How to Fix Your Xbox One Mic – Easiest Method

Xbox one mic is a gaming tool that most gamers get worried about when the device is not working. The Xbox one mic is a microphone that they use when gaming for communication purposes that, at some point, fails to work correctly. The issue when the microphone happens when the gamers are using the headsets when communicating with other people

The issues with the mic can annoy any user since you will not have the chance to communicate with your friends since the mic records need to record your voice and then send it, but in this case, it is not working. When your mic has an issue, you can get your friends, but they cannot hear what you are saying, meaning you cannot talk but only listen.

However, do not worry about the issue with the mic since there is a solution for any problem you are facing. You can follow some tips that I will discuss in the article below. There will be the causes of the issues with the mic, frequently asked questions and lastly, the conclusion.

How to fix an Xbox one mic

How to fix an Xbox one mic

There are four methods you can use to fix your Xbox one mic. Below are some of the methods: conducting some routine checks on the controller and headset, inspecting the Xbox profile settings, rebooting the Xbox one console completely, repairing or replacing old and faulty parts.

Techniques used to fix the Xbox one mic:

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Conducting some basic checks on the controller and headsetsTo identify the main issue with the controller and consoleCheck Amazon for the best headsets to use.
Check the Xbox profile settings.To work on the settings of the console. 
Restart the Xbox one controller completelyTo refresh everything and remove the things preventing communication.Check Amazon for the best controller
Repair or replace old and faulty devicesTo remove the faulty parts in the console 
Allow chat communication with the parent accountTo help adjust the volume in the child’s account 

1. Conducting some basic checks on the controller and headsets

Conducting some basic checks on the controller and headsets

After checking on your microphone and you note that it is not working on the Xbox One, follow the steps below to fix it immediately:

i. Check the headset’s connection and ensure that it connects well to the controller, and the controller’s connection to the console is also good. If you are not sure of the connection, try reconnecting the headset to the controller by plugging the headset connecting cable strongly to the other side of your controller. After reconnecting the headset, reconnect the controller to the console too.

ii. Ensure the headset has a working speaker that you can hear. Therefore, you need to check the volume button on the headset changing area or sound settings on the Xbox One. Choose to increase the microphone volume to adjust the audio settings; it increases your voice to become clear and louder.

iii. Check the devices and cables carefully to identify any mistakes in the check Amazon for the best controller and console. Consider testing the cables with different controllers and headsets to know the problem with the console; if you identify any of the issues either with the hardware or so, consider repairing the issue or replacing the device affected.

2. Check the Xbox profile settings

The Xbox one mic cannot be working because of the settings from a different user that are set to be muted on the profile settings. Therefore, check on your settings and check if the microphone is ready to work or not. below are some of the steps that you can follow to change the settings:

i. Press the Xbox button on the controller to get the settings section

ii. Choose settings and click all settings in the Xbox

iii. After clicking on all settings, narrow down to the account that you will change the settings.

iv. Choose the privacy and online safety setting

v. Select the view details and customize the settings

vi. Choose to talk using voice mostly and sometimes through messages and select the individuals you need to talk to who are mostly friends, family or everyone.

vii. Confirm that you can talk with friends too using the mic before quitting the settings area.

3. Reboot your Xbox one console as a whole

Reboot your Xbox one console as a whole

The Xbox one mic problem can result from the Xbox One console issues. The issues with the console can be fixed by completely rebooting the console; you need to restart the Xbox one console and test if the problem is resolved:

i. Click the Xbox one button on the panel of the Xbox one system until it goes off totally, and be patient to wait for the process.

ii. Please switch off the console by unplugging the power cable from the console and giving it time since it helps reset the power supply of the Xbox one console.

iii. Return the power to the system, press the Xbox button on the front of the system, and then power it on.

iv. Confirm if the mic is working by testing and see if there is any problem.

4. Repair the broken parts or replace old and faulty components

After fixing the microphone, you need to identify the old or faulty parts to replace. If there are any hardware issues and the methods you tried above are not working, choose to replace the parts. Replace the Xbox one headset, console and controller or repair them. Check Amazon for the best Xbox one headset to use.

With your devices, choose to use the warranty period to repair your devices if it is still there but if the warranty time is over, choose to replace all the devices since maintenance cost is just the same as buying a new device for use.

5. Allow chat communication through parental controls

When playing using the Xbox console and using a child’s accounting, you cannot change any settings until you change with the parental accounting. Using the parent account, you need to log in to the account in the console and check the privacy settings.

Causes of the Xbox one mic not working

Causes of the Xbox one mic not working

When the Xbox one mic is not working, choose to check on its causes before fixing it in any case. Below are some of the causes of the failures with the Xbox one mic:

  • System bugs

The Xbox one mic can fail to work, maybe because a random bug infected the system, making it not work correctly. What you need to do with the bugs is refresh the system.

  • Faulty hardware

When your console has a faulty hardware issue, there is damage in your system that causes the failures. The system’s damages can cause the system to have few issues or severe issues.

  • Poor settings

You can be using the headset with the mic, and you cannot get to talk to your friends when using it. The settings could be that someone set the microphone to mute that you cannot talk to your friends. Therefore, all you need to do here is raise the volume and remove the mute settings.

  • Use of wrong account

When you are using a different account in the gaming section, you cannot change the settings. Therefore, when your mic is not working, choose to check the account you are using, and if you are not using your account, please switch to it.

  • Server issues

There will be many problems with the mic working when the server is down since the Xbox live servers could be under maintenance. The server could be having issues due to poor internet connection that you need to check on the internet before starting to fix issues that are not there.

  • Restricted configurations

There could be configurations with the privacy settings that restrict the chat audio, which is not most common. The privacy settings go hand in hand with the parental settings in that they control children’s accounts.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • How does the power cycle help the console?

If the console has any issues, mainly with the mic, choose to power cycle the console since it helps erase critical bugs between the console and the peripherals in the Xbox one system.


Xbox one mic failures result from so many issues that you can first identify and fix. It would help if you did not worry over issues with the console since they are familiar. The guide provides different methods to fix the issues you need to follow and quickly walk away from the problem.

Choose to follow the different methods with different steps to fix your issue after first identifying the main problem. Some of the causes are what the parent wants the child that you need to know and change in the setting. The issues are with the settings that you only need to change in most cases.

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