How to Fix Rb on Xbox One Controller – Step by Step

Your Xbox controller has been working normally, but all over sudden the RB has become problematic. This issue is hectic because your gaming will be ruined and you will start cursing the device. The unresponsiveness is as a result of prolonged wear and tear.

There are several factors that are likely to affect the performance of your RB on the Xbox one controller. Some of them include; loose parts over time and breakages. Wear and tear is normal, especially if the device is subjected to regular usage.

Even with such a complication, I want to assure you that it’s possible to fix RB on an Xbox one controller. The best way to restore everything to normalcy is by replacing the RB on Xbox one controller. Remember, the best thing you can do to your box is, exposing it to excellent maintenance for outstanding performance.

Quick table



essential tools

Complete guide on how to fix LB on Xbox one controller

Remove the battery bay cover

To access two batteries


Take away side handles

To pry the side panel

  1. A spudger
  2. Flathead screwdriver

Remove the 5 10mm screws

To remove the plates

TR8 screwdriver

Remove the plates

To access the RB


Remove the plastic covering

To pull out the existing LB Triggers


Detach the old RB

To replace it

LB RB Triggers for Xbox One Controller


To determine whether the entire process was  successful or not


How to fix RB on Xbox one controller (step-by-step guide)

how to fix rb on xbox one controller

DIYing is the best thing you can do, not only to keep yourself busy, but also to fix some items that requires repair around your home. At the end of this guide you will be an expert. But first, make sure you have necessary tools and materials.

Yes, they are recommendable to help you out the entire process. Let’s kick off our healing process;

Step 1: Remove the battery bay cover

Start by removing the battery pack casing or cover before you attempt anything. This action is recommendable to help you access the AA batteries.  

After removing the battery bay cover, you will come across two batteries in the pack.

Step 2: Take away side handles

One of the major tasks involved under this step is to remove the side handle cover. You are therefore advised to grip your controller firmly to unlock the side handle.

Take either a spudger or a flathead screwdriver to help you out remove the side handles. They are handy for wedging around the panels.

Moving the flathead screwdriver back and forth is always necessary to easily pry the side panel. However, you should do it around the side plates along the front seam to comfortably remove the side handle panel.

Furthermore, you should remember opening the seven clips. Once they’re opened, they will unlock the side handles to easily remove them. Push the plate forward.

Step 3: Remove the 5 10mm screws

There might be either a puncture or a sticker on the five 10mm screws; observe the battery pack carefully spot them. There are several screws that you have to detach, starting from the battery pack.

Search where there is a sticker and remove it carefully to reach out to the screw. Also, you may just punch a hole in the middle label using a screwdriver.

There you’ll see a hidden screw. Here, a TR8 screwdriver will help you do the job. Use it to remove the five 10mm screws from the controller’s back.

Step 4: Remove the plates

Now that you have removed the side handles, you will easily access the faceplate. Don’t stare at the faceplate anymore, but do the necessary. There’s nothing holding the components together, it is now time to remove both plates.

You may begin with any, but for our case, we shall start by removing the faceplate. After removing the faceplate, go on and do the necessary backplate too.

Place the plates on a secured place so that you can reach out to them easily when needed.

Step 5: Remove the plastic covering

At the center, there is a plastic cover, linking the bumpers; the plastic cover is around the Xbox home button. You are required to remove this plastic cover by lifting it over the two pins.

Press in the home button before you push the cover to the top of your controller. Here, you should be much careful, not to interfere with the home button or the plastic piece.

However, you should take care of the sync button which is loosely mounted beneath the plastic covering. Therefore, you should not forget to place back the sync button before you re-install the plastic over/bumper assembly.

Step 6: Detach the old RB

After taking almost everything apart, the remaining task is now to fit in a new bumper assembly. This process is somehow straightforward if you have strictly followed the above steps.

Under this step, begin with removing the problematic RB by unclipping it from the pins or pegs. Fix the RB Triggers for Xbox One Controller by aligning it on the controller.

However, you should remember to hold down the triggers. The four pins of the RB should be aligned on both sides before mounting the new home button cover. Ensure the new RB assembly is gently fitted into place.

Step 7: Testing

This step involves nothing other than determining whether the RB on the Xbox one controller has been fixed or not. You want to be sure that your device is now operating properly.

To arrive at this, connect the controller to the Xbox one and then take note of its workability. If the problem is persistent, don’t hesitate to seek expert’s help. They are referred to as experts because they have been trained to handle such jobs.

How to clean the RB on Xbox one controller

How to clean the RB on Xbox one controller

It is possible your controller is misbehaving as a result of accumulated dust or dirt.  If not cleaned, your device may become unresponsive.

Therefore, you are advised to your RB on the Xbox one controller to be thorough with cleanliness.

Under this step, you require dependable cleaning substances like rubbing alcohol and microfiber cloth.

Step 1: Dip the cloth in the alcohol

Begin with dulling the cloth in the alcohol before giving the RB a few wipes. Just wipe down the bumper; but do it moderately. I say so because you are likely to break the RB.

Step 2: Dampen the RB with rubbing alcohol

The next action is to dry the LB before you even think of using it. For this case, you can use the same piece of cloth, but a dry one to completely remove wetness.

Step 3: Dry the RB

Once you have the necessary cleaning agents and materials, cleaning the RB is very simple.

How to fix a damaged RB button

How to fix a damaged RB button

RB button on Xbox one controller is broken? Don’t worry because you can correct the issue with simple tricks.

Step 1

Take a tiny piece of pay

Step 2

Insert the same paper in the button’s hole.

Step 3

Force the paper into the hole using either a pencil or a pen.

Step 4

Twist the small pushed paper using your fingers for it to tightly sit in the place.


  • Why do Xbox controllers tend to break easily?

Xbox controllers are associated with simple damages since they are manufactured from fragile materials. More so, their buttons are also known to wear easily. If you own one, don’t be surprised!

  • What can I do for the unresponsive RB button on the Xbox one controller?

If your RB button is unresponsive, cleanliness is the best solution to eliminate the problem. Use rubbing alcohol or a piece of cloth to clean it.

In situations where the button is too loose, tighten the screws; they are usually mounted on the controller’s back.

But, if the unresponsiveness is persistent, then you should go for a controller replacement.

Final words

After taking you through various sections on how to fix RB on the Xbox one controller, allow me to put a huge full stop on our discussion today’s discussion. There are a lot of actions you can do to make your controller work again, but if the RB is problematic, don’t hesitate to replace it.

Well, we have tried to come up with the above guide to bail you out of such misfortunes. If you find this article useful, don’t hesitate to share it with your friends; they might also be facing the same challenge. 

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