Why Does My Infrared Heater Shuts Off – Complete Guide

Technological inventions came with various house improvements and one of them is infrared heaters. These home appliances work incredibly by producing electromagnetic radiation, heating human bodies and the surrounding objects. It doesn’t heat the air, but ensures you and your surroundings are kept warm.

But even with all these goodies, sometimes these heaters become problematic. Since you are dealing with an electric device; the fault may cause more harm. There are various factors like blocked vents, faulty thermostat, electric overload, dirty filter among others that may lead to infrared heater shuts off problem. Fortunately, all these can be fixed and continue enjoying warmth in your home.

If you are facing such an issue with your heater, then you are reading the right article. At the end of this report, you will be able to know the exact reason for Infrared heater shuts off as well as how to fix it. Continue reading our article for juicy news.

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Infrared heater shuts off (Troubleshooting Guide)

Step 1: Check the thermostat

To determine whether it is in good working condition or not

A multi-meter


Step 2: Clean the heater’s ventilation

To get rid of all available debris and dust

A vacuum cleaner

Step 3: Check the device’s power supply

To scrutinize the root cause of the problem and find a suitable way of fixing the issue


Step 4: Wash the filter

To remove huge dirt buildup from the filter

1. Cardboard framed

2. filters replacement

Step 5: Unplug your heater from power outlet

To cool it down before plugging it back to the power source for quick reset.


Causes of infrared heater shut offs

Causes of infrared heater shut offs

This section discusses various causes of Infrared heater shut off problems in detail. Now let’s explore them;

1. Bad thermostat

Thermostat is one of the critical components in infrared heaters, responsible for measuring temperatures. They are also in charge of maintaining the temperature to a desired setting. This is a clear indication that if such a component fails, the heater will shut down.

When it is problematic, it may read high temperature and the safety feature won’t hesitate to switch off the appliance. Therefore, before you think of other issues, consider inspecting the thermostat; it might be damaged. Even technicians tend to check thermostats first.  

2. Blocked vents

Vents are useful components in infrared heaters in ejecting combusted products. Maybe this time they are blocked, affecting the smooth flow of heat from the heater to the surrounding. The heat will be retained in the vents.

Infrared heaters are equipped with an internal excess heat detector to shut down the appliance. This is necessary because of safety reasons.

3. Electric overload

Here is another culprit that might be harming your infrared heater, shutting it off. These appliances have various electrical components, meaning that a failure to one of them may shut off the heater.

Electrical overload will eventually interfere with the normal functioning of your heater. This issue might be as a result of a power outage.

4. Dirty filter

Most manufacturers are known for equipping their infrared heaters with internal filters for dust collection. Try to remember when the last time you cleaned the filters was.

Sometimes these filters accumulate large dust buildups, stopping the smooth air flow. The air won’t circulate freely from and in the heater. This issue will interfere with the entire system, powering it off. If this is the problem with your appliance, consider checking our guide below.

5. Overheating

Overheating is another culprit that we can hold responsible for shut offs in your infrared heater. Most of the heaters tend to display the E1 error whenever they overheat.

The fail-safe mechanism is therefore essential in protecting your infrared heater from damages resulting from overheating. The device is therefore likely to shut off if it overheats.

Infrared heater shuts off (Troubleshooting Guide)

infrared heater shuts off

With the knowledge of the above causes of shut offs in infrared heaters, use the following steps to fix the issue;

Step 1: Check the thermostat

To fix the thermostat complication, it is advisable to get a new one. But alternatively, you may try repairing the component and see if the issue is gone or not. Begin by testing it using a multimeter to determine whether it is broken or not. Check on amazon for the best multimeter.

If your thermostat gives abnormal readings or fails to work properly, going for a replacement is the best idea. However, you should be keen on the replacement; make sure it is compatible with your infrared heater.

But I recommend getting a new model to completely clear the airwaves. Give a trial to this infrared heater thermostat from Amazon.

Step 2: Clean the heater’s ventilation

The best and easiest solution is to subject your heater to a thorough cleanliness. If you can access the vents, do so. If not, a professional technician should help you do so.

Alternatively, a vacuum cleaner has been proved to be the best tool when it comes to cleaning Infrared heaters. Buy it on amazon. The important thing you should ensure is to get rid of all available debris and dust. Vent blockage will be the story of the past for you.

Step 3: Check the device’s power supply

Resetting the appliance can help you restore everything to normalcy. But in occasions where motors are broken, you may lack expertise skills to fix the issue. Surrender this task to experienced personnel; don’t risk.

Since this is just like any other electrical appliance, seeking the help of an expert will help you. An expert will be able to scrutinize the root cause of the problem and find a suitable way of fixing the issue.

You should therefore be prepared to provide your technician with everything he will require. For example if he requests a certain component, ensure it is there.

Step 4: Wash the filter

 Wash the filter

Fixing the dirty filter issue is very simple like walking in the park. You don’t have to worry because you are only required to take out the filter and give it a thorough cleaning. Also, consider checking if the cardboard and plastic frame are properly fitted.

Remember, you cannot reuse cardboard framed filters. This means that you will have to opt for a replacement. On the other hand, it is possible to replace Plastic frames filters, unless you want a replacement. check on amazon for the best cardboard framed filters.

A garden hose or a faucet can help you remove dirt from the reused filter.

After washing the filter, give it a few minutes to completely dry. Don’t rush to return the component with all of its wetness.

Step 5: Unplug your heater from power outlet

To fix overheating complications, begin by turning off the device before unplugging it from the power source. Give it some minutes to cool down before plugging it back.

Power on the heater, I am sure if there is no other issue, it is working right now. Though, this fix is temporal, especially if the appliance is stationed in an intricate area. When the air outlet and inlet of your heater is blocked, the machine will be struggling.

Hence, overheating comes in as the problem. Therefore, you should ensure that the outlet and inlet are stationed 3ft away from any solid material.


  • Can my infrared heater cause a fire?

Not really. This is because infrared heaters are not equipped with anything that uses fuels. Therefore, it is a myth to say that it may burn your house. They are safer for heating a house. However, electricity issues might lead to fire; though it is rare.

  • Can I leave my infrared heater overnight?

Yes if you require warmth all over the night. Most manufacturers equip their infrared heaters with safety mechanisms to shut them down when due to overheating. But, why leave your heater while you’re asleep or not in the house? Don’t take risks.

  • Are infrared heaters worthy?

Yes, they are the best when it comes to heating homes. However, you should consider buying a good-sized one to entirely heat your room. They are best at providing deep, natural warmth to your whole house.

  • What is the best infrared heater for my room?

I don’t know your room’s size, but a 1500-watt infrared heater can perfectly heat 150sqft room. While buying a heater, consider the size of your room.

Final words

After going through our guide, I hope all your questions concerning the infrared heater shut off. Winter shouldn’t pose stress to you anymore if you own one of these devices; you need warmth and comfort all day. Make use of our guide if your infrared heater becomes problematic.

If you are not sure about it, surrender the job to experienced personnel. But for DIYers, the above discussions should help. 

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