How to fix Xbox 360 disc tray (9 easy ways)

The open disc tray problem on Xbox 360 is one of the most frustrating errors on their console. This is because the cause is usually hardware-related rather than software-related, which means you may have to reach someone to examine it or conduct some thorough maintenance. Otherwise, it may cause interruptions while gaming.

There are several solutions to this problem, and you might not know which one will work best for you. If your Xbox 360 is unable to detect discs, you will be unable to install new software or even play games that need the use of a disc. Thus, it would help best if you permanently resolved the disc tray problem.

How can one eliminate this problem? It is very simple. This article will provide you with the best tips to fix your Xbox 360 disc tray for a smooth gaming experience. It contains the tools you’ll need to accomplish this. Find also answers to the commonly asked questions on disc trays by most Xbox 360 users.

Tools required to fix an Xbox 360 disc tray

1. Torx screwdriver

2. Flathead driver

3. A soft brush

Steps on fixing an Xbox 360 disc tray

fix Xbox 360 disc tray

Step 1; Take your Xbox apart and leave it that way for a while.

Although this technique appears to be ineffective in the vast majority of cases, it has assisted some people in resolving the problem. There are various reasons why this strategy might offer excellent results, and it’s something you should attempt first before moving on to more complex techniques.

1. Press and hold the Xbox 360 console’s power button until it completely shuts down.

2. Remove the power supply from the Xbox’s back. To ensure there is no lingering power in the system, press the power button on your Xbox multiple times.

3. Disconnect everything from the console, such as the controllers and any other gear you may have linked to it after you’ve double-checked that.

4. Wait for the power brick’s light to change from white to orange after plugging it in.

5. Restart the Xbox to see if your Open Tray error code persists.

Step 2; getting certain parts in the right place

During some actions, it appears that a particular square component in your Xbox 360 gets shifted out of place. Many customers have reported that returning these pieces to their location resolved their issue entirely, but be aware that you’ll need to be extremely careful because you will have to open the Xbox 360 completely to access them.

First, remove all output and input devices from your Xbox 360. In addition, any cords or attachments, including external storage, HDMI cables, charging cables, and controllers, should be removed entirely from your console.

If the console has a disk, make sure to eject it and put it in a different place before continuing. Next, pull the faceplate away from you by placing one of your fingers into the USB port portion to the right side of the power button and pulling it away from you. Because the Xbox 360 doesn’t have any fragile bits beneath the faceplate like subsequent versions, you can be relatively firm while doing this.

Poke a large, bent clip through the openings in the upper right of ventilation openings on the Xbox 360’s case, prying up each time to release the end grilles. The clips that keep the grille in place will be unhooked as a result of this. Next, put a flathead driver into the gap between the grille and the console shell, then pry up with the screwdriver as you go. If your Xbox 360 has a hard drive, remove it first before dismantling the end grills by pulling them from the case.

Pull the top of the case towards yourself to unclip the front of the case, held in place by four clips in front of the console. Place your hand into the space on the right where the grille was. Exert pressure to the connecting parts of the shell while putting the flathead driver into the slots, mainly on the back of the Xbox. Pull the base of the case off with your fingers. You should see the metal component. Using a Torx screwdriver, remove the screws that hold the top in place.

Remove the screws that keep the case’s top in place. When you see a screw that won’t fit your screwdriver, don’t try to loosen it as it’s necessary for disassembly. You’ll need to remove six screws in all from the metal portion of the casing. Next, remove the eject button from the console’s front section, placed on the left side. Next, pry the green ribbon mainly on the left side of the console’s front with your flathead screwdriver. Finally, remove the cover of the Xbox case and inspect the disc tray. Make sure you’ve found two squares.

  • If one of them has shifted out of place, make sure you align it properly and check to see if the Xbox tray error code continues to appear.

Step 3; Internally Forcing the Disc Tray

To turn off your Xbox 360 console fully, press and hold the power button on the system’s front. Once the Xbox is powered up, start it up by pressing on the disc tray and physically putting it back in with just enough pressure to manually close it, but not too much pressure that it falls off its rails. In the end, wait a few minutes until the tray stops turning, and the system re-calibrates itself before resetting and testing the Xbox to determine whether the issue has been resolved in the first place.

 Step 4; Accessing your console; you can clean the Laser.

However, although opening your Xbox will violate the warranty, it may be the only alternative available to you for resolving the issue. A faulty or filthy Laser typically causes such issues, and you can expect that completely cleaning it will assist you in addressing the issue as fast and efficiently as possible.

Step 5; Hardware tweaks are performed.

Dust particles can build up within the Xbox and around the wires, leading the equipment to become blocked and unusable as a result. As a result, it’s always a good idea to thoroughly clean the Xbox Disc Tray, the disc, and any power cords or even other connected connections to the system before using them. It is also necessary to clean the console of dust particles using a soft brush to allow for proper ventilation and optimal performance.

Step 6; Identifying and repairing USB flash drives

It is possible to determine if the problem has been repaired by replacing or reinstalling the USB flash drives attached to the Xbox system. Following are the simple steps to get you started:

Turn off the console first, and then turn it back on.

If you have a USB flash drive connected to your Xbox console, unplug it.

Once the console has been restarted, try to play the game disc once more.

If the system can read your disk without the need for additional storage, consider utilizing a separate USB flash drive.

Step 7; the Examination and Evaluation of Disks 

To determine if there is a disc problem with the Xbox system, it is recommended that you insert many discs. A disc that has a fault could be identified using this technique. Because of this, you must perform the following actions:

1. Replace the old DVD with a new one to see how well the Xbox 360 console works.

2. If your console can play this disc correctly, it indicates that your prior disc has a problem and that you should replace it as soon as possible. You can also contact the disc manufacturer if the faulty disc has to be replaced.

Step 8; System cache should be cleared

xbox 360 disc drive

Step 9; your console should be repaired

Even if none of the alternatives suggested above worked for you, it’s likely that your console needs servicing or repair. Service requests submitted online are more efficient and convenient. To register a new device, you must first sign into Device Services and then pick Register a New Device from the drop-down option that appears.

After the registering process is complete, it is possible to check the guarantee condition of the device regularly. Then, if you need information about submitting an online repair request, take your Xbox in for servicing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should one do when an Xbox 360 disc tray is stuck?

You only have a small amount of work left to do before fitting everything back together after you’ve cleaned as well as greased the drive. First and foremost, it is possible to replace the drive belt that was previously installed. Replace the drive belt with a new one that is somewhat smaller in diameter and slightly thicker than the one you just removed, if possible.


To summarize, if the issue is with the laptop or computer, consider employing the Restore Repair feature on the PC. It can examine repositories and then replace corrupt and missing files. Corrupt systems frequently generate difficulties, and hence, this strategy is generally effective in most situations. Always double-check that the disc’s region code is correct. This may be accomplished fast and easily by looking up the area code on the gaming disc in question.

If no other technique has been successful, we recommend using the Repair Tool, which analyzes the repository for faulty or missing data and replaces it if necessary. In most cases, if the problem is caused by system corruption, this solution will be effective. Restoring your system will also enhance the overall performance of your computer. If none of the above ways work for you, take the next step and consult with an expert in the field. Then, in case the situation recurs, follow the expert’s recommendations for future reference in case it happens again.

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