How to Fix Xbox One – Disc Drive Not Reading

The Xbox One gadget is a crucial piece of equipment for enjoying various games and entertainment. Your device may occasionally fail to perform as expected, for example, by failing to read or recognize the disc. There’s no need to fear if your Xbox One system won’t read a game disc. In the vast majority of cases, you can solve this issue. Even though this has been one of the most common issues with Xbox One consoles, users rarely send their device to a Service Center or seek help from Microsoft.

When troubleshooting the problem, try cleaning the game disc in question first and see if it helps. It is frequently sufficient to reintroduce you to gaming. If the console is still not detecting discs after trying this, try the other methods in this article. To bring your equipment back into working order, remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. However, if you cannot resolve the issue on your own, you should get professional assistance.

Fortunately, the article below describes the steps you can follow to bring your Xbox one to detect a disc. Also, it states the main reasons that result in your Xbox one failing to see the disc, including frequently asked questions. Please read the article below carefully and follow one step after another to get accurate results.

Steps on how to fix Xbox one – disc drive not reading

how to fix xbox one disc drive not reading

Sometimes, your Xbox one may fail to detect the presence of your discs due to several reasons that are easily fixable. Some of the steps include the following;

Tools necessary:

  • Soft cloth
  • Water
  • A cloth made of microfiber
  • A brush with a soft bristle
  • A container of compressed air
  • Alcohol
  • New Xbox one device.
  • New disc.

Check out this quick table:

Steps on how to fix Xbox one-disc drive not readingFunctionTools necessary
Collect all the materials you require.For effective troubleshooting and avoiding inconveniences.Check the isopropyl alcohol on Amazon
clean the disc driveTo remove dirt from the disc’s surfaceCheck Amazon for the best soft cloth
Restart the Xbox One consoleTo get your Xbox One device to read a disc again 
Use another Xbox One device to play the discTo get your Xbox one device detecting discs.Check Amazon for the best disc
Modify the power modesBring your Xbox one to correct functioning. 
Purchase a new discTo get rid of the faulty disc for compelling watching. 
Seek Microsoft can assist.To help you solve the issue or send someone for repairsMicrosoft’s Xbox support page.

Step 1: Collect all the materials you require

Some of the material you may need includes a clean, soft cloth, water, alcohol, and others mentioned above. Moreover, ensure you have the correct quantity to avoid moving every place during the troubleshooting process.

Step 2: clean the disc drive

clean the disc drive

First, try cleaning the disc drive to see if your Xbox console detects the disc. To remove dirt from the disc’s surface, wipe it down with a clean, soft cloth. When doing this, you can use a damp cloth. Instead of touching the surface, try to grip the disc by its edges. Other materials for cleaning the dust include the following; Check Amazon for the best disc

1. A cloth made of microfiber

2. A brush with a soft bristle

3. A container of compressed air

Step 3: Restart the Xbox One console

A complete system restart is sometimes all required to get your Xbox One device to reread a disc. If your Xbox One is still not reading your games, follow the steps below;

i. Please turn it off and on again.

ii. Press and hold the Xbox button on the console for roughly 10 seconds.

iii. Turn on the console. Turn the console back on after powered off and hit the Xbox button.

Step 4: Use another Xbox One device to play the disc

Your gadget may be failing to identify the disc because it’s defective. The simplest way to figure out whether the problem is with the disc or the system is to use another Xbox One device. Go to a buddy or a place where you may test your disc. If you are financially secure, you may also try purchasing a new disc.

Step 5: Modify the power modes

If none of the previous techniques works, try switching power modes. When using instant-on power mode, some Xbox One consoles may be unable to read discs. Before trying another game, you can put the console in energy-saving mode and reset it. To turn off the immediate on power mode, do the following:

i. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button on the controller.

ii. Choose a system.

iii. Go to the Settings menu.

iv. Choose the General option.

v. Select Power mode & startup from the drop-down menu.

vi. Choose Power mode, then Energy-saving mode.

vii. As indicated in Step 5, power cycle the console.

viii. For a few seconds, examine your game disc.

ix. You can reset your Xbox One to its instant-on power mode if it starts reading you discover.

Step 6: Purchase a new disc

Purchase a new disc

Try using different discs to see if the gadget is in good working order. If your Xbox One console scans other discs without issue and you’re just having trouble with one game, it’s time to replace it. It could be scratched or destroyed, and there’s no way to fix a broken game disc. The only method to fix the problem is to replace the disc with a fresh one that works perfectly. Check Amazon for the best disc

When getting a new disc, consider some of the critical factors. Such factors include the disc drive’s cost, the quality, and check if it suits your Xbox one device. When considering the price, ensure the disc is within your budget to avoid spending much and make some savings. Remember to test the disc’s condition for confirmation that it is functioning as expected.

Step 7: Microsoft can assist you

If none of the methods in this tutorial has helped and all of your game discs are working in a second Xbox One console, you should contact Microsoft for assistance. Your console will need to be physically checked for hardware problems at the absolute least. The complete disc drive may need to be replaced in some circumstances. If you need to send in your Xbox, visit Microsoft’s Xbox support page.

Reasons why Xbox one is not reading a disc

Reasons why Xbox one is not reading a disc

Once you experience issues with your disc, several reasons can result in such cases. Some of the factors include;

i. The disc is unclean

The top of your game disc drive can gather dust or debris with age. If a piece of the game disc is covered by a thin film of dust or dirt, the Xbox one’s disc player may be unable to read the whole data required to load or run the program.

ii. The disc is broken

Scrapes, dirt, and breakage to discs can make them unreadable. If you notice any symptoms of harm to the disc, such as a fracture or crack, this could cause your show’s fail. In such a case, the only way to solve the issue is by cleaning the disc with the recommended tools.

iii. The disc is incompatible

PAL and NTSC are the two formats that earlier Xbox 360 consoles employ in their game discs. Fortunately, Xbox One consoles were region-free, so even if you live in North America, your console should be able to read titles purchased in other countries. If you’re having trouble with discs or DVDs, incompatibility may still be an issue. It’s most likely due to disc coding if your Xbox One console plays games fine but won’t play a specific DVD or disc. Because not all discs are encoded to play in every area, your console may be unable to read them.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How Much Does it Cost to repair the Xbox One to read discs?

Estimating the cost of repairing or replacing the component on an Xbox one controller system is hard. The cost varies depending on the servicing unit and the amount of work required on the console. To acquire a price quote, you’ll need to ask this inquiry of a service center.


Most of the people tend to experience issues with their Xbox one not detecting discs. If you are among them, follow the steps above carefully and try fixing the problem yourself before seeking help from a professional. Also, don’t forget to get the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle all parts of the machine without damaging them.

Finally, it is advisable to practice maintenance services to increase your device’s lifespan. First, clean the machine often, as stated in the manual guide. Also, take the machine to a professional for issue detection and fixation. But, if the issue persists or you cannot solve it on your own, please seek help from a professional.

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