Master Built Smoker Heating Element Not Working-Troubleshoot It

You know that the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is a dependable smoker for smoking meat and meals while imparting a rich smoky taste to the final product. When this smoker is misused, however, it can produce a variety of problems that will cause your cooking process to be interrupted.

 As a result, the worst thing that can happen is that your smoked food will taste inconsistent and unpleasant. The temperature problem with the Masterbuilt electric smoker is the most prevalent and irritating issue for those who enjoy barbeque meals.

 This troubleshooting guide will break everything down and show you how to fix the four issues listed above. If you continue reading the text, we can confidently state that smoking with your most dependable smoker will be enjoyable once the temperature problem has been resolved.

Main problems related to Master built Electric smoker

There are various problems that make a masterbuilt electric smoker not work. Here are some of the reasons why.

Problems making the smoker not to workFunctionsEssential products
OverheatingRegulate the amount of airflowWater pan
Smoker not heating enoughUse quality wood chipsCheck the chip tray from Amazon
Smoker keeps shutting downReplace your thermostat Thermostat
Smoker does not smokePlace the heating tray firmly above the smoker 
Heating element not workingReplace the terminal end 
Issue with temperature controlsReduce the airflow 

i. The electric smoker overheating

masterbuilt smoker heating element not working

Overheating in a masterbuilt digital electric smoker is the most common problem for those who smoke for the first time using a master-built digital electric smoker. The average temperature of an electric smoker is between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, some of us experience higher temperatures, such as 275 or 295 degrees. Although we have all of the dials set as low as possible, our meat continues to smoke at an alarming rate. Don’t be alarmed. Here’s how to fix it.


In some cases, an MES of a digital electric smoker may overheat because of an excessive amount of airflow originating from another direction.

Step 1; Reduce the airflow via the vent to eliminate this problem. Close the vent as much as you need to to keep it closed.

Step 2; Turn one of the dials totally off and smoke with just one of the dials if the smoker has more than one.

Step 3; to achieve this effect, use a water pan and place ice cubes in the water pan.

Step 4; another excellent method of avoiding the overheating problem with the smoker is to use less fuel in it.

Try each one of these solutions to see if they can help you. Please contact the Masterbuilt support staff if any above methods do not work.

ii. The smoker does not heat enough

The smoker does not heat enough

The Masterbuilt electric smoker does not get hot enough or produce enough smoke to properly smoke the meat, which we frequently have with MES. Some of the reasons behind this problem are as follows:

a) It’s possible that you’re not using the correct gasoline.

b) You can find yourself with a chip tray that isn’t attached.

c) If the chip tray is left unclean, the situation could become dangerous.


As a result of utilizing insufficient fuel, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker does not generate enough heat to cook the beef evenly. Quality wood chips or chunks, such as oak or hickory, may be used in this situation.

Soaking wood chips is something some of us do to prevent them from burning too quickly. You should avoid soaking the wood since it will prevent the smoker from heating up sufficiently. The chip tray of the smoker is another factor that contributes to inconsistent heating. A loose connection between the burner element and the grate prevents sufficient heat from reaching the chips.

It is possible to alleviate this issue by re-entering the stovetop element on the stovetop. Also, please make sure that the chip tray is free of debris and placed close to the burner.

iii. The smoker keeps shutting down

The smoker keeps shutting down

Whenever your Masterbuilt smoker fails to offer the ideal temperature for smoking and continues shutting down, keep in mind that one of the three possibilities listed below may be at fault.

For starters, the control unit is in poor working order. If you have MES Generation 2, the smoker will continue to shut down. A set of buttons is integrated into the front edge of the product. As a result of the design and poor control, the smoker frequently shuts off their device. Additionally, a blown fuse in the electrical panel could be the source of your Masterbuilt electric smoker’s inability to remain operational.

When your smoker becomes rusted, this can also contribute to it shutting down unexpectedly. In addition, as your smoker ages, it develops rust, which has the effect of interfering with the electrical connection.


The most straightforward remedy to Masterbuilt electric smoker and digital control issues is replacing the thermostat temperature control. Also, check to see that there are no loose wires in the digital control, and replace any blown fuses if any are present.

Striking the left side of the control system with a hard blow may also help resolve the issue. We recommend that you contact MB and request a new control.

When you’re finished, make sure to clean your smoker thoroughly. In addition, after cleaning, make sure to store the smoker in a dry location. Keep the smoker in a garage or a storage room if you choose. The rust will be prevented from forming on your smoker.

iv. The smoker does not smoke

The smoker does

When you realize that the Masterbuilt electric smoker is not smoking, there are several possible explanations:

  • In the absence of direct contact between the chip tray and the smoker element,
  • The pan may be too thick.
  • The chip tray in the smoker has not been cleaned correctly.


a) Check that the chip tray is ideally in touch with the smoker element.

b) Please make sure that the chip drawer is firmly above the heating source before using it.

c) If your pan is too thick, you can use a foil pan and a few chips to make it thinner.

d) The chip tray has been meticulously cleaned. Hopefully, after completing all of these steps, the Masterbuilt will smoke flawlessly from now on.

v. The heating element on the smoker does not work

The heating element on the s

When you observe that your smoker’s heater element is operating, keep in mind that the following are the possible causes:

The end of the terminal connected to the heating element is either scorched or fully melted when connected to the heating element. In addition, your heater element has been destroyed.


Replacing the terminal end that connects to the heating element. After that, reconnect the cable. You will discover that the heating element in your smoker is functioning correctly once again.

If you discover that the heating element is no longer working, replace it with a new one.

vi. An issue with the temperature controls

An issue with the temperature controls

Temperature control concerns with Masterbuilt smokers, such as overheating or not getting enough heat or smoke, are typical issues that novice smoker owner’s encounter.


In this guide, we’ve already covered how to deal with each of the problems mentioned. So go back and read the paragraphs above once more. If your smoker becomes overheated, you can reduce the airflow by closing the vent slightly. On the other hand, if the smoker is not getting hot enough, you should do the opposite. If all else fails, contact Masterbuilt to speak with a customer service staff member.

4 Tips for Preventing Temperature Issues

4 Tips for Preventing Temperature Issues

Here are four strategies to avoid having problems with your MB’s temperature:

1. MB is a smoker who takes his time. So give this smoker plenty of time to smoke your meat or other culinary items. However, keep in mind that you should check the temperature reading to prevent the temperature problem in the first place. Additionally, you may use a meat probe in the master-built smoker to monitor the internal temperature of the meat to ensure that your meat is properly smoked.

2. Keep in mind that you must pre season your smoker before using it for the first time. It is possible to learn how to season a Masterbuilt electric smoker precisely and quickly right here.

3. Pre-heat this smoker before using it to smoke meat.

4. Don’t use aluminum foil to cover the rack, and don’t stuff the smoker with too much food either.


I hope you find a solution to the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Temperature Problem that you are experiencing. In this article, we discuss everything related to Masterbuilt Smoker difficulties and their remedies from the very beginning to the very end.

You should now be well-versed in the subject of this highly recommended smoker. However, if you still need to learn more, you can visit the many internet platforms.

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