How to remove stuck light bulb recessed

Many people wonder how they will remove the stuck light bulb because the bulb is so far recessed. Some become scared and even think they cannot remove it on their own. In many homes, light bulbs are used in almost everything from the sitting room to the kitchen and everywhere. Having a stuck light bulb is a common occurrence to almost every homeowner. They find it hard to unscrew it by hand.

In this article, I will share some of the tips to help you remove a stuck light bulb. You will find out it is easy to remove a stuck light bulb without even breaking it. You can easily remove it on your own or request assistance from an electrician. Always try removing it by yourself before contacting the technician. There are simple tips one can easily follow.

What makes a light bulb get to suck and recess?

How to remove stuck light bulb recessed

In most cases, the light bulb gets stuck and recessed due to corrosion. The corrosion can be between the socket and the bulb’s metal base. Power surges also make the bulb get stuck in the metal base.

Tips to remove a stuck light bulb recessed

1)    Use of the duct tape

Duct tape is a multipurpose tool that cannot be missed in the home. In most cases, it is used to seal cartons or even some parts of the car. You will always find it in the toolbox. For example, you can use it to eliminate a stuck light bulb that has recessed.

Easy steps to follow when using a duct tape

a)    First, wait for the bulb to cool. It can take approximately five minutes. If it is a halogen light bulb, it will take almost 20 minutes. Please do not touch the bulb when it is still hot as it can cause harm to you. Make sure you have already turned off the main switch.

b)    Cut a strip of duct tape using a pair of scissors. The strip’s size should be 30 cm (12 inches).

c)     Fold every end of the duct tape carefully. If you can wrap the duct tape in a circular form, then do so. Make the circle larger enough to fit your hand exactly.

d)    Then stick the tape to the stuck light bulb. Press the sticky part of the duct tape to the flat area of the recessed bulb.

e)     Using your hand, try twisting the bulb to unscrew it. When the duct tape has already stuck to the light bulb, it would be easy to remove it.

f)      Continue unscrewing using your hands. When you can grip the sides of the light bulb, get rid of the duct tape. At this stage, you will be able to spin out the bulb using your bare hands.

g)     Follow the same procedure to replace the light bulb. First, fix the light bulb using your hands. When it is about to flush, stick on the tape and spin it to tighten the secure fit.

2)    Use a piece of potato

Everyone is aware of what a potato is. It is a common foodstuff that cannot be missed in every kitchen. It is one of the ancient ways used to remove a stuck light bulb. I know many would wonder how a potato can remove a stuck light bulb. Follow these easy steps to help you remove a stuck light bulb using a potato.

i.  Ensure the switch is turned off. This helps in preventing the occurrence of electrical shock.

ii. Make sure you have your safety gloves and eye protectors in case the bulb breaks.

iii. Slice the potato in half.

iv. Press it gently around the stuck bulb and spin it in the anti-clockwise direction.

v.  After that, the bulb will come out quickly, and you will be able to replace it with another one.

3)    Use a pair of pliers

The use of a pair of pliers is the most popular method of removing stuck light bulbs. Use the needle-nose pair of pliers for gripping the bulb out of the socket. Be careful to avoid breaking the bulb in the process. This is because it may cause harm to your eyes or even your hands.

Steps to follow when using the plier’s method;

a)    Using the pliers, grip the base of the light bulb firmly.

b)    Twist it in the anti-clockwise direction to unscrew the bulb.

c)     By doing so, the bulb would have already loosened up.

d)    Now spin the bulb using your hands to remove it.

e)     Replace the bulb but apply a lubricant in the bulb’s base to prevent a similar occurrence in the future.

4)    Use the glue method

Glue can be used to remove a stuck light bulb that has recessed.

Easy steps to follow in the glue method;

a)    Make sure you have switched off the socket.

b)    Apply glue on the tip of a wooden stick. Make sure the wooden stick is 15 cm long to guarantee full access to the bulb base.

c)     Stick the glue in the base of the stuck light bulb.

d)    Let the glue cool for a few minutes.

e)     Twist the bulb anti-clockwise to unscrew it.

f)      Replace it with another light bulb to continue lighting up your room.

5) Use the small suction cup tool

The use of a small suction cup tool is ideal for the flat bottomed bulb. These tools can be purchased from any electronic shop. All you need to do is to press the suction cup tool against the stuck bulb. Then twist the handle in an anti-clockwise direction to unscrew the bulb. 

The bulb will now come out quickly. Next, you can use your hands to get the light bulb from its base. Then use a small amount of lubricant like silicone spray when replacing another light bulb. This will help prevent the occurrence of a similar problem in the latter days.

6) Try squirting WD-40

Squirting WD-40 will help loosen the threads in the base of the bulb. You will be able to twist the bulb easily from the base. Having your gloves one, remove the bulb, then replace it with another one. Ensure you apply some lubricant on the bubs base before replacing the light bulb. With this, you will not be able to have another stuck bulb in the future. Always be careful when using the WD-40 because it is flammable.

Safety measures to undertake when removing a stuck light bulb

1.     Do not fix or remove a stuck bulb when there is some current still running in the fixture.

2.     Do not use a lot of force when removing a stuck light bulb. This is because it may end up breaking, thus causing hands or eye effects.

3.     Ensure you are using the right size and type of light bulb for replacement. Never remove a light bulb without its replacement.

4.     Ensure you use the correct lifting techniques when removing a stuck light bulb from a high ceiling. Also, keep proper body positioning.

5.     Make sure you have disposed of the light bulb properly after removing it. This is because it may end up causing injuries when kept in the house.

6.     Check if the tools you are using have any defects.

7.     Consult a technician or an expert if you find it challenging to remove the bulb on your own.

8.   Wear protective gloves and eye protectors when removing a stuck light bulb from the socket. This will help you protect your eyes and hands from any injuries.

9.  Be careful when using ladders or scaffolds to remove bulbs from high ceilings.

10. Ensure the socket is in good condition to avoid electrical shocks.

Frequently Asked Questions concerning light bulb stuck and recession;

1. What can I do to protect my light bulb from sticking in the bulb’s metal base?

To protect your light bulb from sticking in the bulb’s metal base, apply some lubricant. There are many types of lubricants like silicone spray. Always ensure you wipe the excess lubricant after using it. This is because they may trap dust which can even cause sticking.

2. Can I remove a stuck light bulb on my own?

Yes, you can remove a stuck light bulb on your own. Provided you have the techniques and the protective gadgets. Then, you can easily follow simple steps and get the problem resolved.

3. Can a stuck light bulb break when being removed?

Yes, a stuck light bulb can easily break when excess force is used. Therefore, it is always advisable to apply less force when removing the bulb.


In conclusion, there are innumerable ways to remove a stuck light bulb. The above article clearly illustrates some of the ways one can adopt to remove a stuck light bulb. You can try as many tips as possible in case one fails. There is no restriction on which particular tip to use. The tips are simple and easy to follow.

In case you cannot do it yourself, contact an expert. Choose the most reputable and highly skilled technician to guide you through. This will help you save from electrical shock when attempting to fix the problem on your own. If you opt to do it on your own, be keen to avoid any accidents. Always remember to dispose of the light bulb properly. This will help reduce accidents and other hazardous health effects of a bulb.

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