How to Make a Mobile Handheld Kinect Camera?

The kinetic camera is essential in surveilling your home or place of work hence providing security, and it requires some codes to connect effectively. Also, the camera detects the existence of both humans and animals in darkness or when there is light. Also, you can see bodies that your eyes may fail to see. Sometimes, you may wonder if you can make a mobile handheld kinetic camera and use it.

Can I use my kinect camera remotely? Yes, a user can view or monitor the kinetic camera remotely after logging into the Microsoft account on your phone. At times, making your mobile handheld kinetic camera may need some programming language if you are an IT expert, but if not, consider not using it and using some USB ports.

If you have worries about making a mobile handheld kinetic camera, this article will help you a lot. It states the steps you can follow when making the kinetic camera and some additional information concerning the camera. Also, some FAQS will help you. I hope you will make your mobile handheld kinetic camera successfully.

Steps on how to make a mobile handheld Kinect camera

If you want a handheld kinetic camera, follow the steps below to set your camera to handheld mode.


how to make a mobile handheld kinect camera
  • Kinetic camera
  • Router.
  • 8 USB extension.
  • Devices such as computers and tablets.

Step 1: Choose a kinetic camera that you can use mobile

First, select a kinetic camera of your choice. Check the package and ensure all accessories are present. In addition, ensure you have access to all materials you may need to carry out the process effectively.

Step 2: Connect your kinect camera to the camera pistol grip

Both the kinetic camera and the camera pistol grip have some connectors that suit each other. Plug the camera pistol grip into your kinetic camera and ensure it is tight enough to avoid loose connection issues.

Step 3: Connect the 8-USB extension to the power supply source

After connecting the camera and the camera pistol grip, connect the 8-USB extension to the power supply source. Ensure there is power and provide a generator for continuous power supply.

Step 4: power on your camera and connect it to the router

If there is no internet connectivity, it will be hard for the user to surveil the area. Plug the router into the power socket and switch on the two devices. Connect your handheld kinetic camera to the router for network access, and if there is no internet, contact the ISP and renew your subscription.

Step 5: Configure the camera and install all software

See the camera settings and configure them. Please set it to start monitoring the area. Connect your tablet with the pistol handgrip camera via the USB port present and install the kinetic camera software either on your tablet or phone. Ensure you install the latest version for better results.  

Step 6: Create a connection

Connect the camera with the tablet to record all events taking place. Grip the camera using the camera grip pistol and move it around to capture everything and every event in your home or any place you are using the camera. Luckily, the kinetic camera captures everything your eyes cannot see, whether in darkness or where there is light. Repeat the process if the connection fails.

How the handheld kinetic camera functions

How the handheld kinetic camera functions

First, it is important to know how your kinetic camera functions. It uses an RGB camera with a camera module and an infrared light projection with a monochrome CMOS sensor, which views it all as dots grouped in a kinetic environment rather than a flat image. These thousands of infrared dots allow the camera to “see” depth and detail like a sonar.

The install program can recognize persons by differentiating body parts, joints, and movements. If an individual or item appears on the screen that you can’t see with your bare eyes, there’s something that the IR is sensing, and the programming recognizes it as a human shape based on body parts and joints working together.

Steps on how to connect a kinect camera

Steps on how to connect a kinect camera

If you want to connect your kinect camera, it may be frustrating at times if you fail to do so. Here are some steps that will help you out.

1. Choose the kinetic camera

There are different types of kinetic cameras in the market today. First is the kinetic for windows that you can use in windows seven and requires you to position it closer to the objects. It comes with more advanced features that limit it from connecting. Also, there are kinetic for the kinetic camera 360, kinetic for the kinetic camera one, and windows version two.

2. Inspect the hardware you are using

Your kinetic camera needs you to choose the best cable to use that provides sufficient power. The most recommended cable is the dedicated power supply unit, and you may need other things such as a USB cable and all the packages that come with the kinetic camera.

3. Remove the kinetic software that you installed, and it is not functioning

You may find that you attempted installing the kinetic camera software at times. Before you proceed, first remove it by going to the configuration panel in your programs, and you will see the “add/remove” setting. Choose the removed setting and uninstall everything concerning the kinetic camera. Proceed to restart your machine.

4. Install new kinetic camera software

After successfully removing the non-functioning software, install new software or kinetic drivers. You can get the software from and choose the version you may need. Ensure you install the application carefully, unlike in step 3 above.

5. Establish a connection

First, check if the kinetic camera is on and try powering it on. Establish a connection between the two using either your tablet, mobile, or computer via the USB port present. Leave it for some time, and you will see a notification that is a message you can read. Check to see if the connection is successful.

6. Check your kinetic camera via browsing

Proceed to start your developer toolkit and check for any documentation present. You can also see if there are any run demos present.

7. Check the kinetic camera studio

Check the studio and see if your kinetic camera connects and functions correctly. Try surveilling the place using your devices such as a computer, tablet, or even a phone. If the connection is not correct, try repeating the process above carefully, or you can consider seeking help if you cannot carry out the process.

How to fix the handheld kinetic camera to keep disconnecting?

How to fix the handheld kinetic camera to keep disconnecting

Follow the steps below;

1. Press the Kinetic camera button on the front of the camera for 10 seconds or until it shuts off entirely to turn it off.

2. Unplug the kinect camera’s power supply.

3. Remove the Kinect sensor from the Kinetic camera by unplugging it.

4. Reconnect the console’s power supply.

5. To turn on your Kinetic camera, press the Kinetic camera button on your camera.

6. On your controller, press the Menu button.

7. Select Kinect from the Settings menu.

8. Please wait up to two minutes for the Kinect camera to be detected after plugging it into the rear of the console.

Why does the handheld kinetic camera fail to detect any movements?

Why does the handheld kinetic camera fail to detect any movements
  • The lens is smeared or dusty

A brush is necessary for removing any visible dirt. Erase the sticky gunk by gently wiping the dirt away using a microfiber cloth in a clockwise direction. Use a camera or optical lens cleaner to dampen the cloth, but do not spray the cleaner directly onto the lens.

  • It is necessary to alter the sensor angle

Grasp the Kinect’s bottom in one palm to change the tilt. On the other hand, hold the back of the Kinect and tilt it up or down until the viewing glass covers the full play area. During this stage, avoid putting the glass.

  • The Kinect is unable to recognize your body or body motions

If the Kinect does not recognize your body gestures in games, instructions, or other applications, you must enable the ‘Kinect On’ setting. Navigate through the ‘Menu,’ ‘Settings,’ and ‘Kinect’ menus to find this option. Such will display the Kinect’s perspective on the screen, which will assist you in diagnosing the problem.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Is the Kinect camera compatible with the Kinetic Xbox One S?

The Kinetic Xbox One S, which unlike kinetic camera One, does not include a unique Kinect connector, so you won’t be able to put the accessory into your current scheme easily. A Kinect Adapter for Microsoft is now available from Windows for around $50. You must contact Microsoft Support through phone or, better yet, online chat to obtain it.

  • Is it possible to utilize Kinetic camera Kinect as a security camera?

It includes a color camera and an infrared sensor that can be used as video surveillance, a person’s body surveillance system, and a depth sensor that can be used to perform the present identification procedure in two ways.


At this point, you have a full understanding of how you can make a mobile handheld kinetic camera for surveilling your home or any place you are installing the camera, and it is not that difficult. If there is any problem with your kinetic camera, you will see some error message asking you to fix it first.

Finally, that is it; you can use your kinetic security camera with its software on your devices such as a tablet that is mobile effectively to detect the presence of anything in both darkness and light. I wish you good luck in your attempt to make a mobile handheld kinetic camera.

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