How to Fix Nikon D3200 Not Taking Pictures – Easy Steps

Nikon d3200 is only for taking pictures, unlike others which are there for other purposes. The Nikon camera at some point can start misbehaving due to some personal reasons like battery failures, or issues with the lens which you need to find a way to fix the issue. Remember the Nikon d3200 is a one-purpose device that you can use therefore the problems can arise with the failure of the actions.

When your Nikon d3200 fails to take pictures, you need to identify the causes that will later help you to find a good way of fixing the problems. Some of the ways include shutting down the camera, removing the lens, removing the battery, checking the switches, and fixing any of the parts that have faults.

If you have worries about how to fix your camera then it’s time to get that out of your mind since I will provide the necessary causes and what you will try to fix the problem. The guide contains the causes, solutions, and other necessary information that you will need.

How to fix a Nikon d3200 not taking pictures

nikon d3200 not taking pictures

With the Nikon d3200 not taking pictures, it is advisable that you first check on the problem and then narrow it down to the steps you can use to fix the issue. Below are the common problems and the steps you can follow when solving them.

Techniques used to fix the Nikon d3200 not taking pictures

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Change the camera optionsIt helps in taking the pictures carefully. 
Inspect the focus and light conditions It helps in extending the lens to take pictures at any positionCheck Amazon for the best lens to use with the Nikon camera.
Inspect the AE and AF lock in the camera. To reduce the errors with the auto-lock settings 
Perform a power cycle. The power cycle helps in ensuring that every part within the machine is receiving power and that it can work well throughout the entire process of taking pictures. 

1. Change the camera options

When you are having a Nikon camera that is not working, consider changing the camera options to the point they can take pictures carefully. Sometimes you can feel like changing the camera options from scratch is tiresome and you can choose to reset camera options. Then ensure the camera is switched on so that you can monitor the proceedings.

Go into the menu in the camera options and choose the settings icon in it. In the settings option, you will get a reset button that you will use to reset the options in your camera. Confirm the action by clicking yes and then try to focus to take a picture. If the process fails to work check on some other problems and fix them again. However, do not dwell on this step alone, if you try it several times, choose to follow the next step to fix the problems with your camera.

2. Inspect the focus and light conditions

Inspect the focus and light conditions

In most cases, the issue with the camera not taking pictures is with the camera failing to focus. If you need to find the optimal focus, ensure the camera has sufficient light in the direction of the object which you will do the same with the direction of the subject. All you need to do is exchange your position with the object so that you can face the area facing more light.

It is good to try to switch on the flashlight when taking a picture. Consider checking the camera’s lens’s minimum focus distance before taking any picture. If the object you are targeting is closer to you than the minimum focus distance of the lens then you need to change the lens to take micro shots. Check the camera’s drive mode for the self-timer option where if the timer is on try switching it off and taking a picture. Move to the next step if this step is not helping you solve the problems with the camera.

3. Inspect the AE and AF lock in the camera

In most cases, the issues with the AE and AF occur when you tamper with the autofocus lock setting with the camera accidentally such that you can be performing some other activities with the camera settings. Follow the steps below to accomplish the process of the setting the autofocus lock setting:

Check Amazon for the autofocus lock

i. Switch on the camera so that you can change the settings and test the camera if it is working.

ii. Narrow down the menu button on the camera to get the autofocus settings.

iii. Narrow down to the setup button in the menu.

iv. Choose the AE button in the setup button

v. Check the changes with the Ae or the AF lock such that if it is at the last option you change it to be the first option.

vi. After changing the setting of the autofocus lock you can then try and take a picture with the camera and check if there are any improvements with the settings. If everything is good with the AE and AF choose to move to the next to fix the problem

4. Perform a power cycle

The power cycle helps in ensuring that every part within the machine is receiving power and that it can work well throughout the entire process of taking pictures. Power is a crucial thing in any computerized device such that if it lacks the power it will fail to work properly. The steps below show how to perform a power cycle process with your camera

i. The power cycle helps in resetting all the temporary issues within the camera that inhibits its functioning.

ii. First, shut down the camera to help the battery cool down.

iii. Remove the delicate parts like the lens in the camera

iv. Remove the battery from the camera to avoid other issues accompanying it.

v. Change the AF switch from its normal position which is on the least from A to AM several times

vi. Set the AF switch back to A for the normal operations to take place

vii. Insert the battery back to its position so that you can start the process of taking pictures. Check Amazon for the best Nikon camera battery

viii. Switch on the camera and check if the Nikon camera is not working again.

ix. If the process fails to work consider moving to the next possible cause of the issue and fix it. If everything fails to work properly, choose to take the camera to a technician to fix the problem.

What are the other issues that are related to the Nikon camera?

What are the other issues that are related to the Nikon camera

You can be in the middle of a photoshoot session and then suddenly you notice that the autofocus fails to work properly. The problem comes in where the shutter and the AF buttons seem to fail in their working. You need to find a way of fixing the issues. To fix the issue above follows the following steps:

  • Check if the autofocus is manual or automatic

Consider checking the lenses and the camera switches are both pointing in the direction of the autofocus. The autofocus must be set on the AF, not M and the lenses ensure that it is M/A which shows the autofocus is manual for the M and automatic for the A. Flicking the lens switch to the manual which is easy to perform mostly when you are working hard to change the lens faster.

  • Check the back dial

Ensure the back dial is pointing in the direction of the camera icon and not the L which stands for the lock. Changing the dial, when you are focusing on using the back button then the task is easy to carry out. Therefore, choose to check the back dial and change the dial to a normal way of working. Check Amazon for the best back dial

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Frequently asked questions;

  • Can a camera fail to work due to faulty parts?

Of course yes, when your camera is having faulty equipment then you need to change them since the parts can cause failures with the operation process of the camera

  • Where can one buy the extra parts to replace the old equipment?

To buy the other good tools for your camera, consider visiting Amazon sites or eBay sites which offer products of good quality even if they are second-hand products.


The article above shows the issues with the Nikon camera not taking pictures and the possible ways of fixing the issues. Try using the procedures above following the steps carefully to achieve your goal. Remember to follow the manufacturer’s manual when carrying out some of the activities with the camera since most of its parts are delicate that you need to handle with care.

Moreover, the Nikon camera also has different issues that it faces when you are using it, for example turning off or issues with the autofocus that can disturb your process of taking pictures. I got you covered in the situation since I have the steps to follow to fix the issue in the article. If you try out all the activities and they fail to work as expected, consider consulting a professional to help you fix the problem.

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