Why a Mavic Pro Battery Won’t Charge- Reasons and Easy Fix

Aerial photography and videography with DJI’s Mavic Pro are two of the most popular hobbies for drone enthusiasts. If you own a Mavic Pro, on the other hand, you may encounter a few difficulties along the way. Your Mavic Pro’s battery could be unable to charge in one of these scenarios. 

You may have entered hibernation mode on your DJI Mavic Pro, which is the cause of your battery not charging. Whenever a Mavic Pro drone is first used or after it hasn’t been used in a while, this is a fairly common problem to encounter. The most common solution is to leave it on the charger for a couple of hours to resolve this issue.

Drone batteries have been designed with safety features such as hibernation mode, activated when certain conditions are met. If you follow the guidelines outlined in this article, you will resolve this issue in no time.

Reasons why a Mavic Pro Battery won’t charge

mavic pro battery wont charge

As a leader in consumer drones, DJI has quickly risen to become one of the world’s most popular brands. These devices quickly become some of the most popular toys among hobbyists and radio-controlled aficionados. Even among DJI’s many drone models, the Mavic Pro is one of the most capable and widely used models available.

Here is a quick table showing why your battery may not charge.

Reasons a Mavic pro battery won’t chargeFunctionsEssential products
ü Intelligent flight batteryUsed when flying the Mavic Pro battery DJI Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery
ü Hibernation modeEnsures that the Mavic Pro battery lasts longCheck the LED-powered battery

1. Intelligent flight battery

Intelligent flight battery

Before you look into any other possibilities, consider that DJI’s Mavic Pro is equipped with a battery that you have probably never seen in any other electronic device before. Affectionately referred to as the “Intelligent Flight Battery,” this battery was developed by DJI and is widely considered as the sole battery that should be used when flying the Mavic Pro.

It is possible to use the hibernation mode when using the DJI Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery, which is one of the functions included with the battery. It’s important to note that batteries do not have an infinite capacity for holding a charge and will drain or lose power even when they are not in use. This is why the hibernation mode is necessary.

As a result, when rechargeable batteries are depleted of their power, such as when the charge level is completely depleted, it can cause problems and even destroy the batteries themselves if they have not been charged in an extended period.

2. Hibernation mode

Hibernation mode

As a result, the sleep mode option has been added to the Mavic Pro to ensure that the Intelligent Flight Battery lasts as long as possible. When the battery level becomes too low due to continued draining after an extended period of inactivity, the battery will enter a hibernation mode and remain there until the charge level is restored.

Overall, this essentially “sleeps” the various components of the battery to keep them from becoming harmed. Therefore, when the cell is in hibernation mode when you attempt to charge it, it will not charge initially. For the most part, this is only one of the many functions that are designed to assist keep the battery safe.

You will also be able to tell that the battery is hibernating, not just when it is not charging but when the battery power LED remains illuminated. While the battery is in this mode, you will be unable to switch off the battery power LED.

When Mavic Pro batteries are brand new and have not yet been charged by the consumer, they are most likely in hibernation mode. A scenario like this is highly typical since many individuals are perplexed as to why their batteries aren’t charging, although their drones are still brand new.

Other related problems

However, suppose the power on the battery is not illuminated, and the battery is not charging. In that case, there is a reasonable reason to suspect that it is not in hibernation mode and that the battery has been damaged due to incorrect handling or storing.

When stored in incorrect conditions, any battery can easily get damaged, even if it has been sitting unused for an extended period. This means that you should consider having a competent DJI representative inspect your battery and, in the worst-case scenario, replace your batteries with brand new ones if necessary.

Fixing a Mavic Pro Battery that does not charge

Fixing a Mavic Pro Battery that does not charge

The Mavic Pro battery might not charge because it is in sleep mode, the most likely source of the problem. Suppose you’re looking for a quick fix. In that case, the following may be of assistance: Following the Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery safety standards, the only method to bring the battery out of hibernation state is to perform the following actions:

  • Following the initial turn-on, leave it alone for at least five minutes.
  • Recharge the battery with the use of the DJI charger following that.

People have reported that letting the batteries charge for an hour has not affected their batteries. As a result, we recommend that you keep your battery charging for a couple of hours at the very least to try to wake it up from hibernation. Several people have reported that they have had to leave their cells charging for a minimum of 24 hours.

Leave the battery alone once you have turned on the computer and do not touch it while it is charging to try to wake it up from its hibernation mode from that point on. The power button must not be touched at any stage when bringing the machine out of sleep mode. Necessary: Only use an authorized DJI charger for this procedure because there is no assurance that any third-party charger will be able to wake up the battery from its hibernation state.

Turning on the computer after the battery has been charged for as long as you are able (maybe 24 hours at the most) will allow you to determine whether or not it has been successfully roused from hibernation or whether it has been fully charged. It is necessary to repeat the process if the fix does not work the first time.

There are also a variety of possible scenarios that could occur with your Mavic Pro battery. Following are examples of two such scenarios.

  • Even though you use the charging hub to attempt to wake up the battery from its hibernation state, the battery remains in this state. Additionally, the battery’s indication is a solid red color. To solve the problem, keep recharging the battery using the battery charger to bring it out of sleep.
  • When you utilize the battery charging hub, the battery is brought out of slumber. Although it is operational, it will not charge for some reason. While all of this is going on, the indicator light is also solid red. In the end, when the battery is inserted into the Mavic Pro, and the device is powered on, a battery communication error will be displayed on the device’s smartphone app.


i. Turn on the Mavic Pro after you’ve inserted the battery. When you first turn on the battery after mounting it, you should wait at least three minutes after that.

ii. Then, turn off the Mavic Pro and carefully take the battery out of the unit. Allow for approximately three minutes of inactivity on the battery.

iii. Insert the battery into the charger and see if that works. The fact that it is now recharging usually should be apparent.

iv. If the battery had sufficient power when you placed it into the Mavic Pro, but there was still a communication issue, you may want to upgrade the battery firmware to resolve the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What causes an adapter not to charge a battery?

The USB plugs on the charging adaptor can be tested to see if a charge is generated if the device won’t power on. Malfunctions in the power supply usually cause power adapters that don’t work. If the battery and USB don’t charge, you might have a faulty hub on your hands.


If any of the alternatives listed above fail to work, there must be some underlying reason for your battery not to be charged. The battery may have been destroyed due to poor storage circumstances, as batteries can be damaged by humidity, low charge levels, and other factors.

 You should take the Mavic Pro battery to a service center or retailer near you to get it checked if this is the case. Alternatively, if your old batteries are broken beyond repair, you could consider purchasing new ones as a final resort.

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