two different broadcast signals simultaneously with the same time-frequency.

Frequently asked questions

Why are my NOAA web-based weather radio broadcasts absent online?

The issue maybe with your device not being connected to the internet. The NOAA weather radio company has made sure everything is available via the internet. Refresh the web page, and you will find everything concerning the NOAA weather radio online without any difficulties.


Although the NOAA weather radio is effective, it may fail to function, causing inconveniences within the place. Some users will find it difficult to detect any emergencies in the house since there are no alerts. For example, suppose there is excess carbon dioxide emission. In that case, the machine will be unable to detect and fail to send security signals to the user, causing hazardous effects to those present.

In such conditions, please ensure you have complete knowledge of identifying why your NOAA weather is not functioning. Also, you can follow the solutions above to bring your weather radio to the correct function. But, if the issue persists, don’t hesitate to seek help.

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