How to wire two channels to one speaker

Wiring two channels to one speaker is a form of increasing the quality of sound. Most people keep asking how they wire two tracks to one speaker and for what purpose? Using one speaker with two channels helps you get music with a precise volume than using one channel. Wiring one gutter to one speaker is a simple activity that most individuals like to do, making it standard practice for all the audio devices, but in this case, we need to wire two channels to one speaker. It is possible to wire them. However, it can cause damage to the amplifier if the connection is poor.

Consider checking the type of amplifiers you are using when wiring the two channels to one speaker since the type of wiring to use differs from the kind of amplifiers.  After reviewing the type of amplifier you are using, you can later use different wiring methods, including bridging the amplifier, a mono switch, and a dual voice coil speaker. Finally, consider wiring in a series form as the parallel one can damage the amplifier.

The article below discusses the methods of wiring the two channels to one speaker in detail, with some of the steps you can follow to achieve the goal. Wiring the two channels to one speaker helps increase the house’s entertainment rate since the sound will be excellent. However, please read the methods carefully before wiring the channels and take preventive measures to avoid damage.

Methods of wiring two channels to one speaker

Methods of wiring two channels to one speaker

There are three different methods that you can use when wiring the two channels to one speaker. The methods include bridging the amplifier, using a mono switch,  and wiring the left and proper channels together. Consider trying to work with your speaker. If they fail, try asking a technician to help you connect them.

Using a mono switch.

In simple terms, a mono switch is like using one button for both the two channels in the speaker. Even though other methods are more accessible, the mono switch is another simple method of wiring two tracks to one speaker. A mono switch entails converting several channel amplifiers to one block amplifier, which refers to the mono. The technique leads to designing a high impedance input, adding the amplifier to sum the two signals before the output power amplifier. I think you should try this method at first before narrowing it down to the other methods since it is the simplest one.

A mono switch is a type of wiring where the two channels connect internally to produce a single output unit. The method is similar to the bridging process that combines the left signal with the proper signal to the speaker’s amplifier. It is a permanent method of wiring two channels to one speaker since it occurs inside the amplifier.

Wire the left and right channels together.

The simplest method of wiring the two channels to one speaker is by wiring the left and proper channels together. However, most people do not recommend the use of this method with their speakers. Wiring the media here means connecting the left channel directly to the right track to create one output connection that connects to the speaker. Thus, the connection is always in a parallel connection-level output.

However, the parallel connection makes the quality of sound poor since the similar channels connecting each other appear opposite each other in the relationship. It also causes damages to the older amplifiers that are not programmable since the media have a different impedance source that makes them have shorts, causing a fault in the connection.

Below are the steps of connecting the two channels to one speaker:

i. Connect a wire on the positive terminal of the first channel to the positive terminal of the second channel. After connecting the two, they wound the cables together to join them into a single unit. Connect the wires on the negative terminal of the first channel to the negative terminal on the second channel and wound the wires to join them into a single unit.

ii.  After connecting the wires with the terminals correctly, connect the positive wire from the channels to the positive wire from the speaker and ensure the connection is tight. Next, click the negative cables from the tracks to the negative wire from the speaker. The link is good for the speaker to communicate to the media so long as the connection is good.

Bridging the amplifier.

How to wire two channels to one speaker

Bridging the amplifier is another method of wiring two channels to one speaker, combining the two channels into one medium with half the resistance in ohms. Resistance must be chosen since lower resistance helps the load, which allows the speaker to use more current. In addition, the process helps to provide a strong mono signal to the speaker.

Before starting the bridging process, first, check the amplifier in the speakers and the user’s manual requirements about the amplifier, and lastly, note the precautions of bridging the amplifier. The few precautions to note are that amplifiers produce heat in the bridging process due to half use of resistance, bridging is on amplifiers that support it, be keen on the connection of terminals and stereo amplifiers are specifically to amplify both right and left.

Below are the steps of bridging the amplifiers:

i. Identify the channels terminals by checking the rear of the two channels amplifier and get the terminals. At that point, the two channels have both positive and negative terminals. They have labels in them such that the first channel has the first label in the positive terminal, the second label in the negative terminal, and the third label is on the second channel in the positive terminal. Lastly, the fourth label is on the negative terminal.

ii. Collect the wires from the speakers and connect the positive part to the positive terminal in the first channel that has the first label. Using the negative point from the speaker, connect it to the negative terminal in the second channel with the last title in the airports. Ensure the wires have a tight connection. For maximum reference, use a binding post speaker wire connector.

Frequently asked questions

1. What is the function of amplifiers in a speaker?

An amplifier is a device that helps in lowering the voltage signals from the primary source of power into a movement that is enough for use with the speakers. The primary function of amplifiers is that it amplifies the signal flowing through the electric circuit and amplifies the input current or voltage to avoid transmission of excess amounts of power that can cause damage to the speaker.

2. What are the factors to consider when choosing the amplifiers for use with the speakers?

There are many factors that you must check before choosing the best amplifier to use.  The factors to consider include:

  • Quality of sound. When choosing amplifiers for use, consider checking the sound quality since it makes a significant difference in buying the product. Choose an amplifier that produces good quality of sound in the speaker. The preamplifier controls the amplitude of the sound that makes the sound from the speaker be of good quality that fits the listeners’ desires. To test the quality of sound, try the amplifiers from the place you are buying it from to get to know if it is perfect for you and not.
  • Operational options. The functional choices of the amplifiers include the number of channels the amplifiers support, the outputs if they are digital or analog output, and other factors in the process of using the amplifier. The preamp uses’ power is among the significant factors to consider in the operational options, high pass, polarity reverse, and even the frequencies. Therefore, consider checking these factors to avoid buying amplifiers that consume much power with an analog output that does not fulfill your desires when choosing amplifiers.
  • Price, The price of a product must be the first thing to consider before purchasing a product. Such that you can choose a product that you can afford before going to buy it. An amplifier with good features with quality sound is very expensive compared to regular speakers with quite good qualities but still low. Therefore, if you want a good product for maximum performance, the price must be high, and if you want a cheap preamp, the features must be below.


Now you have complete information about wiring two channels to one speaker, which has several methods, as in the article above, that help you increase sound quality in a room while listening to music. However, most people do not recommend using the parallel connection method since each channel has a design to handle a single speaker for maximum performance. The article above shows the different ways of wiring that are simple for you to carry out.

Therefore, follow the guide to know how to wire by carefully following the steps. It is good to use speakers when wiring two channels to avoid damages from excess power from the channels. Consider following the manufacturer’s instruction when wiring the two tracks. You can also choose to ask a professional to help you wire the two channels to one speaker to avoid trying something hard for you. 

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