How to Fix Xbox 360 Controller Joystick – Step by Step Guide

As you may know, an Xbox One controller comes with two joysticks that you use to interact with games. Depending on the game, the joysticks may accomplish different things. It could, for example, reposition the character or alter the point of view. However, when there is a joystick drift, this movement occurs without your input. Even if the joystick is left unattended, it will start moving. For example, in a racing game, the vehicle may drift left or right even when you want it to stay straight.

While enjoying your favorite Xbox games, Xbox One controllers are engineered to provide optimal comfort and precision. Microsoft has also nailed this feature practically everywhere. It’s all taken care of by the excellent design, from the time you pick up an Xbox One controller to the moment you engage in dynamic FPS engagements. As a result, when the Xbox One controller displays joystick drift issues, you have every right to be upset and angry. It’s a little perplexing to see your character move around even when you’re not doing anything. Fortunately, correcting an Xbox One controller drift problem is also not difficult.

Luckily, the article gives the best way to bring your device to correct functioning, especially when the joystick keeps drifting from one place to one even when not touched. Please read the article below carefully, and in case of anything, seek help immediately from a professional.

Causes of joystick not functioning

Causes of joystick not functioning

The issue concerning the joystick is the drifting process. At all times, your joystick may keep drifting from one position to another for several reasons. Here are some of the possible causes of joystick drift on your Xbox One Controller. Please keep in mind that a device could be disabled for various reasons.

i. In some cases, dust and dirt deposited inside the joystick have created Xbox One joystick drift issues.

ii. Another common issue is the potentiometer, which is a joystick component that controls the amount of force applied to the joystick.

iii. Low battery levels on your Xbox One controller may cause the problem in some circumstances. Low battery levels can cause the triggers to malfunction.

iv. If you’ve been using the Xbox One controller for a long time, you should consider wear and tear as a possible cause. After all, these joysticks are mechanical devices that can break.

As you may expect, one or more of these variables could be to blame for your Xbox One controller joystick drifting while playing games. But don’t fret; if you’re wondering how to remedy Xbox One controller drift, we’ve discovered a few options that can assist.

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How can you fix joystick drift on an Xbox One controller?

how to fix xbox 360 controller joystick

Here are the best steps to follow carefully;

Tools necessary

  • Xbox controller
  • Alcohol
  • Cotton swap
  • Compressed air

Check out this quick table

How can you fix joystick drift on an Xbox One controllerFunctionTools necessary
Change the controller’s batteriesTo bring the joysticks to functioningCheck the Xbox one controller on Amazon
Clean the joysticksTo remove any dirt accumulating on the surface of the joysticksAlcoholCotton swap
Use compressed air to clean the joysticksFor fixing stick drift on Xbox One controllersCompressed air

Step 1: Change the controller’s batteries

As previously stated, low battery levels are the most prevalent cause of joystick drift on Xbox One controllers. So, the first step is to change the controller’s batteries. If you have a spare set of batteries, try them out to see if the problem persists. Alternatively, if your Xbox One controller has rechargeable batteries, you can fully charge these batteries to check whether the issue is resolved. If the problem goes away, you’re free to play games once more.

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step 2: clean the joysticks

cleaning the joysticks at a profound level using the recommended tools, the cotton swab and alcohol. You’ll need to open the Xbox One controller to do so. So you have two options in this circumstance. Instructions can be found on YouTube or elsewhere. These instructions will show you how to securely open the Xbox One controller and eliminate any potential dirt.

The second option is to seek Xbox One accessories and service from a professional service centre. It has to be the most straightforward and least expensive approach to solve the Xbox Controller movement. In case you were wondering, there are also intermediate grounds. Instead of fiddling with the other parts of the joystick, you could replace the joysticks with ones that work. You can find compatible joystick parts on Amazon and other online platforms. Make sure you purchase a better pair of joysticks so you don’t have to spend more money.

step 3: Use compressed air to clean the joysticks

Cleaning the joysticks using compressed air or an air blower is the standard option for fixing stick drift on Xbox One controllers. The goal is to get as much dirt and trash out of the controllers as possible. However, when working with compressed air, you must exercise caution. You may add more moisture to the insides of the joystick if the compressed air can not be kept at a level.

First of all, and importantly, ensure the Xbox One controller is turned off. Consequently, you risk fusing the circuitry and generating more problems.You now can push one side of the joystick while pumping pressurized air through the other. You can remove the joystick in a few seconds but keep the pressurized air directed towards the base. You may do the same thing with the other joystick, but be sure you allow air. You can achieve it by swiftly shifting the joystick. After you’ve finished with both joysticks, you may need to set the controller aside. It will give the device a chance to settle.

In an Xbox 360 Controller, how do I change the joystick?

In an Xbox 360 Controller, how do I change the joystick

Step 1: Assemble the materials

Assemble and collect all of the project’s components. I’ve included lists of the equipment and materials you’ll need to finish this repair. The following are some of the tools:

i. Driver for the TH-8 Security Torx.

ii. Iron for soldering.

iii. Joystick replacement.

iv. The Xbox controller is broken.

Step 2: Take apart the Xbox 360 Controller

Disassemble the controller to repair the joystick. Disconnect the controller’s batteries and find and remove the seven security Torx screws on the Xbox 60 3controller’s back. The Microsoft warranty will be void if the barcode – sticker is broken or removed. However, to repair the controller, the sticker must be broken.


i. Because the screws will be needed for reassembly, using a bowl, for example, will ensure that none of the screws is lost.

ii. The seventh screw is hidden under a sticker within the controller’s battery compartment.

iii. You can either remove the sticker or push it through with the screwdriver.

Take the Xbox 360 controller (the part with the bolts) away from the top half. Find the position of the motors Loc and remove the two vibrating engines from the circuit board. Slide-out the circuit board from the Xbox 360 controller’s top half gently. Find and detach the thumbsticks from the joystick after the circuit board has been disassembled and take them directly off the joystick unit to separate them.

Step 3: Unplug the joystick from the program

Warm-up your soldering iron by plugging it in. Never contact the “metal” portion of the soldering iron while connected. Soldering irons can raise the temperature above 650 degrees Fahrenheit, resulting in significant burns. Depending on the model, it will take anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes for your soldering iron to reach the proper temperature. Turn the Xbox one controller over and look for the pins that link the joystick while the soldering iron warms up.

When the iron is complete, place it on one of the joints and detach the solder simultaneously. Such can be accomplished by gobbling up the solder with a solder compressor or by braiding the solder. Because the soldering iron will be used again in the next phase, maintain it on and hot. Slide the joystick parallel to the ground away from the PCB once all of the pins have been disordered from the board.

Step 4: Putting the New Joystick in Place

Using the same technique as the initial dismantling, find the new joystick module and, if necessary, remove the thumbsticks. Install the joystick module into the PCB, orienting it according to the PCB slots.

Keep the module put in the holes when flipping the PCB around. Solder one of the pins to the PCB with your soldering iron and solder. Rep with the remaining pins. Inspect each joint for correct soldering application, ensuring that each joint is securely placed and that no gaps exist between the various pins.

Step 5: Reassemble the device

After fixing everything correctly, reassemble the whole device. Screw it accurately in position and ensure every component is correct. Seek help in case of any issue.


I hope I’ve addressed how to correct Xbox controller joystick stick drift most straightforwardly. You may find the circumstance aggravating, but you can take advantage of one of the practical remedies mentioned above. The remedies are easy and quickly done by both professionals and non-professionals at any time. They don’t require an expert unless the issue persists.

Finally, if you don’t want to take the chance, you should take the controller to a licensed servicing centre. Also, clean the device at least twice a week to remove all dirt that accumulates, especially on the thumbstick pads and the joystick pads, to prevent some issues, such as the joystick keep drifting. Good luck in your attempt to fix the Xbox 360 controller joystick, but you should seek help if you cannot perform the task on your own.

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