How to Make a Gem Car Go Faster – Complete Guide

Possessing GEM Cars is practical, cost-effective, and enjoyable. Commercial environments such as university campuses, parks, and parking areas make extensive use of these electric vehicles. Due to their low fuel consumption and maneuverability, they enable people to travel around more efficiently and ensure the safety and maintenance of the regions they patrol. But, how can one make a GEM Car go faster?

If you need your GEM Car to run faster, it will require additional power. Some numerous factors and configurations vary from year to year. If permitted, most GEM Cars are capable of exceeding 25 mph. For the majority, 30 mph is manageable. However, faster speeds may be problematic with a large gear ratio, small tires, or a poor battery. If you wish to accelerate further, you will require additional power.

The speed of a GEM Car cannot be increased in any way. As mentioned, there are several methods you can take to boost your GEM Car’s speed. Continue reading this article to learn the various GEM Car speed boosting tips and more about GEM Cars.

What you need to know about GEM Cars

What you need to know about GEM Cars
  • Eco-Friendly – GEM cars are all-electric and have no exhaust pollution. Many households and businesses opt for electric vehicles to reduce their carbon footprint while contributing to the planet’s preservation, especially when only shorter distances should be driven.
  • Maximum speeds of 25 miles per hour – GEM cars are meant to operate at a maximum speed of 25 mph to comply with Federal Low-Speed Vehicle rules. This is why GEM automobiles are ideal for navigating neighborhoods and small towns – and you won’t be concerned about speeding!
  • Battery Life: 30 Miles – On average, GEM cars can go up to 30 kilometers on a single charge. However, electric vehicles are continually improving, and some GEM vehicles can have a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge.

Numerous factors contribute to this, including the driving circumstances, the terrain, the battery age, the tire pressure, and the driver’s behaviors. It’s not bad when you reflect on how much can be accomplished within 30-40 miles of town!

  • Street legal –The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines GEM automobiles as low-speed vehicles, making them legal in nearly 50 states in 35 mph or fewer zones. They are perfect for traveling, commuting to school or work, and doing errands.
  • Charge using any standard 110-volt outlet – Charging a GEM is simple and requires no external components. To charge it, connect the GEM’s battery to any 110v outlet, and it will recharge in around 8-12 hours. If you require faster charging times, consider getting a fast charge package, which decreases charging time to less than an hour!
  • Full customization – Adding custom wheels and soft doors is possible. It’s also possible to install additional safety measures to your vehicles, such as rear cameras and mirrors. Owners can increase the car volume with a new music system or add convenience to campus tours with a PA system. Customization options are limitless. There are a lot of available alternatives to customize your GEM Car.

How to make a GEM Car go faster

How to make a GEM Car go faster

It is possible to increase the speed of your GEM by practicing the following; here is a quick table.

Tips to make your GEM Car go faster


Essential products

  • Decreasing controller’s field current
  • Increasing the Shunt motor’s RPM

Shunt motor controller

  • Using bigger tires
  • Enhance handling
  • Contributes to effectiveness
  • Achieves higher speeds
  • Boosting top-end performance by up to 5mph

Wheel & tire package

  • Reprogramming the motor
  • Top-end improvements
  • Enhances faster speeds
  • Increased power up-hills
  • Greater RPMs due to increased horsepower output

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  • Using a powerful battery; lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery
  • Increased performance
  • Boost speed of the GEM Car for extended period

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1. Decrease the controller’s field current

This is usually the first step to increase your GEM Car’s speed. Shunt motors’ RPM can be increased by reducing field current. It would help if you sacrificed some reduced power to achieve increased rpm and top speed.

2. Using bigger tires

Using bigger tires

Tire/wheel packages will greatly enhance handling while converting your GEM Car’s appearance into an average road machine. Various packs include tires that have been engineered to replicate those found on automobiles and are designed to deliver car-like performance. Additionally, they are wider than stock tires, which contributes to the effectiveness, especially at higher speeds achieved with the HP motor.

The 14″ tire packages handle superbly, giving the impression of being in a highway race car. Golf cart-like handling is swapped out for race car efficiency, critical for daily comfort, handling, and safety. This performance is essential as you consider additional speed-enhancing modifications.

Bigger tires are an excellent way to boost top-end performance by up to 5 MPH. If you’re looking for a consistent, moderate speed boost with excellent handling and good looks, a wheel and tire package is the best way to go.

3. Reprogramming the motor

Reprogramming the motor

A GEM Car can cover approximately 25 to 30 miles on a full charge, depending on driving behaviours, traffic conditions, and charging techniques. The same considerations apply and will influence your range when installing an HP motor in the GEM car. With the current controller configurations, your HP GEM Car will have a faster speed, increased power uphill, and top-end improvements.

Under these circumstances, the HP motor receives the same battery capacity level as a standard motor. Since the HP is more economical than the stock motor, it can generate more power while maintaining the same programmed battery power supply, providing a slightly longer overall mileage range than the stock setup. However, reprogramming is required to obtain the maximum performance from the GEM.

By reprogramming your controller, you may send additional battery voltage to the HP Motor, generating greater RPMs due to its increased horsepower output. Battery energy provided at greater speeds can reduce your range by up to 10%. Again, your mileage will vary based on how you drive your car. If you intend to run your GEM at maximum speed for a lengthy period, you will notice a reduction in range.

To obtain reliable daily driving speeds of 30-40 mph or more in your GEM Car, you need a higher motor. The motor should produce more horsepower, turn faster, and operate at higher temperatures all day. No matter how programmed, the stock motor is incapable of operating reliably under heavily reprogrammed situations.

Remember that reprogramming or gearing your GEM Car radically will destroy it. The motor and controller cannot withstand the extra stress, higher temperature levels, and higher RPMs.

4. Use a powerful battery

Use a powerful battery

To increase the speed of your GEM Car, you should first consider adding a high-capacity battery. Generally, increasing the battery’s capacity will increase the GEM Car’s speed. Once the battery’s capacity is increased, you will notice an increase in performance. You can accomplish this by simply replacing the battery with a more powerful one. If possible, purchase an additional battery for your GEM Car.

However, this may not always increase the speed. As a result, it enables you to boost the speed of your GEM car for a more extended period. If the GEM car is equipped with a speed limiter, ensure you disable it before installing the battery.

Today’s technology allows for a wide range of battery types. The lightweight but powerful battery satisfies your need to accelerate the GEM Car. While new lead-acid batteries are beneficial, upgrading to lithium-ion batteries will provide a significantly greater benefit. Nowadays, lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are gaining popularity due to their ability to deliver high power.

Lithium has a higher holding voltage than lead in its basic design, which results in increased acceleration and speed. Thus, a powerful battery can enhance a GEM Car’s journey.


Maximum speed will be limited by high numerical gear ratios and narrow tires. They will increase the acceleration and climbing ability of your GEM but will restrict top speed. It’s comparable to a ten-speed bike. Even if you are a powerful rider, you can only drive fast in first gear. Increased top speed is usually achieved by using larger diameter tires.

The party can begin in earnest now that your battery voltage has been increased over the factory setting. With a 5 HP motor and an 84v battery, 10.35 gears, and larger diameter tires, you can reach 40 mph or far more! When making a lithium pack, you need to keep it between 80v and 96v.

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Let’s Wrap Up On How to Make A GEM Car Go Faster

No magical formula can transform your GEM Car into a flying machine, but there are proven strategies for regaining control of your speed. Increasing the GEM Car’s speed and general efficiency may be as simple as following the above guidelines. Ensure you choose the approach which is mainly suited to your GEM model.

Decreasing the controller’s field current, applying larger tires, upgrading your battery, and reprogramming the motor are some of the excellent tips to make your GEM Car go faster. Finally, make sure you follow all manufacturer guidelines, avoid making any alterations that could violate your warranty, and ensure safe speed limits.

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