Why My Cyclops Spotlight won’t charge? (Here’s How i Fixed)

Cyclops Spotlights are one of the many goods that will captivate you with their excellence when it comes to service and features. That is something you are already aware of as a Cyclops owner.  Moreover, if you are a law enforcement officer, you are undoubtedly concerned.

However, there is no need to fear because this problem frequently occurs with electronic devices that must be recharged. It’s a common occurrence.  It’s possible that there aren’t any major issues. However, there is always the possibility of disconnection as a result of an impact.

In this article, we will present you with some really simple steps that will assist you in recharging your Cyclops battery once more. We will go over every possible issue that could be causing the Spotlight not to charge. There are a variety of indicators that the battery needs to be replaced. For example, the red LED light that flashes as you connect to your Cyclops

Fixing a cyclops spotlight that won’t charge

When using a Cyclops Spotlight, it is very usual to experience charging problems. Many reports have been written about it, and most of them have to do with the Spotlight not recharging. The amusing aspect is that there are some reviews in which people claim to have worked out the issue on their own.

However, most people say that they forgot to plug in the charger, that the charging adaptor is not working properly, or that something else happened that was not a manufacturing error.

As you read on, you will learn about the various problems that might arise when a flashlight does not charge, as well as the simple solutions to these problems. Professionals have developed these solutions from around the world in the fields of electronics and illumination.

Why My Cyclops Spotlight won't charge
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Step 1; you should check the plugin.

Check to see that the connector is completely attached. The light is activated as soon as the controller is loaded. This indicates that the connector is defective because the light does not illuminate when the plug is properly connected. It is necessary to replace the charging port to resolve the issue.

It is most often the result of faulty plugins that the product is compromised. Therefore, always be cautious when selecting appropriate plugins.

Step 2; check your battery by using a minimum meter.

The battery is equipped with a printed circuit board (PCB) that prevents the battery from receiving too much current. If the problem is caused by an out-of-balance battery or a bad charge circuit inside the controllers, a micro USB and a.5 amp or less AC converter may or may not be sufficient to solve the problem.

If the micro USB can obtain 70% of the power from the AC adapter, it is worth investigating. It is possible to tell for certain by inserting one meter into your battery. You may be saddled with a maintenance charge equal to or greater than the cost of a new controller if the power supply is not guaranteed.

Please do not hesitate to use a minimum meter to verify whether the Spotlight is not charging properly. Both your Spotlight and your money will be saved as a result.

Step 3; check whether it is in hibernation mode.

The hibernation mode of the batteries makes this a reasonable alternative. This is unlikely to occur unless the items have been in storage for a few months at a time. It is recommended that you charge a battery that has been sitting dormant for several months.

Using a battery during hibernation will result in a bright red light being reflected. Allow for a 5-minute wait for the red light to turn off, then connect in your charger. Take a few hours to relax while your battery is plugged in so that the hibernation state can be dispelled.

Batteries should be kept within 40 and 65 percent of their capacity if they are to be stored for an extended period. This applies to both the Cyclops and any other spotlight batteries. In addition, check the battery with a battery checker now and again for any problems.

Step 4; check for a possible short circuit.

If the charger detects a short circuit, it will immediately stop recharging the load. Once the breaker trips immediately after switching on the light, you know you have a short-circuiting spotlight. The cracking of electrical arcing may even be audible, and you may see a spark as well.

When checking for a short circuit on a circuit board, it is necessary to measure the resistance between various places in the circuit. Obtain a multimeter and try to map the location on the PCB if there is no indication of the location or cause of the short circuit during the visual examination. Here we have assembled two types of multimeter for you

AstroAI Multimeter (Check on Amazon)
AstroAI Digital Multimeter (Check on Amazon)

Step 5; check whether the charger is damaged.

You may have a defective charger if the battery isn’t charging, which could cause the problem. Every element of the charger you use should be thoroughly inspected for evidence of loose cabling or any other damages before usage.

If you already have another charger, you could try using it to see if your battery begins to charge as a result. If only one charger minimizes the problem, try using another battery. For example, a charged charger that charges the battery but not the other charger would suggest that the battery is the source of the problem rather than the charging charger.

Step 6; check whether the battery is dead.

As previously said, you must check the batteries in your spotlights. Many review sites and reports have been collected indicating that consumers have discovered their batteries to be dead after a few months of not using them. This could be a significant contributing factor to the Cyclops Spotlight not responding to charge.

Follow these steps;

a)    Turn on your Spotlight and wait until the battery is fully charged, which is usually around an hour.

b)    Connect a micro-USB charger to the battery’s charging port, which is located on the side. During the charging process, both the green and red lights will be on. Once the light on your battery is solid green, it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

If there is nothing like that, it is most likely that your Spotlight’s battery has run out of charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should one use a non-cyclops battery on a cyclops spotlight?

It is not advisable to use a non-cyclops battery on a cyclops spotlight. This is because the non-cyclops may contain features not contained in a cyclops spotlight or vice versa. However, losing your Spotlight for a few dollars is still not reasonable if you opt for a cheaper one.

Smart chargers are included with all of the battery-operated Cyclops Adventure sports lights. As soon as the charging process is complete, the Smart Charger’s LED will turn green. Never use a charger other than the Cyclops Adventure sports Li-Poly charger that came with the battery pack. Never charge a Li-Poly battery in a location where there is high heat or fire.

Is depleting the cyclops battery to 0% bad?

Yes. It is not advisable to use the charge until it is fully dead. Always be cautious on what hours your battery takes when fully charged before going off so you can charge it just before it gets to 0%.

Is it advisable to diagnose the cyclops battery?

Battery disassembly should only be carried out by trained and qualified personnel. The improper handling of spotlight batteries can result in a fire hazard, and removing the spotlight batteries without authorization may result in the voiding of your warranty.

How many times should a cyclops spotlight get charged?

Make sure you charge your battery completely every 90 days, regardless of whether you are using the light or not, stopping the battery from going bad totally.


In conclusion, if your Spotlight keeps blinking and clicking, examine the charger to determine if it is receiving electricity. A green battery indicator sign should be illuminated if you are using a shock box to protect yourself. If the battery indicator is yellow or red, the battery is weak.

Connect the charger to a fully charged battery to see if it works. If the voltage level is too low, the device will not function. If you’re using an AC charger, be sure the outlet has electricity before using the charger.

Being in difficulty with your electronic equipment because it isn’t charging can be frustrating at any time. It makes no difference if it is a spotlight or even a phone. However, we always recommend that you look for the most evident flaw which might occur. Throughout this post, we’ve attempted to address every possible issue that could arise due to the Spotlight failing to charge. Moreover, we are confident in the approach that will help resolve the issue.

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