Maytag Washer Takes Too Long to Wash – Causes and How to Fix It

Maytag washer is another type of washing machine that is used in laundry. The exact other types of washing machines, sometimes using the Maytag can also take too long for when doing the laundry activities because of reasons. When you don’t use the washing machine as intended, it will sometimes lead you to face such problems. 

When you notice that the washer is taking too long to finish a given task, there may be something wrong with the machine, and therefore you must look at all the other parts. It will help you know if there is a part that needs to be replaced or repaired.

The article will explain the possible factors making the washer lag behind or take a long time to wash. It will also focus on how one will use it to repair and make the washer function as intended or as expected.

How to fix a Maytag washer that is taking too long

Maytag Washer Takes Too Long to Wash

Below are some of the ways that you can use to solve such a problem

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Check voltageTo know the voltages of the washer and why it takes longCheck Amazon for the best Multimeter
Check if there are some additional functions are selected To know what the washer still needs 
Check the water pressure of the water. To identify if the level is good for operations 

1.Check the voltage

When you have some low voltage supplied into the washing machine, it will stop temporarily. But when the voltage returns to the standard voltage, the device will resume its operation when the power levels are stable. The wash cycle will take longer than usual when the power keeps fluctuating. If you are in a situation like this, seek help from any qualified electrician.

2. Check if there are some additional functions are selected

When there are some other features or programs that you can choose, such as the extra rinse or pre-wash, the wash cycle process will be longer.

3. Check the water pressure of the water

Any washing machine like a Maytag washer needs sufficient water pressure to remove the detergents from the drawer. To check the water pressure, attach the pressure gauge to a check Amazon for the best valve behind the machine or prevent the pressure gauge from connecting to the waterline.

The water pressure running your Maytag washing machine is between one totem bar. The water pipe might block or leak when the pressure is lower than this.

Possible causes that make Maytag washer take too long to wash

Possible causes that make Maytag washer take too long to wash

 The following factors make the Maytag washer take too long to clean than the anticipated time. These are the possible factors that affect the functioning of the washing machine.

1. When the front washer takes longer

There is a considerable debate concerning what is better between a front load washer and the top load washer. But different opinions from different people split to support both sides. However, most people who complained about the front load washers concluded that they took longer time than the to-load models.

One of the main reasons that make the load model faster than the front load is because it comes with an agitator. The purpose of the agitators to speed up the process of wash motion, but the problem with it is that it is rough with the clothes you are washing. The front loader makes the clothes clean after the washing process is over since it brings gravity into the mix, but eventually, the cycles will also take longer. But if you have recently acquired a new washer with a front-load model. Check Amazon for the best agitator

2. Using excess detergent

Using too much detergent in the Maytag washer affects the time that a wash cycle can take. Most people believe that more is better when using detergents in laundry, but that is not the case. Detergents are suitable to aid in the laundry, but only if you have used the required amount. When you have too much detergent in the washer, the process will take longer than usual when the washer is trying to rinse the clothes. The washer is installed with a sensor that can detect that detergent in the water drained out is no longer there.

When the water that is being drained away is free from the detergents during the rinse cycle, the washer now will move onto the spin cycle to wring out the rinsed water. Unfortunately, suppose the user uses too many detergents in the washing process. In that case, the washer will eventually take longer during the rinse process so that it can remove all the suds in the unit.

3. The load sense technology

The load sense technology

If you as the user have the new and modern washer, it can take a long because the new washer uses the load sense technology that is popular in this new technology which works the same as it sounds. The technology will work on the principle that it will measure the weight of the items inside it and adjust the cycles according to what the sensor is reading or sensing. For example, if you intend to wash heavy items such as jeans and jackets, the process in the Maytag washer will take longer. But a load of lighter items will take shorter cycles.

The problem with this principle is when you put in clothes or items of different densities. The mistake happens mostly because people separate the clothes by colour but do not use their densities. For example, they may toss in a white bathing towel with a load of dark clothes since a towel is assumed to have the same density as the shirt when dry, but when you put it inside the water, it becomes heavier than the shirt. It will affect the washing cycle, eventually making the process longer since it will make the machine choose a longer cycle to wash.

Prolonging the wash cycle will promote effective washing and take a lot of time for the wash cycle to complete. You prevent this by taking the density of the clothes you intend to wash into consideration when doing load laundry.

4. When you have a malfunctioning load sense

Are you conversant with the clothes’ density when loading the Maytag washer? However, it seems that the wash cycle is still taking forever to complete; definitely, the load sensor is malfunctioning. When such an incident happens, the washing cycles will either be too long or too short than the adjusted.

You have to be aware that if you have a faulty load sense, it also indicates a problem with the control board. The issue will be complex, and you need to be professional so that they can help you replace or repair the faulty parts.

5. Faulty water inlet

The valve of the water inlet is what allows the water into the washer. Therefore if the valve is not working as expected or not getting enough water pressure, it will take along for the washer to be filled with water. Since the washer will start to fill, the sensor detects that there is enough water in the washer, which could be a big problem when you have a problem filling the washer. Check Amazon for the best water inlet

Frequently asked questions:

  • How long can Maytag take to complete a wash cycle?

Any washer that doesn’t have any problem will take approximately forty-five minutes to one hour, the same as other varieties of the washing machines. The only thing that will affect the time of one complete wash cycle is things like the load in the device and the amount of detergent you are using, among other things.

  • Do Maytag washers have a quick wash?

Maytag was prepared with a rapid wash cycle like the other washing machine. This feature allows users to have a large load, and they can be able to finish washing any given load within a short time by reducing wash and spin time. The idea also boosts the motion and temperature so that it can be able to shorten the cycle without affecting or compromising the quality of cleaning.


We have seen the variables that affect the time the washing machine can take to finish one wash cycle. Some of the factors are due to some parts of the system not working as expected, or they may be faulty, while others are due to settings and factors such as load, and power, among other things. You must follow all the guidelines on using such machines and ensure that you meet these requirements so that you will not face any problems during laundry.

Finally, one of the most important things to consider is to ensure you put the right load into the washing machine and check the density of clothes before mixing them and washing them. It will help you not to have some common problems in washing. 

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