How to Fix the Bosch Dishwasher Door That Keeps Popping Open

Bosch dishwashers are devices that help in keeping the dishes in the kitchen well after cleaning them. The dishwashers are good as they save energy and water and it is easy to use them. The device has some advantages; however, there are some drawbacks about it that are discouraging such that the door keeps popping open even after closing it.

When the Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open, there are always reasons such as the faulty door latch, defective door hinges, poor position of the racks and others. The issues are from failure to follow the manual book when fixing some of the parts and poor maintenance of the dishwasher.

Below are some of the reasons and how to fix them for the door to work well. After that are the process of installing the door when it is new, the frequently asked questions and lastly the conclusion.

How to fix the dishwasher door that keeps popping open

bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open

When your dishwasher door keeps popping open, you need to identify the issue and fix it immediately. Below are some of the ways of fixing the dishwasher door problems:

Techniques to use for the troubleshooting process of the Bosch dishwasher door

TechniqueFunctionEssential products
Replace the door latch To remove the old door latchCheck Amazon for the best door latch
Arrange the racks in order For uniformity purposes 
Reduce the number of racks in the dishwasher To change the look of the dishwasher 
Replace the door hingesTo remove the old onesCheck Amazon for the best door hinges
Replace the door springsTo remove the old onesCheck Amazon for the best door springs
Cleaning the door latch Removes the dirty particles around the latchCheck Amazon for the best cleaning detergents
Change the position of the dishwasher. Helps in maintaining the balance of the dishwasher in the house 

2. Replace the door latch

If you have a faulty door latch consider replacing it immediately. However, before replacing it consider checking the model of your dishwasher to get the door latch it is using since not all door latches are compatible with dishwashers.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when fixing the door latch to avoid damaging the rest of the parts if they are okay. Choose a door latch of a good quality that does not get damaged easily and consult a technician to help you fix the new door latch if you lack the idea of what should be done.

2. Arrange the racks in order

Check on the racks in the dishwasher that if they are poorly arranged, you will arrange them for the door to close. Arrange the racks in their good positions and place the dishes carefully so that they cannot fall off carelessly when you close the door.

3. Reduce the number of racks in the dishwasher

When the dishwashers’ racks are overloaded, consider removing some since overloading causes the door not to close properly. Therefore, check on the racks and remove some of them from the dishwasher and try closing them.

4. Replace the door hinges

Consider replacing the door hinges if they are faulty. The door hinges do break if the user bangs the door heavily and overloads the dishwasher. Therefore, before replacing the door hinges, consider purchasing the door hinges from good shops. Check Amazon for the best door hinges. Always oil the door hinges to avoid rusting and other issues.

5. Replace the door springs

Replacing door springs is the best solution for old door springs since you cannot repair them. Before you choose the best springs, consult the manufacturer’s manual to get the best. Check Amazon for the best door springs.

6. Cleaning the door latch

Accumulation of dirty particles in the door latch can cause the door to pop open when you try closing it since the dirty particles prevent it from staying firmly on the needed space. Therefore, use a specific detergent to clean the door latch and wipe the latch with a piece of cloth to dry and prevent rusting.

7. Change the position of the dishwasher

Consider changing the position of the dishwasher when it is not at the right place in the house. To change the position, ensure that it is at the right place on the floor and the countertop and that all the sides of the dishwasher are in the right place.

Why the Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open

Why the Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open

1. Faulty Bosch dishwasher latch

The most common reason Bosch dishwasher’s doors keep popping is that their latch is always faulty or it has been damaged fully. When you have the damaged door latch, the only solution is to replace it with a new one. Check on the dishwasher you are using before buying a new one to replace.

2. Poor arrangement of racks

If the dishwasher door keeps opening, consider checking on the racks and their arrangements that if they are poor, you need to change them. Poor arrangement of racks shows that some of the racks are outside the dishwasher that when you are closing the door the racks will keep preventing the door from getting closed.

3. Overloaded racks

When the racks are overloaded they prevent the door from getting closed as they occupy the whole space that the door should occupy when getting close. Therefore, when the door is popping open try reducing the loaded racks and closing it. If it fails to close then, choose to check on the other possible causes to fix.

4. Faulty dishwasher door hinges

When the dishwasher door hinges are loose or rather faulty, the door will keep popping open and cannot close when you are trying to close. Therefore, you need to check the door hinges so that if they are okay you can check on a different cause. But if the door hinge has an issue as stated above consider replacing it.

5. Old door springs

The Bosh dishwasher has some rings that help the user close the dishwasher after using it. Therefore, if the door is old, they wear out and they cannot work anymore, the door will keep popping open even if you close it due to the weight of the door when trying to close it.

6. Dusty and dirty door latch

A dirty or dusty dishwasher door latch will fail to work because the dust and dirt particles accumulated on the latch prevent it from closing properly. The dirt is a result of the food remains that remain on the dishes and drop on the dishwasher that you need to clean the latch regularly to remove the remains.

7. Poor position of the dishwasher

The position of the dishwasher affects the closing and opening of the dishwasher door such that if you place the dishwasher between the floor and the countertop and you do not insert it firmly, the door will fail to open that you need to be keen on the position of the dishwasher.

How to fix a Bosch dishwasher door

How to fix a Bosch dishwasher door

When your dishwasher door keeps popping open, you can choose to replace the whole door instead of replacing the parts that will still fail to work. Below are some of the steps to follow to install the Bosch dishwasher door:

i. Disconnect the Bosch dishwasher power supply cables from the main power source. The power cable is under the kitchen sink so you can check and remove it. Disconnecting the power cables helps the user prevent injuries from the electricity, consider using an antistatic wrist band when working with the electricity.

ii. Check the Bosch dishwasher door and open it carefully the give it some time to rest.

iii. Remove all the screws holding the door using the Philips screwdriver gently and place them in a magnetic kit to avoid losing them.

iv. Close the dishwasher and pull the panel to remove the door panel

v. Install a new door panel to the position and fix all the screws it requires. Ensure that the screws are tight enough to prevent the door from falling.

vi. Open and close the door panel to check if it is working properly. Tighten all the necessary screws after fixing the door and check the position of the Bosch dishwasher to ensure the door is in its right place.

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Frequently asked questions;

  • How can one open the Bosch dishwasher door?

To open the Bosch dishwasher door you need to pull the dishwasher door handle gently. Avoid applying much force since you can break it and when you are closing the door, press the door shut until you hear a click sound from it.


If you are having a Bosch dishwasher that the door keeps popping open even though you closed it, check on the reasons for the problem in the dishwasher and fix them. The article above shows the reasons why the Bosch dishwasher door keeps popping open and the steps of fixing the issue which in most cases is a result of faulty parts within the door panel that you need to replace.

It is good to identify the root cause of the problem before fixing instead of fixing a problem that you are not sure of. If you do not have any idea about the Bosch dishwasher and its parts, choose to consult a technician to help you fix the problem. 

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