Kitchenaid oven touchpad not working-what to do

The touchpad on the kitchen aid oven is essential. The control panel that individuals press with their palms to instruct the oven to do various tasks. The touchpad results from emerging technology that will integrate more capabilities with kitchen working tools to make work easier. Nevertheless, while using the touchpad’s functionality, you may run into various issues, such as the touchpad failing to work, which various factors can cause.

The touchpad not working is a common issue affecting many users and could be due to a problem with the control panel or a configuration in the oven that requires resetting. When the touchpad malfunctions, you must determine the root cause and resolve it as soon as possible to avoid further consequences of the equipment, which might result in extra effort while running the device. The electricity that the touchpad refuses to receive due to some faults with the electrical items attached to the touchpad is often the reason for the problems.

This article explains why the kitchen aid oven touchpad isn’t working and how to fix it. After answering the commonly asked question, the conclusion summarizes the article’s content and provides instructions for operating the item.  Also, there are factors to consider when buying the KitchenAid oven touchpad. Therefore, review the article carefully in case you have issues with your KitchenAid oven to bring it to correct functioning.

Reasons why KitchenAid touchpad is not functioning

Kitchenaid oven touchpad not working-what to do

Yes, a KitchenAid oven touchpad not functioning is a common issue affecting many users. When the touchpad fails to function, it can cause a lot of stress and distractions, especially when used to using the oven daily. There are several reasons why the touchpad may fail to function. The information below states some of the reasons why it may fail to function as usual.

1. Control board that isn’t working properly

The touchpad may stop working at times. However, the display remains operational. In this situation, the problem could be a result of errors on the control board. The control board and the switches work together to supply the voltages that the touchpad requires to function properly. As a result, if a problem like this happens, inspect the control board.

2. There are problems with the power supply

If the touchpad receives insufficient power, it may stop working. It could be due to a problem with the wiring connecting the oven to the power supply. The wiring method of the cables from the power supply to the oven can be faulty in some situations, causing the wires to lose their connection and causing issues.

Sometimes, electrical appliances malfunction and can no longer be important due to an old gadget or a blown fuse. When a fuse blows, for example, the machine ceases to function since the fuse serves as a protective safeguard for the entire system in the event of a power surge. When the touchpad stops working, it’s a good idea to check the power supply devices to make troubleshooting easier.

3. A faulty switch

In most circumstances, the kitchen aid oven touchpad uses the membrane switch, and if it fails, the touchpad will not work. The membrane switch works with it because the touchpad has an electrical switch that you touch to reply to the oven. To get to the membrane switch, consider turning off the entire unit and then opening it to get to the switch. If the switch isn’t working properly with the touchpad, consider replacing it.

4. Control lock off

Sometimes, the issue may result from the control lock in the KitchenAid oven touchpad being off. Is it disabled, the touchpad may fail to respond as necessary. The best way of fixing the control lock is first to identify the reason and activate it. When activating it, the message appears on the touchpad to tell you to change the setting. After changing the setting, restart the oven, and don’t forget to refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide for more information.

How to fix a broken or non-functioning kitchen aid oven touchpad

Kitchenaid oven

The process of fixing a failing KitchenAid oven touchpad is easy, especially if you have the correct instructions and refer to the manufacturer’s manual guide. You can then continue with the troubleshooting process after inspecting the individual elements causing the issues.

However, before you begin, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on troubleshooting the oven touchpad issues. The steps for troubleshooting issues with the touchpad are in the information below.

Step 1: Collect all essential materials

There are several materials you need to complete the process. The materials include;

  • Screwdriver to loosen the screws.
  • Wrench.
  • New touchpad that suits the KitchenAid oven.
  • Manufacturer’s guide, among others.

Step 2: Unplug the oven from the power source

To access various electrical appliances, such as the fuse and other wires that feed power to the oven, turn off the kitchen aid oven touchpad. To turn off the oven, make sure the power supply components are unplugged from the sockets and that it has had time to cool before opening anything.

Step 3: Examine the oven wires

Check the power supply agents by opening the fuse and inspecting the wires to ensure they are all in good working order. Consider straightening the wires or replacing them with fresh wires that will work if they are bent.

To ensure that everything in the power area is in working order, check the state of the fuse and replace it if it is faulty. If you carry out the process carefully and the issue persists, proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Check the oven circuit breaker

Check the state of the circuit breaker and replace it if any faults are causing the touchpad oven to fail. First, identify its location and try checking it to see if there is an issue.

If it is faulty, consider replacing it with a new one functioning correctly and suits the model oven. When changing the circuit breaker, read and follow the instructions carefully to get accurate results.

Step 5: Inspect the oven settings

Change the settings with the display and other issues generating touchpad difficulties by turning on the oven. Also, change the settings using the control settings to lock the device and unlock the settings by hitting some buttons. Because certain touchpads fail to work with the display after altering the settings, the display will also start working.

If the KitchenAid oven touchpad is still not responding, think about having a skilled technician come to your location to inspect the problems with the oven touchpad and correct them if they can try with their positive qualities, as you may be forgetting some crucial steps in resolving the issue.

If you find that nothing you try is working with the touchpad, contact the oven support desk on one of their many channels and ask how they can assist you in resolving the issue.

Factors to consider when buying the KitchenAid oven touchpad

Before buying a replacement touchpad, consider some of the factors that include;

Cost. Buy a touchpad that is within your budget. While buying, first, test it to ensure it is functioning correctly and if not, change it with one that is functioning well.

Quality. Consider buying a high-quality touchpad that suits your oven model. A high-quality touchpad functions well and lasts longer.

Warranty. The warranty period is essential in that it gives some time to determine the condition of the touchpad. If it is not functioning correctly, you can return it to the manufacturer or seller for a new one instead of spending money to get a new touchpad.

Frequently asked questions;

Is it possible that my ancient KitchenAid oven touchpad will stop working?

When the touchpad gets old, parts of its sensors fail to detect the users’ fingertips when they try to touch it, resulting in the touchpad not responding, indicating that it is not functional. As a result, verify the age of the touchpad before moving on to other locations when attempting to repair it.

Where can I get the tools I need to replace the damaged parts on my kitchen aid oven touchpad?

While looking for spare components for the oven’s malfunctioning sections, you can travel to various locations. However, only specialized shops offer the greatest services and nice products. The greatest place to go is the Amazon stores, which are worldwide, where you can get the things you want from the comfort of your own home, pay for them, and have them delivered right to your door.

Most consumers recommend buying things from these sites since they offer high-quality products. You can also go to eBay sites, which are similar to Amazon sites. Also, the sites sell genuine products and are not brokers.


All of your concerns regarding what you can do if your KitchenAid oven’s touchpad doesn’t work are now gone. It would be beneficial if you did not worry about such things because there are answers available. The page explains the causes of kitchen-aid oven touchpad failures, including power supply components and other system components that require repairing or replacement when you resolve the problem.

As a result, follow the steps given to resolve the problem quickly. Before doing any debugging procedures, make sure you check the locations that are creating the issues. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure you know what to do with the parts when repairing damaged parts. If you’re having problems troubleshooting the problem, try hiring a technician to assist you.

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