How to Fix Unreadable Disc Xbox 360 – Easy Steps

Disc unreadable issues are common that many owners of the Xbox 360 system experience. The error mostly occurs when you are trying to play high-definition games.

The problem results from the operator whereby he uses a different profile compared to the one the game is intended to play with. Sometimes it can be caused by your console not detecting the files of the game from their specific storage.

If you have experienced that problem several times, don’t be nervous as you are in the right place. I am going to show you how to troubleshoot this issue and return your system to the glory days. Don’t forget to find solutions to some of the frequently asked questions and finally the conclusion to master the recap.

Causes that lead to unreadable disc

i. An issue with the connection

How to Fix Unreadable Disc Xbox 360

A poor connection can lead to the system not identifying the disc. When the disc is not installed right in its correct slots can lead to your system not reading it. It is advisable to be keen on your connection.

It is good you try looking at the ports of the disc to see if they are in good condition. The system cannot read the disc because the slot in which it is placed is damaged and hence needs repair.

ii. File system is corrupt

A corrupted file system is affected by:

IssuesEffectEssential products
Loss of powerSudden shutting down of applicationsCheck for better-performing Xbox 360 consoles from amazon.
System crashLosing dataCheck for a quality Xbox 360 hard drive from amazon.
Unsafe hard drive removalCan cause errors 

Steps to inspect if the system is corrupt

Steps to inspect if the system is corrupt

1. Open the disc from the menu option.

2. Mark the disc having the filesystem.

3. In the toolbar, click the check filesystem section.

4. Some file systems pose a lot and hence take a long period to check. Just confirm to commence the activity.

5. When the confirmation is complete you will see a pop on the screen if the filesystem is safe or damaged. Note to reset your filesystem after some time.

iii. Lack of drive partition

Lack of a hard drive partition automatically loses your data. To be honest, partition loss can lead to a more difficult issue. More so it is tedious to retrieve the data lost.

When the partition is lost you are unable to read and even write in this section. Hence, it brings some serious issues to your system. Always it is always good to try and avoid the problem at any cost.

iv. Faulty hard drive

When your hard drive is corrupt there are common signs, such as overheating of the computer, undesired noise, and corrupted files and data. This issue enables you to access your data and even edit them.

A corrupted hard drive can pose serious issues to your system if it is not addressed quickly. It is good to fix the issue once you identify it to prevent losing your data and important files.

v. Virus attack

The virus imposed on your computer can change the structure of the programs. It affects replacing, redirecting, and attacking the code and data for running the operating system.

The firmware of your hard disc can be tampered with and a lot of data destroyed. Remember a virus is a software infection that will not damage the physical parts of the disc drive.

Troubleshooting process

Troubleshooting process

When you find that your Xbox disc is unreadable kindly try to fix the problem using the following steps as soon as possible:

1. Ensure the Disc is clean

A dusty or scratched disc results in the Xbox 360 game error being unreadable. Cleaning the disc with isopropyl alcohol using a soft cloth is efficient for its cleaning process.

Gently rub the disc and allow the wiped parts to dry before you can use it. In the case where your disc is scratched it is advisable to replace it.

Running your disc in the unsupported format in your Xbox 360 results in the same problem. It is good to verify if your Xbox 360 has a different region code.

2. Ensure to clear the System cache

If you want to know your System cache has a problem leading to the Xbox 360 game error unreadable disc.

Then all the games are unreadable discs.The problem is caused by the data in the cache which interferes with the data running in the game’s disc. This problem mostly affects game users who are running high-definition games.

This problem can be solved by replacing the system with another new cache. The process of troubleshooting is easy. Kindly follow my steps below to resolve the problem.

In the controller click the Guide button.

  • Scroll around to the Settings area and tap System settings.
  • Choose the Memory or Storage of the device.
  • Specify the whole storage and later click Y on the system controller.
  • In the Cache System select System cache.
  • Choose Yes to confirm the application.
  • What you do is turn on your Xbox 360.
  • Then disconnect from the power source for at least three minutes.
  • For the second time try playing the disc your problem is sorted.

3. Ensure to save games on the Hard Drive

If you identify that your Xbox 360 game issue is unreadable and you can see the damage when playing the games. Then the cause might be that your Compact disc or Digital Versatile Disc is dusty.

The need to clean them is required. Using the CD/DVD lens cleaner try to remove the dirt to sort the problem. If you clean your Compact disc or the Digital versatile disc and the problem persists, save the game on the Hard Disk Drive. Check Amazon for the best hard disk drives.

The three steps should help you troubleshoot your problem and return your machine to its normal use. Kindly follow the steps correctly to embark your system to its glory days.

4. Repeat the installation process for the game

To do this follow this simple procedure:

  • Click Settings and then select System.
  • Directly Go to the Storage unit and select the dice you are using.
  • After that choose the Games and apps you want to use. Mainly the game you are having trouble playing.
  • Just click Delete from the system menu.
  • Now do a demo download of the game from the Microsoft store. Ensure the game is the same size as the one it refused to run.
  • Click the Guide button on your controller and go to Settings then tap Account.
  • Go directly to the Download History and choose the game you wish to play and select Download Again.
  • After the download and installation process, check if the problem is sorted.

Remember that some of the experts suggest you can use a different device of storage when doing the second download. You can try this also.

But if you choose to go with that don’t struggle yourself to download the memo again just go straight to the download.

5. Send the game license to the console of your machine

Remember the troubleshooting process above is practiced when you are playing games from a different console.

  • When you are on the Xbox 360, click the sign to the Microsoft account.
  • Scroll to the Settings and then press Account.
  • Go to the Billing section and select License Transfer.
  • Using the guidelines given to complete the transfer.
  • After doing the transactions, download the content for the second time for the sake of updates to the license of your console.
  • After the whole process is complete try and run the game.

Steps to follow when opening the system

Steps to follow when opening the system
  • Turn off the power button of the Xbox console and disconnect from power.
  • Using a screwdriver, open the console to have a full view of the connections, motherboard, and the CPU/GPU. Check Amazon for the best screwdrivers.
  • When you realize an issue with the soldering connections as a result of overheating. With the help of the soldering gun and a direct source of heat to solve the issue.
  • For about an hour allow the soldering to cool down. Note to leave the case open.
  • Clean the inside parts of the system before assembling the machine. You can use clean smooth clothing to perform the cleaning.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How to sort the problem in the unreadable disc?

Using warm water and soap clean the disc and then allow it to dry. Apply toothpaste to the disc and rub it with the cloth gently to avoid scratching. Wiping from the center to the edge is usually preferred. Finally, dry the disc after removing the toothpaste.


As a user, you understand how the unreadable disc is affected by its causes. Kindly follow my guidelines above to help you troubleshoot the problem whenever you meet. Understand the steps rather than using more expense by calling the expert.

Remember to perform high maintenance on your devices to prevent damage and destruction of your system. When you find difficulty in fixing the problem kindly contact for help form the experts to help.

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