How to Fix Overheating Xbox 360 – Step by Step

The Xbox gaming console has had poor services from Microsoft in how they interact with the user. Just from the beginning, the console has had a rough path due to too many hardware failures and their design.

These numerous effects had led the Xbox 360 to overheat and become faulty to some extent. I am quite sure that anyone who is in poses of the  Xbox 360 has encountered barriers with the Red Ring of Death or even error E74. Through experimentation and documentation, I have sufficient skills to fix the Xbox 360.

This article is best for you as it gives causes and different troubleshooting processes to help you return your device to its glory days. I also gave solutions to the frequently asked question and finally you can read the conclusion to get a recap of the article.

Reasons for Overheating Xbox 360

Reasons for Overheating Xbox 360

Microsoft makes you believe that the reasons that cause overheating in Xbox are brought by the system itself. This is due to the error they indicate when the machine is faulty.

In general, there is one because that results in all the issues experienced in our systems. The design of the Xbox itself can result in the machine itself lacking air circulation and cause overheating creating a lot of error codes.

The codes are shown via the ring of the LED light. The exact codes are shown by the specific flash of red light. Four error codes can be seen on the Xbox console. Include:

1. One red light

One red light error is accompanied by a code of error on the display unit of the television. The appearance of the error code mostly is Exx. On most occasions, x’s usually show numbers.

From the example, E74 is an error code that is most commonly experienced by many users. Others like E64, E73, and E69 are errors that usually occur under rare circumstances.

One Red LED light error appears to have a connection with the AV cable; the error is usually affected by a faulty GPU chip. It is always good to understand the problem of your device before fixing the issue.

2. Two flashes of red lights

As a user when you can see the double flickering of the LED lights. This indicates that your Xbox system is under a serious problem of overheating. The circulation of the air in the system has become low.

The overheating of the Xbox system is caused by the bad placement of some devices like the fan in the Xbox system. The problem is at times accompanied by the faulty design from Microsoft that they used to build and construct the system.

3. Three flashes of red light

This is also known as the ring of death. If you can see this kind of problem where you see three LED lights on your screen. The issue shows that your system is affected by the whole hardware failure.

Although the problem mentioned is associated with the issues with its design and implementation. What you do is ensure your whole system is fixed and running properly.

4. Four flashes of red lights

If the whole system is showing four light flashes. This problem shows that the Xbox console does not recognize the availability of the AV cabling. The causes include:

CausesSolutionsEssential products
Bad AV cableRepair or buy another AV cableCheck the best AV cable from amazon
Loose GPU chipTighten the GPU chipCheck quality Xbox 360 controller from amazon
Wrong TV output settingPlace a correct TV output setting 

Everybody should note that overheating causes failure of every part of the Xbox console system.

Note the Xbox 360 console becoming too hot is an issue that should form the manufacturing companies like Microsoft. Because the issue itself is maddening and tiresome.

Microsoft should be able to do enough surveys and research on its systems. It is also important for them to identify the key areas of failure by testing and correcting them before displaying the products to the market.

Before putting the product on the market, it should be an error-free Xbox 360 console. The main cause of all these problems is the generation of heat during normal Xbox console operation.

The soldering material used to connect the GPU chip and the central processing unit chip in the motherboard has failed to go in line with these high temperatures. The problem further leads to machine failure. 

To be honest the heat that agitates causes the soldering material to be weak as it is melted down. This further causes cracks that dispose of and weakens the system connection.

The fans used to moderate the heat are too small to operate. The protective thermal paste is ineffective. The motherboard flexes as a result of the heat because of the console heating up.

This too much affects the soldering material allowing the GPU chip to lose attachment with the motherboard. Hence several errors result including the mentioned red flashes. The problem makes your Xbox 360 console to be of no use to humans.

Troubleshooting process on how to fix the issue

how to fix overheating xbox 360

In recent years, I have experimented with and documented many Xboxes 360 consoles. From the experience I have, I have known a few best methods and steps to use to sort the problem caused by overheating of the Xbox console. This aids the problem of overheating affecting hardware failure.

In this article, I will show you my Simple steps that have troubleshooted over fifty Xboxes until now and all of them worked. The RRoD overheating results from too much dirt and is affected by the heat cracking and melting of the GPU or CPU from the motherboard system.

E74 is affected by the HANA/ANA chip melting in the motherboard. My steps will keep away overheating and solve the most RRoD and E74 errors.

Be warned

This method will void your warranty if you currently have one.


  • Pennies
  • Electrical tapes
  • Thermal paste
  • Screwdrivers and Torx (measurement of 10 and 8 respectively)
  • Superglue (not a must)

Troubleshooting Steps

Troubleshooting  Steps

1) Opening the box

There is a lot of information in this step but let me tie you up. So, I will spare myself and head directly to the problem procedure. What you have to do is strip every component. Remove the pads from the Ram slots in the motherboard system.

2) Apply the troubleshoot

The pennies available will help us when we make them into heat absorbers and heat conductors. I assure you that the pennies you have are far better than the pads Microsoft provides for our systems. The pennies also help to prevent and return the flexing in the motherboard as they are solid.

Solve and prevent RRoD

a. Enclose four sets of two pennies each in the electrical tape you have.

b. Apply a small layer of thermal paste to the dark RAM chips available. Place them where the old pads were initially available.

c.  Place the pennies on the section where the old pads were located. You can decide to apply super glue to it for sticking purposes. This helps when you put the case together.

d. Put the thermal paste on the chips below the fans that you eliminated earlier. This will act as a good conductor of heat. It works best.

e.  Place the fans in their positions and the x-clamps. In case of the RRoD issue, reassemble your Xbox 360 console. Tighten the parts with a screw and try it before completing the setup. If it does now tighten the screws more to your desired position.

Solve and prevent E74

a. To solve the issues with the E74 error, apply pressure to the HANA/ANA chip. Place another stack of pennies in the white heat space. Ensure it is enough.

b. Put the DVD drive to its position in the case and create another penny of the stack to stick the space needed.

c.  Place the case in its position correctly and tighten all the bolts using the screw. The pennies available will exert force on the HANA/ANA chip to make 360 runs. For about thirty minutes of the Xbox 360 active time, it should fix this issue for good. The force created by the pennies exerting down on the chip ensures that if the soldering material overheats to its maximum, it lowers the chip to its moderate level.

When you are done fixing everything the Xbox console should be back to its glory days.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Why does my Xbox 360 overheat and then turn off automatically?

Automatic turning off the Xbox 360 console when it overheats is a normal practice that Microsoft has implemented in the modern Xbox 360 consoles. The Xbox 360 will turn off by itself if the temperature reaches a certain level.


You understand now what causes your Xbox 360 to overheat and possibly I have laid out possible solutions to troubleshoot the problem. Kindly note to follow my steps comprehensively to help you seek the problem by yourself.

When you practice all the following steps and the machine keeps on overheating, change the fans. In case you try all that you can and the problem keeps on, call the manufacturer’s help center to help you overcome the problem.

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