How to Hook Up Directv Box to TV Without Hdmi?

HDMI cables remain the best alternative when connecting a Television to a receiver. But, in case your TV doesn’t support or don’t have an HDMI port, there are other options that can still be used in hooking up a DirecTV box to TV.

So if you are worried about whether you can connect your TV to a receiver without HDMI, then I want to inform you that it is absolutely possible. For instance, RCA cables have been tried and tested to link TVs and receivers. Luckily, there are various types of RCA cables in the market. Composite video cables and Component video cables are also suitable for the job.

This article will provide you with different ways to hook up a DirecTV box to TV without HDMI. Expect to come across various cables that you may use during the process. The ultimate guide should help you to be aggressive when you don’t have HDMI cables around.

Quick table:

Ultimate guide on hooking up DirecTV box to TV without HDMIReasons/functionEssential tools
Step 1: Power on both the DirecTV and the TVTo determine whether you have power 
Step 2: Connect your cablesConnections have to be made with a lot of care 
Step 3: Change TV speaker settingsFor your TV to use external speakers.Paired external speakers
Step 4: Test the processTo determine whether the whole process was successful or not 

Types of RCA cables

Types of RCA cables

As we have already stated in the introductory section, there are different types of RCA cables that can help you hook up your DirecTV box to TV. Commonly, these cables have two connectors .i.e., the white and the red wires. Composite cables on the other hand feature a video channel while the component CA cables are equipped with three cables for the video channels.

1.  Ordinary RCA audio cables

The basic RCA cables have two connectors, i.e., the white and the red cables. They are only meant for transmitting audio. Therefore, RCA cables may help you hook up a DirecTV box to TV.

However, you should be keen on the matching of the red wire and the red ports on both the DirecTV box and the TV. Do the same on the white cables and see whether there is sound.

2.  Component video cables

The second type of RCA cables is the component video cables. It is famous for using a number of connectors to transfer video signals. It comes with blue, green and red wires for transmitting video.

Therefore when buying a new cable, consider the one with only blue, green, and red wires. Alternatively, you may opt for the one with 5 RCA cables; as long as it has the white and red cables. 5RCA component video cables are essential when you intend to transmit audio from your TV to a receiver.

3.  Composite video cables

Here is another type of cable that was used before the invention of HDMI cables. This RCA type cable comes with three wires,i.e., yellow, white, and red, connecting both the video and audio components.

Even after the introduction of HDMI cables, a good number of people are still depending on composite video cables. It accrued its name ‘composite’ because it’s only a single wire (yellow) that it’s used to transmit video. If you can’t access a HDMI cable, this RCA can still work for your situation.

Ultimate guide on hooking up DirecTV box to TV without HDMI

how to hook up directv box to tv without hdmi

Figuring out the cable types you require when connecting your two devices? The selection is largely determined by the available ports or jacks on either of your electronic devices. You should therefore, start by locating all the converters and cables before you kick off the connection.

Now that you have everything under control, you may now go on and start the connection.

Step 1: Power on both the DirecTV and the TV

The first thing is to ensure your two appliances are on; confirm their power lamps or lighting. Doing so is necessary to determine whether you have power or the components are in good working conditions.

Step 2: Connect your cables

Here, connections have to be made with a lot of care. Usually, the inputs have been labeled as either ‘Composite’, ‘Component’, and ‘Audio’. These wires come with specific colors that should guide you while doing the connections.

Just make sure the red cable is plugged in the red port while the white to the white jack, and lastly the yellow one to the yellow port. Yes, ensure they are properly plugged in to eliminate doubts.

Step 3: Change TV speaker settings

Under this step, it’s always advisable to consider changing the TV default speaker setting to newly paired external speakers.  However, this action is based on your TV’s model. Check on amazon for the best paired external speakers.

But generally the option is located at the main sound settings of the TV. Making such an alteration implies that your TV will no longer be using its internal speakers. Confirm whether there is sound from your connected external speakers.

 Step 4: Test the process

Before you give yourself a pat on the back, consider testing the devices. This action is important in determining whether the whole process was successful or not. It is therefore advisable to do so after the connections.

Find a good playing media; it might be a video or even a song. Make some volume adjustments and then carefully listen if you can hear anything like sound.

In situations where you can hear sound coming from your external speaker just know that the entire connection process was successful. Yes, you are becoming a pro in this field. Do the same in case you get a new TV; just break the entire connection by unplugging or disconnecting the cables?

Optical audio cables

Optical audio cables

Those people who have used these cables for many years will tell you that they slightly resemble Digital Coaxial cables when it comes to performance. TOLSINK is the cable type essential for transferring digitized sound from your TV. The edges or the ends of these cables are usually square in shape.

You can achieve this connection with the following steps;

Step 1: Connect the Cables to the TV

Take your optical cable and run it from the back of your TV to the audio port on the receiver.

Step 2: Change TV’s audio settings

Go to the menu of your TV to change the TV’s audio settings to ‘Audio Out’.

Step 3: Select the right input

After connecting the Optical cable to the receiver, use its remote control and select the correct input. Make some volume adjustments to meet your requirements.

Digital coaxial cables

Digital coaxial cables

These are single cables or cables that run from your TV to the receiver’s rear input. The barrels of the cable are sound. Use the following procedure to correctly use Digital coaxial cables;

Step 1: Plug the coaxial to wire to the TV

Observe where there is an output jack of your TV and then plug it in the cable. The next action will be to run the wire from the TV to the DirecTV box. If you don’t want confusions, you may record or jot down the input port used.

Step 2: Change TV’s audio settings

Go to the menu of your TV to change the TV’s audio settings to ‘Audio Out’. This action implies that you will be hearing sound or audio from the external speakers.

Step 3: Open the coaxial

Take the remote control of your receiver and then find where there is coaxial audio selection. This option pops up from the menu; select it for opening.

Step 4: Twist the volume

Under this step, you are required to make some adjustments on the receiver. Up to now, there should be audio playing via the external speakers; that’s if you strictly followed the entire steps.

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  • Do cable boxes require HDMI?

Of course yes. HDMI becomes essential in connecting cable/satellite boxes, Blu-ray/DVD players, Gaming Consoles, laptop computers, and streaming boxes.

Final words

I don’t see any need to get discouraged if you are unable to access HDMI cables. The above methods are clear and you should learn to use any of them. Our guide has put it clear on how to hook up a DirecTV box to TV without HDMI.

Luckily, we have suggested various types of cables like RCA, digital coaxial and optical cables to help you achieve the connection.

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