How to troubleshoot Lacrosse weather station won’t connect to Wi-Fi

The lacrosse weather station is effective for those who apply it and others, such as farmers, who may wish to predict the weather for planting and harvesting season. Some people know how to operate the weather station, especially the lacrosse. They use it as their primary source for data, and others use it as a secondary source.

Sometimes, the lacrosse weather station may fail to connect to the Wi-Fi. Just try to imagine what may happen if it lacks internet access. Once it fails to connect with the Wi-Fi, the users get no results or faulty results. There are some reasons why your weather station may fail to connect to the internet, including poor Wi-Fi chips and router issues, among others.

If you experience such issues, don’t panic is the first thing you need to do. Let’s discuss the various reasons why your weather station may fail to connect to the Wi-Fi. Also, we will see some of the solutions you can do to bring your weather station to correct functioning to make you feel secure.  

Various reasons why your lacrosse weather station won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Resetting time on your lacrosse weather station to bring it to correct functioning

In most cases, you may find the reasons why your weather station won’t connect to the Wi-Fi are common, and you can find them easily. Here are some of the reasons;

Poor Wi-Fi chips.

In most cases, the common reason may be faulty Wi-Fi chips. Your lacrosse weather station may have bad Wi-Fi chips that are slow in terms of frequency. Some may keep running with the 2GHZ to 5GHZ, and they usually share the same SSID. The low-frequency support makes it difficult for your weather station to connect with the router where the 2GHZ supports only IoT and the 5GHZ supports temporary deactivation.

The router or modem is off.

Another common reason may be due to the router being off. Sometimes, you may find that the router or the modem is switched off. It is expected since most of us forget to turn it on once it is off. Its off-state prevents your lacrosse weather station from connecting with the Wi-Fi. The possible way is to turn it on.

Wrong Wi-Fi password.

Most of the time, we tend to change our Wi-Fi passwords and forget to update them in our weather station, and the issue seems to be not that serious. Once you change the Wi-Fi password, it means that the devices that were previously connected to it are removed from the internet. The best way to solve the issue is by updating each device’s Wi-Fi password and ensuring they continuously access the network.

Power blackout.

If there is a power blackout and there is no UPS, automatically, the router will turn off, and the lacrosse weather station devices will fail to connect with the Wi-Fi. The routers require power to function. Otherwise, they are just useless. Therefore, you must ensure a continuous power supply in case there is a power failure, such as UPS Devices and generators, among others.

Weather station hanging.

Sometimes, the issue may be that your weather station and the devices are hanging for a longer time than usual. Yes, the issue is common, especially if the devices are old. The best way to solve such an issue is by restarting your weather station devices or, you may set some time that your weather station will automatically reset. Ensure that the time is when it is not in use, especially at night.

Troubleshooting the lacrosse weather station Wi-Fi connection.

Lacrosse weather station won't connect to Wi-Fi

In most cases, the lacrosse weather station network issue is not very serious, and it does not need complex steps. Power blackouts and faulty Wi-Fi chips are common reasons why it fails to connect to the Wi-Fi. In the information below, we will discuss some ways you can troubleshoot the connection problem without the help of an expert.  

1. Tools necessary.

The first thing is to have all the materials you may need, and they include;

  • Anti-static wrist band.
  • Voltmeter.
  • New router or modem.
  • New Wi-Fi chips, among others.

After having all the materials you need, put on the anti-static wrist band to protect yourself from any power issues such as electrical shock if you disconnect the router from the power station. Please take care and pay more attention to anything.

2. Identify the leading cause of the connection issue.

Scrutinize the weather station, including all the devices present. Also, check the router, identify why your lacrosse weather station is not connecting to the Wi-Fi, and proceed to the next step.

3. Reboot the router.

If the issue is due to the router hanging, restart the router. Rebooting the weather station devices to solve the internet connection issue is the best digital way. First, power-cycle your weather station device to reset the time for your device to reboot.

Also, you can perform the restarting process by disconnecting the device and removing the batteries from the battery slot. Then, press the light button several times, approximately five times. Wait for some time, and you will see some blink toned and review for efficiency. After that, place the batteries in their correct location and turn on the device. See if the issue persists and proceed to the next step. 

4. Switch on the router.

First, check the router and see if it is on. If it is switched off, first switch it on. Check the Wi-Fi button at the back of the router screen. Press it for some time until you hear some beeping sound. Also, use the Wi-Fi sign to flash in softApp mode and ensure it is on. Try connecting your lacrosse weather station to the Wi-Fi and see if you have dealt with the problem. If the issue persists, look for the condition of the Wi-Fi chips.

5. Change the Wi-Fi chips.

If you are using the 5GHZ chips that temporarily deactivate, consider reactivating them when you are using them. If they are set only for the IoT stories, make the correct setting. Sometimes, the Wi-Fi chips may be faulty and will require some replacement. In that case, consider replacing them with ones that are functioning correctly.

6. Check the power supply source.

Check if your router is connected to the power supply source and connect it if the cables are loose. Also, if the issue is due to a power blackout, consider providing a continuous power supply for the router to keep functioning as it needs power. Also, check if there is sufficient power supply from the source to both the weather station and the router.

7. Update the Wi-Fi password.

If all the methods above fail, consider checking the Wi-Fi password and see if it is updated. If not, update the Wi-Fi password and try reconnecting the lacrosse weather station again. If the issue persists, seek help from a professional to help you bring your weather station to correct functioning.

How to fix a lacrosse weather station that goes blank and has no display?

Sometimes, the weather station screen may fail to display any information even if your console is on or, it may be darker in a way that you won’t be able to see anything. The main reason may be insufficient power supply from the source to the console, which is due to the loose or faulty power cable. The steps below are essential.

  • Check the power supply source, including the cables.
  • Fix the cables if they are loose and ensure you plug in the power supply securely.
  • Check the console connection, plug in the cables carefully, and don’t over insert it.
  • If the issue persists, check the condition of the cables and replace them with new ones that are functioning correctly.
  • Ensure the power supply source is on in case it is off.

And if the weather station displays locks, try rebooting the console by following the correct steps and referring to the device’s diagram.

Resetting time on your lacrosse weather station to bring it to correct functioning.

Follow the steps below;

I. Locate the battery and remove the battery cover.

ii. Remove the machine battery carefully.

iii. Rotate the lacrosse weather station around and press one but for some time, approximately 20 times.

iv. Check your device’s diagram carefully and reinstall all the batteries, including the battery cover, to their location.

v. Press the system for five seconds and choose the “set” button.

Frequently asked questions

How can I connect my lacrosse weather station to Wi-Fi?

First, locate the rain and warm button and press them gently for around 6 seconds sequentially. Wait for the wireless internet icon to blink and switch on your smartphone or any tool you use with your weather station. Ensure you connect your smartphone to the router and control your weather station via your phone.


If the users fail to get the correct weather report, especially the farmers, they will be affected dearly. It will be difficult for them to predict whether it will rain or not, or whether it will be windy or sunny. Also, the users will be unable to detect when the storm is coming because their weather station is not connected to the Wi-Fi.

If you are among such people, please review the article above carefully. Identify the main reasons your lacrosse weather station is not connecting to the Wi-Fi. Also, see the steps above and follow them carefully to correct the network issue. good luck with your activity, and I hope the article was helpful.

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