How to Fix the Xbox 360 Controller Analog Stick

Many people like playing their games using the Xbox 360 controller device for fun. Sometimes, the elements of the device may fail to function as usual frustrating people from playing the games and wish to fix it instantly. There are several reasons why the analog stick of the device may fail to function. For instance, a broken analog stick will automatically hinder its correct functioning.

Suppose you are experiencing any issue with your Xbox 360 controller analog stick. There are several ways of troubleshooting it to correct functioning. First, gather all the materials necessary, such as the toothpick and the screwdriver. The steps are available for both professionals and non-professionals since they are simple to understand and follow.

The article below describes the necessary steps recommended by professionals to follow to fix the device. Also, it contains additional information, including the frequently asked questions concerning the Xbox 360 controller analog stick. Review the article below carefully and follow the steps carefully to get the best results.

Step-by-step guide on how to fix Xbox 360 controller analog stick

how to fix xbox 360 controller analog stick

The steps below will guide you on how to fix the Xbox 360 controller analog stick.

Tools necessary

  • Screwdriver
  • Toothpick

Check this quick table

Step-by-step guide on how to fix Xbox 360 controller analog stickFunctionsTools essential
Collect all the materials necessaryTo save the time of moving to look for the materialsCheck the Xbox 360 controller on Amazon
Take the battery case off after locating its positionExamine the battery carefully.Xbox 360 controller battery
Find the position of the analog stick and pull it outTo fix the analog stickXbox 360 controller analog stick
Reattach the rear of the controllerTo reinstall the plastic component of the analog stick. 

Step 1: Collect all the materials necessary

First, collect all the materials you may need for the two controllers. There are two types of controllers included with the Xbox 360 controller device: a cable controller and a wireless controller. The wireless controller charges its batteries while you play the game, using it wirelessly, but the conventional controller requires you to plug it in. Many customers with issues with their Xbox 360 controllers want to know how to fix the analog stick. Some of the materials you need include; a screwdriver and a toothpick.

Step 2: Take the battery case off after locating its position

By pressing the button down and sliding the casing off the rear of the controller, you may detach the battery case. Using a T9 screwdriver, unscrew the six screws on the back of the controller. It is the only screwdriver that will function for the bolt size and location. Be careful when handling the battery and the battery casing to avoid damaging them, increasing replacement costs.

Check the T9 screwdriver on Amazon.

Step 3: Find the position of the analog stick and pull it out

Find the position of the analog stick and pull it out

Remove the back of the controller first. Find the analog stick that has to be replaced. A broken analog stick, a loose analog stick, or one that sticks are all basic issues. Slide the analog stick upward to detach it. Press hard on both sides of the flat section with your fingertips. Search for the thin metal stick in the center of the analog stick. It is the part that controls the analog stick, and it has to be replaced.

Remove the analog stick and compare it to a toothpick, the ideal size for controlling it. By pressing the upwards analog stick, you can remove it. Pull hard on both sides of the flat section with your fingertips. Split the toothpick in half to be the same size as the metal stick. To guarantee the toothpick touches the bottom of the hole, insert it into the center of the analog stick and hit it lightly with the top of your hand.

Step 4: Reattach the rear of the controller

Next, reattach the rear of the controller and reinstall the plastic component of the analog stick. If your Xbox is less than a year old and you bought it new, don’t try these methods. A one-year guarantee covers your system and accessories, and if you contact Microsoft, replace the controller.

N/B: If you can find a controller for a reasonable price, you can use the analog stick from that controller to replace the stick on your old one. Remove the backs of both controllers, take out the analog sticks, and reinstall them.

What are the reasons for analog stick drift controllers?

Dirt, filth, and dust getting into your controller is the most common cause of analog stick drift. These contaminants can accumulate over time and wreak havoc on your electrical wiring. When this happens, your controller may begin to behave in unusual and unpredictable ways.

Frequently asked questions:

Steps on how to replace the analog stick

  • Soldering workstation

Step 1: Open the Tool Soldering Workstation. Find the analog stick on the left side of the screen

The left stick is the most likely to break. On the top of the controller, press the battery release button. Remove the controller’s battery holder. Remove the barcode sticker from the battery compartment with tweezers.

Step 2: Disconnect the seven screws that connect the back and front cases

Disconnect the seven screws holding the back case to the front by finding their location and carefully removing them. Along the left edge of the controller, insert a plastic opening device between the front and back casings. To pull the two casings away, turn the tool toward the front of the controller. Grasp the controller by the headphone jack and the battery compartment. Separate the rear case from the front casing and motherboard by lifting the battery compartment away from the headphone jack.

Step 3: Pull the bottom case off the top casing by tilting it gently toward the trigger buttons

It is a view of the Xbox 360 controller’s interior. The counter masses on the vibration motors are varied. Disconnect the left motor’s connector. The controller is inverted; thus, the left controller will be displayed on the right, and so on.

Step 4: Disconnect the right motor’s connector

Find the location of the other side’s connector, the right side. Both motors are turned off. For reassembly, note the position of the motors inside the case. Take out the motherboard.

Step 5: Disconnect the covers from the analog sticks

For assembling, note the positioning of rubber strips on the front case. Pull the covers of the analog sticks away from the mounting screws to dismantle them. Eliminate the left analog stick.

Step 6: Remove the left analog stick

Uninstall the left trigger button before replacing the left analog stick. Remove the three solder points and disorder them. To separate the solder, use desoldering wick and flux. Trigger points were left unsoldered. Take the two snaps that keep the left trigger piece in place. Push the snap over and down with a little force if necessary. Ensure the pins are correctly unsoldered when detaching the left trigger before gently pulling it down. The left trigger has been deleted.

Turn the logic board over and look for the 14 solder connections after removing the left trigger. To dissolve the solder, use a desoldering wick and flux. Make sure no additional components are desoldered or are otherwise compromised by heat. Try pulling it off to verify that all solder connections on the 3D analog stick are unsoldered. Remove the analog stick from the game. Install the new 3D analog stick. Check to see if it’s flush against the board.

Step 7: Use flux to coat the solder points and the analog stick’s base

Connect the wires by soldering them in place. Flux is the liquid black trash. After soldering, wipe the board with isopropyl alcohol to remove the residue.


Sometimes, you may experience issues with your Xbox 360 controller analog stick. Luckily, the article gives some tips to follow to bring your device to correct functioning. But, if the issue persists, don’t hesitate to seek help from a professional or the manufacturer.

In conclusion, if you decide to replace the analog stick, consider some factors. First, know the price if it is within your budget. Also, ensure you get a device of high quality that will last longer to prevent replacement expenses. I wish you all the best, and grab a coffee once done with the troubleshooting process for relaxation.

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