How to Fix Packet Loss Xbox One – Quick Guide

Xbox, one allows you to game and compete with other players all over the world. Although, the game itself has some challenges and the packet is one main problem for game users.

Packet loss determines how your gaming will be. High packet loss results in destruction to your gaming period. If you have found that this problem has been a headache to you for over some time don’t worry.

Due to my experimentation and documentation of how to operate with packet loss, this article is best for you. Kindly follow my guide and solve the problem. It is efficient to check the solutions infrequently asked questions and lastly the conclusion of the article.

Causes of packet loss on Xbox one

1. Xbox one High Packet loss

Causes of packet loss on Xbox one

In times when you are watching online content online or even playing online applications via Your Xbox one console, there is an exchange of data packets between you and the server you are interacting with to play games.

A packet is any data packet that has failed to reach the destination it is intended to reach. Packet loss is among the main issues when playing online games that can result in you having a bad connection network. Hence this creates a poor connection experience with your game.

High packet loss can cause the following:

IssuesSolutionsEssential products
Poor connectionTry wired connectionCheck the best VPN software from amazon
Crashed networkUse the VPNCheck for quality Xbox one from amazon
High pingLower ping with the help of a VPN 
Latency problemsUse VPN method 

2. Packet loss causes

Network congestion mostly results in high packet loss on the Xbox system. This is the same as meaning that the issue happens when the network cannot take the user traffic. The system there loses the data in transit keeps the network safe or if not losing the data the network can crash.

Beside the network congestion as the main primary cause of the packet loss on the Xbox one consoles, packet loss can also happen as a result of server-side leaks and poor configuration.

More so, the problems can also arise from the user. Wrong cabling system, fault signaling of channels, or network interference can all lead to a poor connection to drop data packets from reaching the intended destination. This happens between the console and the server game.

3. Xbox one high packet loss on a wired connectivity

In the case where you have tried to connect a wired connection rather than a wireless connection and still there is high packet loss then the hardware cabling of your system is poor. Remember that even a faulty router can cause delay of connection in a network or even your connection won’t work at all.

4. Inspecting packet loss on Xbox one

If your network has been poor and you want to inspect if the problem is packet loss. The favorite method to do that is inspect in the Xbox one of your network system statistics.

Many users don’t know of this method on their Xbox devices but the procedure is direct. Below here are steps to use as a guide on how to inspect packet loss on the Xbox one:

  • Press the Xbox guide button to open all the instructions.
  • Select the profile and system section.
  • Click the settings tap and select general to find the network settings.
  • Choose to test the speed of the network and statistics.
  • If the results produced have the upstream and downstream packet loss call the help center for help.

A good packet loss for Xbox one

A good packet loss for Xbox one

I believe there is no gamer or user who wants to meet with packet loss on Xbox one console. But you should know that there is no network that does not experience packet loss.

However, I can’t also say that there is a good packet loss for good gaming but there are best rankings levels that are responsible to calculate the packet loss for Xbox one:

  • Packet losses going up to ten percent are deemed to be poor.
  • Packet losses that range between one and three percent are considered good.
  • A packet loss that ranges from one or less than one percent is considered good.

Troubleshooting process

1. Manual fix

how to fix packet loss xbox one

As you have learnt that most of the packet loss problems are as a result of different various problems. Try to use my simple methods below to help you resolve the issue manually. Get the best easy ways to resolve the packet loss on your Xbox one.

1) Router restart

However, the classic restarting of your router information Technology ideas has become a joke at this point. This is the only first effective way of sorting these connection issues. Restarting your router can only be the real solution to solve the problem and all the connection issues affecting the system. Check Amazon for the best router

2) Disconnect your Xbox one console

Just as we are using the first step here, we are manually terminating the connection between the Xbox one from your home network. This also acts as one best way to sort the issue of high packet loss. The reason being that it will help your device to restart without all the previous errors experienced in your Xbox one connection.

If the process does not correct the issue, try performing a reset application to your Xbox one system it can solve the problem.

3) Change to wired connection

In case you are using wireless connection and the problem keeps on occurring try and connect the connection with cables. The wired connection can be faster in your home network compared to wireless network.

Completing the connection of the Xbox one console directly to the router using an ethernet cable will be efficient as it transmits data signals at higher speed than the wireless connection.

4) Avoid playing games at peak server level

The final good thing of correcting the high packet loss and being the best method ever is avoiding server times. Not playing at peak periods when the servers are overcrowded automatically tells you when to play in a proper and best gaming.

2. VPN fix

VPN fix

Problems caused by poor local connections or the throttling of the bandwidth by your ISP, VPN is the best solution to seek that. The VPN helps to increase the network’s speed and solve the packet loss problems on the Xbox one console. Here are the possible reasons on how to sought the problem of the Xbox one with VPN:

1. Sign up to VPN with your credentials (NordVPN is preferred)

2. Connect the router you are using to the VPN.

3. Given you chose a latter option, link your Xbox one to route the connection.

4. Launch the game and enjoy yourself.

Note in other situations using a VPN for playing games sometimes slows down the connection of the network you are using. You can decide to high ping. Although the issue erupts if you have connected to the server which is far like in another continent.

But if you utilize the nearby servers or those without congestion you can’t even identify the changes in network performance. In case you want to buy a VPN for playing games, NORDVPN is the best product to use. The application can help you increase the online gaming experience.

Besides being the best method to solve the issue of Xbox one packet loss, NordVPN is best for several gaming purposes. I guarantee you it can also defeat the ISP bandwidth throttling. it can also unblock different servers located in these parts of the world.

Keeping your data secure and from online threats that are usually in gaming applications such as the DDos attacks. Xbox one console high packet loss can be sorted by basically restarting the router or the device you will use.

On some occasions you might find that the setup does not work because your ISP can throttle your gaming experience. A VPN in this scenario is the best solution to your network if all the methods failed when solving.

The VPN when used can bypass the ISP throttling which can solve the problem with packet loss. Try and connect the VPN to your system to help you have less time correcting the issues with other options.  Don’t fail to read the procedures carefully to ensure all the steps work practically with you.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • My packet loss is high. How can I reduce it on my Xbox?

Just click the Network settings and click to go offline. When the connection is terminated from the internet, reset and go back online. This practice works in other situations where by resetting the console connection changes the router or modem internal IP address.


Ensure you perform a high maintenance to your system so that you don’t lose connection in a network always. Stop always overloading the network devices in one network as its catalysis the problem.

The routers and switches tend to drop packets when the processing time to send them is limited. Ensure you use a good cabling system and equipment. It is also good to perform repair of your devices to prevent loss of data or failure of the machine at once.

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