What makes my LG dryer check filter light not turn off

LG dryers are the commonly known dryers in the market today. The dryer is essential in that it aids in drying washing items from a washing machine. Despite being beneficial, sometimes it may malfunction, especially when the check lights fail to turn off. The issue is easy to fix if you fully understand all parts present in the dryer and how it functions, or else, you will end up damaging the whole dryer.

Yes, the LG dryer check light failing to turn off is a common issue many users experiences. The issue is fixable either by an expert or ourselves. To solve the issue, first, ensure you have all essential materials and will help you carry out the process, such as a screwdriver, among others.  Inspect the whole device and identify the common causes of the issue. Attempt solving the issue depending on the main cause.

Luckily, the article below gives a brief description of the common causes of the LG dryer check filter light failing to turn off. Also, it includes the various steps one can follow to bring the filter lightly to correct functioning, including the frequently asked questions concerning the same. Therefore, ensure you review the article carefully if you have any LG dryer check filter light issues.

Common causes of the LG dryer check filter light failing to turn off

What makes my LG dryer check filter light not turn off

The check filter light may appear to be constantly flipping on in some electrically LG dryer, leading you to believe that your dust filter is blocked or that there is an issue with your device. The light, on the other hand, is pre-set to go on before each drying cycle starts.

It reminds people to wash their check filters before beginning the drying process. The filter does not have to be blocked with lint but clearing the filters of all lint results in improved circulation and a shorter dry density.

There are several reasons why the LG dryer filter light may fail to turn off, and they include the following;

1. Accumulation of dust and dirt particles

The common cause of the issue is dust and dirt in the internal parts of the dryer. If the dryer filter is clogged or some other unwanted objects such as a credit card, the filter fails to function as usual and fails to turn off. The only possible way to bring the filter, in this case, to correct functioning is to clean it appropriately and remove the foreign object present.

2. A faulty child lock

Child lock is an essential component present in the LG dryer, and if it may fail to function, as usual, it displays letters that are; “CL,” indicating that it is faulty. Also, a beeping sound may emit from the lock once the check filter light fails to turn off.

First, check the child lock if it is in good condition. If not, try restarting the device by following the instructions in the main menu. Also, remember to review the manufacturer’s manual guide and see if it is helpful, especially in the cleaning part.

3. A faulty dryer capacitor

Another issue that results in the dryer check filter failing to turn off is a faulty capacitor. The capacitor is essential in controlling the amount of power in and out of the dryer. It also indicates the resistance, that is, the voltage necessary for the dryer to function correctly. If the capacitor fails to function as recommended, it may fail to control the filter light leaving it on.

4. A faulty filter

A faulty filter is the main reason why the light may fail to turn off. When the dryer is in use, the filter may fail to function as usual. Once it malfunctions, it fails to respond to any commands you give, such as turning off the check filter light. Fixing the issue requires replacing the faulty filter with a new one functioning correctly and suits the dryer model perfectly.

Step by step on how to bring the LG dryer check filter light won’t turn off to correct functioning

Common causes of the LG dryer check filter light failing to turn off

In case the check filter in the LG dryer fails to function, as usual, there are some steps you can use to fix the issue on your own or with an expert. If your LG dryer check filter light remains illuminated and keeps the device from the beginning or functioning properly, here are a few repair options to try before calling a specialist.

Step 1: Collect all essential materials

The materials necessary to carry out the process include the following;

 i. A thin brush to remove the clogging substances.

ii. A vacuum cleaner sucks all dust present in the internal parts of the dryer.

iii. Screwdriver to loosen all the screws.

iv. New check filter that suits the dryer model.

v. New capacitor, etc.

Step 2: Disconnect the LG dryer from the power supply source

Before beginning any process, first, disconnect the dryer from the power supply source. Be careful when handling electricity to prevent the occurrence of electricity issues such as electric shock. For security reasons, consider wearing an antistatic wristband to ground yourself.

Step 3: Inspect all parts in the dryers

The next step is to identify the root cause of the issue. To diagnose the cause, first, locate all the internal parts connecting with the LG dryer check filter light. Inspect them carefully and identify the reasons resulting in the filter light failing to turn off. Proceed to fix the issue depending on the cause of the problem.

Step 4: Clean the dryer check filter carefully

If your lint filter is clogged, the light in the LG dryer may not turn off. There may be clogging with lint in the conventional sense, or a large substance, including a credit or debit card, might have become stuck inside the lint filter region, causing problems. Make sure your check filter is clean of strange things and tidy. 

To unclog the check filter, you can use a thin brush or a vacuum cleaner. Slowly vacuum all the internal parts of the dryer and suck all dust present and if clogged, remove the clogging substance with the recommended tool such as the thin brush.

Rinse the filters with clean water and leave them to dry completely. Test it by connecting to the power supply source and see if the light turns off. If the issue persists, proceed to the next step or consider replacing the check filter. Also, consider seeking help from a professional electrician.

Step 5: Restart your LG dryer machine

Your drying machine may be having technical issues that you cal resolve by switching it off and on again. Follow the steps below to reboot your LG dryer.

i. Disconnect your LG dryer from the power supply source.

ii. For a couple of seconds, approximately; 8 to 10 seconds, hold down the ‘Start/Pause key.

iii. After that, connect the LG dryer back in and switch it on to see if the filter light turns off.

iv. The LG dryer must now be operational but, if the issue persists, proceed to the next step. 

Step 6: Check the condition of the dryer child lock

If you notice the characters that display on the dryer, such as; ‘CL’ after restarting your LG dryer, it’s possible that the issue is not with the lint filter but with the child lock on the LG dryer. Gently tap and hold the child lock button for a couple of seconds to clear the warning message.

When none of the above measures succeed, and the check filter light remains illuminated, or the device continues to buzz, the problem is most probably with some other component, such as the capacitor.

Step 7: Check the capacitor

After carrying out the steps, but the issue persists, check the condition of the dryer capacitor. If the capacitor is faulty or blown out, try replacing it with a new one that suits the dryer perfectly. Also, you can seek help if you are unable to replace the capacitor on your own.

Step 8: Check the condition of the check filter and the whole dryer

The filter light failed to turn off maybe as a result of a faulty filter. In that case, consider replacing the whole filter with a new one that is functioning correctly. Also, if the issue is with the whole dryer, especially from the old-time, replace it with the latest version of the dryer, which functions correctly.

Frequently asked questions;

Why is there a Filter Error on my LG Dryer?

The text ‘Check filter’ is not a mistake but a normal notification before each drying phase. F0 is the only filter error code you’ll receive that means “Filter out.” The lint filter has not been properly placed into the dryer, as indicated by the error.

Easily re-install the lint filter correctly, with protruding, and the problem notice must disappear. Alternatively, the internal filter magnet will be either misplaced or has come out in washing and requires replacement so that the dryer can indicate the existence of the filter.


In case the filter light fails to turn off, follow the guideline above. Don’t forget to refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide concerning the issue. Also, seek help if the problem persists.

Take some precautions when using the dryer. The precautions include; service the dryer more often and removing any dust before damaging the device. Also, clean it more often following the manufacturer’s maintenance upkeep.

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