Lasko Heater Keeps Shutting Off – Causes and Quick Fix

Space heaters remain the best and reliable source of warmth in your room. But, even with all those reputations, some homeowners have raised complaints about how the Lasko heater keeps shutting off. This issue is likely to happen if your appliance has some malfunctions.

Some of the malfunctions that may make your Lasko heater shut off serially include, dirt, vent blockage, bad thermostat among others.  Any of these culprits is likely to pose a challenge to your heater. But luckily, all of them are fixable and that’s what we are going to cover in this article.

To cushion you, we will start by expounding on the causes of Lasko heaters shutting off. Secondly, we will take you through a comprehensive troubleshooting guide so that you can fix unnecessary Lasko heater shut offs. Continue reading our article for juicy information. Premature shut offs should be a thing of the past in your heater.

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Reason/how it works


How to fix a Lasko heater keeps shutting off

Step 1: Remove the heater from the power source

We discourage touching some sensitive parts of any machine while it’s on to prevent electrical shocks


Step 2: Examine temperature setting

To ensure the room temperature doesn’t exceed the expected set temp.


Step 3: Clean your heater

Cleanliness is necessary to remove dust and dirt build-ups.

  1. a screwdriver

2. a vacuum cleaner

Step 4: Contact an experienced technician

For assistance for they give a chance to place your complaints; sometimes you may be assisted


Causes of Lasko heater keeps shutting off

lasko heater keeps shutting off

I have received a lot of questions from some homeowners, but the most common of them was “why is the Lasko heater shutting off unnecessarily?” This section will answer all such questions; let’s drive together!

1. Vent blockage

This issue may force your Lasko heater to display premature shutoffs. A blocked vent will result in too high external heat, giving the unit no other choice but to go off. The vent should be free of any dust, dirt or debris to allow smooth air movement.

If this is the real case, then you need to have a vacuum cleaner to drive the dust away. Blocked vent will even harm the thermostat if the unit hesitates to shut down automatically. Check on amazon for the best vacuum cleaner.

2. Maximum temperature anticipation

Space heaters come with safety features to automatically power themselves off whenever they reach a certain temperature setting. Some homeowners prefer minimized warmth based on their health or environment; setting the heater to go off at a specific temperature level is therefore a good idea.

Additionally, you need to understand that these space heaters are designed with a safety mechanism which is responsible for shutting off the unit whenever the internal temperatures are high enough.

I would recommend you inspect the temperature setting of your heater and make sure it meets your heat requirements in such a situation. Its thermostat should be set high enough to curb unnecessary shut offs. Your heater might be calling for reset action due to an overheated condition.

3. Dirt build-up

Dirt build-up

Here is another culprit that might be making your Lasko heater go off repeatedly. This mostly happens when the heater runs for an extended period non-stop. Its safety mechanism will eventually shut the unit off to avoid damages. Try to initiate this healing process and see if it works.

If this is the case, I would urge you to initiate the cleaning process. These units are equipped with components like fans, responsible for circulating warm air around your house.

Cleaning should therefore involve checking the working condition of components like fan, thermostat, etc. if this action bears no fruit, don’t get tired, move to the next step and see how you can curb it.

More so, the next thing you can do when you think this is the problem, power your heater, turn it over on its side before ensuring it turns off automatically. Yes, it’s worth noting that Lasko heaters have emergency shut offs.

4. Bad thermostat

Maybe your Lasko heater is operating with a broken thermostat. It’s the best idea to check and confirm if this is the real problem of your Lasko heater. A Lasko heater thermostat is useful, but when problematic can display wrong temperature readings as a result of faults from its gauges.

How about replacing the thermostat? There is nothing much you can do with a broken or faulty thermostat, especially when it comes to space heaters.

Therefore, I would recommend you go for a replacement from LASKO or Amazon. But, you have to be careful not to bring home the wrong option; it should be compatible with your Lasko heater.

How to fix a Lasko heater keeps shutting off

How to fix a Lasko heater keeps shutting off

With the help of the above information, it is straightforward to troubleshoot a Lasko heater that keeps shutting off. Knowing the above causes is necessary in helping you find the best solution. Explore more in this section;

Step 1: Remove the heater from the power source

We highly discourage you from inspecting and touching some sensitive parts of any machine while it’s on. Therefore, you are requested to switch it off and disconnect it from an electric outlet.

Failure to do so may subject you to electrical shocks; be careful

Step 2: Examine temperature setting

It is possible that sometimes the room temperature gets higher than expected pre-set temp; the unit will shut off.

You should therefore try to raise its temperature setting; it will engage again. What you require in the house is enough and not excess warmth; that’s why you bought such an appliance.

Step 3: Clean your heater

Subject your Lasko heater to a decade cleanliness to remove dust and dirt build-ups. Cleaning isn’t a big deal as long as you have necessary tools and equipment. The dust accumulation is likely to affect the heater’s ventilation, forcing it to shut down repeatedly.

For instance, you may require a screwdriver and a vacuum cleaner for dust-cleaning. More so, you must get with you a dry and soft cloth for wiping the sides, back and front of the machine. Check on amazon for the best screwdriver.

Step 4: Contact an experienced technician

You only arrive at this decision when you are totally unable to repair your stubborn LASKO heater. The company allows you to place your complaints; sometimes you may be assisted.

Alternatively, you can try to reset your Lasko heater by switching off and disconnecting it from the power source for something like 12 minutes.

If nothing positive happens after 12 minutes, maybe it’s time to seek the help of experts from the company.

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  • How can I clean my Lasko heater?

Follow these steps to clean your space heater for better performance.

–  Detach your heater from the power source

–  Get yourself a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment and start cleaning from the grille. Doing so will pull the available dust and dirt out of the filter.

–  Use a dry and soft cloth to wipe its sides, back and front of the heater.

–  The last step is to connect the Lasko heater to the power outlet before powering it on.

  • Can I place a ceramic heater on the carpet?

I don’t think it is a good idea at all. I won’t encourage you to place a heater on the Area Rug or Carpet. The appliance is only safe when you install it on a robust surface like laminate, tile, vinyl, or wood.

These units are famous for attracting heat that could result in fire if they get too hot.

  • Will my birds be comfortable and safe with a space heater?

The oil-filled radiators are the only unit I can suggest to you. They are safe when placed around birds unlike ceramic heating elements that produce only heat minus light.

This capability makes them safe, but you still have to ensure your bird doesn’t come in contact with the heater.

  • Are space heaters worth it?

Yes, these are the most recommended heating appliances for indoor use because they don’t produce carbon monoxide plus other pollutants. However, they may sometimes catch fire when placed near flammable materials.

Final words

Lasko heaters keep shutting off, complication should be a thing of the past. There is no need to worry about it because almost everything has been covered in this article. Our discussions have clearly stressed on factors that may lead to this problem

Furthermore, we have ensured you have juicy information to lean on. The troubleshooting guide should help you, especially if you are a DIYer who is yearning to perfect his skills. Ensure you gather some tools and materials to help you in the process.

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