How to Make a Mobility Scooter Go Faster- Ultimate Guides

Presently, various mobility scooters are rapidly gaining popularity as a mode of transportation for persons who have difficulty walking. The device is an excellent alternate mode of transport. If you own a mobility scooter, I am sure that you are well aware of its speed limit.

Since it is used as mobility assistance, speed is not a necessity. Speed may be detrimental to the disabled individual who is using it. However, if you own an extra scooter and wish to test with it, you might have wanted to know how to boost or adjust its speed. If you’ve ever felt that the speed of the mobility scooter is a bit slower than what you’d wish, you don’t have to go out and purchase a brand new scooter.

There are various essential things you can perform by yourself to increase the speed of the mobility scooter without spending lots of money. Bear in mind that you cannot significantly raise the scooter’s speed. However, you can undoubtedly enhance it and move faster. If you are ever busy, this may be beneficial in various instances.

 In this guide, we’ll explore some of the simplest ways to increase your scooter’s top speed. Ensure you read along carefully to get a practical idea on how to boost the speed of the mobility scooter. Let’s get started.

What is the average speed of a mobility scooter?

What is the average speed of a mobility scooter

If you truly want to boost your speed, you must first determine your scooter’s top speed. The speed of the mobility scooters varies, of course, due to different models. You don’t need to do much if you have an older compact scooter with a limited range. However, if you already own a high-quality scooter, you may have to put in additional effort.

A standard mobility scooter runs at an average speed of approximately four miles per hour (4mph). Due to their different make, some move a little slower, while others are a bit faster. Speedy mobility scooters often have a top speed of more than 7mph. Most mobility scooters are designed to operate at a maximum speed of three to six miles per hour.

  • Slow: 1 to 3 miles per hour
  • Average: 3 to 6 miles per hour
  • Fast: More than 7 miles per hour

A moderate speed will vary according to the person riding the scooter. For individuals who ride their scooters primarily indoors, a speed of 4/mph may seem fast. The riders who use their devices to navigate their neighborhood may find 4 mph excessively slow.

What is the maximum range of a mobility scooter?

What is the maximum range of a mobility scooter

Mobility scooters are not intended for lengthy rides. The battery’s capacity determines the extent to which one can travel using a mobility scooter. Most scooters are equipped with a rechargeable battery. The battery capacity will dictate how long the scooter can operate on a full charge.

There are numerous scooter models with varying battery capacities and features for adjusting the speed of the mobility scooter. Scooters of lower grade may cover between 6 to 10 kilometers on a single charge. They lack a speed control mechanism. After a full load, a mobility scooter can cover more than 20 miles. A high-graded scooter will cover an average of 20 to 30 miles.

There are various excellent scooters on the market equipped with powerful batteries. After a single charge, they will provide over 45 miles of riding. However, the riding distance may be reduced for a variety of reasons. If you’re carrying a large load or doing a lot of shopping, this may be an issue. Furthermore, an out-of-date battery will not provide an accurate riding distance.

How to make a mobility scooter go faster

how to make a mobility scooter go faster

Speed isn’t vital, particularly for mobility scooters. As a result, the speed of these devices is limited in a way that increased speed poses no danger to the rider.

Accelerating the mobility scooter may be a little challenging but not impossible. Here are various steps necessary to achieve this objective;

Check this brief table;

How to make a mobility scooter go fasterFunctionsEssential products
Upgrade the batteryTo achieve a higher power output. Check the mobility scooter battery from Amazon. 
Motor rewindingo boost the speed of the motorBrushed motor
Disable the speed limiterTo boost the overall scooter’s speedSpeed limiters
Reduce weight and increase aerodynamic efficiency To remove any unnecessary weightScooter’s front basket
Service the scooterTo operate at full performance·   Boost overall speed 

1. Upgrade the battery

The simplest way to increase the speed of your mobility scooter is to replace its battery. The standard battery’s power level limits the speed of most mobility scooters. It is crucial to get a higher power output and a capacity battery that is compatible with your mobility scooter to increase the speed of your scooter.

Also, replacing an old one can considerably boost those speeds. Once the battery in your scooter runs out of charge, its usefulness gradually decreases. When a battery is brand new, it provides a slight boost in performance and extends the range between charges.

If upgrading to a larger, more powerful battery does not improve performance, the scooter might have a built-in speed limiter to maintain consistent performance and safety. We cannot encourage disabling such a device, but disabling it will also boost your speed if you find one. However, this may violate your warranty and compromise your safety.

2. Motor Rewinding

Mobility scooters involve a complicated motor system. You may boost the speed of a brushed motor by rewinding its coil. The speed increases as the number of windings per coil decreases. As a result, you’ll obtain more revolutions per minute while utilizing less energy.

We advise you to exercise extreme caution when performing this task. Due to the complexity and advanced nature of the operation, it may affect the motor. The entire procedure has to be highly efficient. Otherwise, you risk ruining the entire mechanism.

3. Disable the speed limiter

The top mobility scooters on the market have long-lasting motors and complex systems. The mobility scooter is equipped with speed limiters. To boost its speed, one can disable the scooter’s limits; however, this procedure may appear complicated and tricky, especially if you are not technical. This can result in motor damage.

To be safe, consider seeking the assistance of a professional. Remember that once this modification is made to your mobility scooter, the device’s warranty is automatically voided.

4. Reduce weight and increase aerodynamic efficiency

Another simple method for increasing your mobility scooter’s speed is to remove any unnecessary weight. Carriers, containers, tires, and other extras can significantly add to the weight of your scooter. Eliminating such items will help you get a little more out of your scooter.

Similarly, rearranging your accessories to make them more aerodynamic will significantly help you speed up. If your scooter has a front basket, shifting it to the back can assist in minimizing drag, increasing speed over lengthy distances, and boosting its battery life. If you’ve been dissatisfied with your scooter’s speed, you may discover you’ve been carrying more load than necessary.

5. Have the mobility scooter serviced

As with any machine you use regularly, mobility scooters require routine maintenance to operate at full performance. If you haven’t had your scooter serviced in a while, or it has never been serviced at all, taking it in for a routine tune-up will help you boost the speed. This approach will best work for a brushed motor rather than a brushless motor. Brushed motors benefit from maintenance and, when appropriately tuned, boost speed.

Scooters are battery-powered, resulting in issues such as terminal oxidation that should be addressed. Corrosion on the battery or terminals can impede power flow between the battery and the motor, resulting in irregular or lower speeds. Keeping an eye out for potential battery and motor issues can go a long way toward boosting the speed of your scooter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the battery life of a mobility scooter?

Battery life is approximately 18 to 24 months when adequately maintained for and used. Additionally, it may take up to three years, depending on how it is maintained.

  • What is the reason for my mobility scooter’s slow speed?

A mobility scooter’s speed decreases when it ages, is overused or has a malfunctioning battery pack.

Final words

No miracle solution will transform your mobility scooter from crawling to flying, but there are tried and true methods for restoring your speeds to a rate that is comfortable for you. Using the above simple tips can significantly improve the scooter’s speed and general health. It might be a little challenging, I suppose.

Besides, these approaches may not apply to your particular scooter model. Hence, first, ensure you familiarize yourself with your scooter’s operation and design. Then determine which of the discussed methods is most appropriate for the mobility scooter. We hope one of these tips will work on your mobility scooter model.

Finally, ensure that you adhere to all manufacturer’s guidelines, refrain from making any adjustments that could void your warranty, and maintain safe operating speeds.

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