How to use USB flash drive to old home stereo

Home stereos are a source of entertainment at home, and when you use them with the flash drive, you enhance the music. The two devices need a connection to use the USB flash drive to the old home stereo. USB is a device that can store files like music to connect with the home stereo to play audio. USB is a digital device that you can connect to any stereo at home, and its connection is more accessible. After a good relationship between the USB and the home stereo, the results are that the home stereo produces good quality music that has a good sound best for its listeners.

Some people wonder how to connect the two devices since they do not find a way of fixing them. In most cases, the connection results from the listener’s need to listen to a specific song.  When users want to listen to music available on the USB, they prefer connecting it with the stereo to access music. The home stereo allows the user to select the specific song they need to hear and play it.  After clicking the home stereo to the USB, you can leave it to play the following songs within the device until they are over.

The article below shows the possible steps you can use to connect the USB to the home stereo such that you can join it directly or use a USB cable to connect the two. After the steps to connect are the frequently asked questions that are the typical questions that people ask about the connection of the USB with the home stereo. Lastly, there is the conclusion that summarizes the whole article.

How to connect the USB flash drive to an old home stereo

How to connect the USB flash drive to an old home stereo

When connecting the two devices, consider checking how to connect the devices to external devices by reading the manufacturer’s instructions on how to connect the devices. After that, follow some steps that will make the process successful. There are two methods you can use to connect. The first method is connecting directly, while the second method is by using the OTG that you connect to the phone then play the music on the flash drive. Below are the ways you can follow:

Method 1: connecting the flash drive directly to the home stereo

i. Check the USB port in the home stereo

Refer to the old stereo manual to check the ports you can use to connect with the flash drive. Ensure the ports are compatible before trying to join them. Since we are entering the USB flash drive to the home stereo, you must check the position of the USB in the home stereo to join it.  Ensure the home stereo has a USB port you can use.  If the home stereo lacks the stereo port, you can decide to use a different method.

ii. Switch off the home stereo

To switch off the home stereo, consider unplugging all the cables from the power supply and removing them from the stereo to cut off the power supply. Switching off the home stereo is better for preventing other electrical damage from the speaker to the user. So ensure the stereo is off before connecting the flash drive.

iii. Connect the flash drive to the home stereo

Since you know the position of the USB port in the home stereo, get your flash drive ready for connecting. Place the flash drive in the part of the USB port and ensure it is clicking with it by firmly inserting it into the port. Ensure you insert the flash drive carefully to the port in the stereo because if you apply much force, you can either destroy the port of the flash drive.

 iv. Switch on the home stereo

The last step is testing the stereo if it is working or not. Switching on the home stereo helps confirm if the flash drive connection with the home stereo is correct since it will start playing the songs available on the flash drive. If the home stereo is not playing the songs, it means the connection between them is poor and that the user needs to reconnect them again. In such a case, you can repeat the same process until the connection is tight. If you find it hard to connect the two devices, you can consult a technician to help make the connection to enjoy the music at home with the flash drive.

Method 2: connecting the USB flash drive using the phone through the OTG

How to use USB flash drive to old home stereo

When you try connecting the flash drive directly, and it is not working, choose to use your phone to enhance the connection. A phone can work if the stereo lacks a USB port that can connect with the flash drive.

I. Check for the USB port in the home stereo

Check the home stereo and locate the USB port with the system to connect the two. If you cannot quickly find the port, use the manual to identify it since it has directions of the parts with their labels.

II. Connect the phone to the home stereo

Using the phone, connect it to the USB port in the home stereo using the micro USB cable that can connect with the phone too. For a proper connection to occur, ensure the phone displays a notification showing it is connecting with the phone. If it does not show anything with the notification area, it means that the connection is not yet there, and you must repeat the same process.

III. Check for the notification on the phone

After showing the notification on the phone, select the information and choose the USB to connect only to the home stereo to play the music. Only songs available on the USB will play, unlike when you do not set it to play all the songs on the phone and the USB.

IV. Insert the flash drive using the OTG

The OTG is a device that enables the USB to connect with the phone so that you can view all the files in the USB with the telephone since phones lack the USB port to connect the flash drives directly. After inserting the flash drive, ensure the phone again notifies you of a USB availability in the phone.

V. Set the USB to play songs on the home stereo only

Using the stereos interface, select to play the songs available in the USB flash drive only to use the flash drives. After choosing the songs, you can then enjoy the music with your devices.

If the steps above fail to work in your home stereo, consider consulting the professionals on the best advice to connect the devices. In some cases, you can call them to your place to help you secure the devices since you can be failing to connect the devices on your own as you can be missing some steps that are critical for the process.

Frequently asked questions;

1. What are the features of the old home stereo?

The old home stereo has the old features as its name suggests. The old home stereo has a few features like the amplifier, which amplifies sound in the system, the CD player that you can use to play songs on the CD, Fm tuner. You can tune to different radio stations at home and the different speakers to produce the sound from the music or radio. When choosing the best stereo to use, consider checking the size, price, and other features that you feel are good for you.

2. Can a home stereo fail to read the USB flash drive after connecting?

Yes, the home stereo can fail to read the flash drive after connecting the two devices due to some reasons. The first reason may be that the connection between the two devices is poor. Secondly, it can be because the USB flash drive is corrupt such that it has viruses that destroy it that it cannot work anymore with any devices. Using such a flash drive in the home stereo can damage the home stereo by introducing the viruses it contains to the home stereo. It is good to use safer flash drives with our machines.


Many people ask how to connect the flash drive to the old home stereo they have since they lack digital speakers, which are hard to find the proper steps. Now you have complete information on what to do while connecting the USB flash drive to the old home stereo you are using. While connecting the two devices, it is good to follow some steps carefully to achieve good results. The guide above contains the steps you can follow when joining the flash drive to the stereo, where there are two methods you can use. One of the methods is by clicking the USB flash drive directly to the home stereo and using the phone with the help of the OTG.

Therefore follow the steps carefully to connect the devices. However, before doing any of the steps, consider reading the manufactures instructions on the things think when joining the home stereo to the external devices to avoid damaging them. Consider consulting a technician if the process fails to work out on the home stereo for further help.

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