How to fix open tray error on Xbox 360

One of the most aggravating Xbox 360 issues is the Open Tray. Because the problem is generally hardware-related than just software-related, you may need to get it looked at or perform some diligent maintenance. There are several remedies to this issue, and you never know which one will be the most effective for you.

If the Xbox 360 can’t read discs, you won’t even be able to install new apps or play games that require a disc. Follow the procedures indicated below to resolve the Open Tray problem once and for all.

This guide will walk you through the procedures necessary to resolve this issue. Procedures underline the proper steps. The post also explains the reasons for this problem and how to remedy them without hiring a pro. If necessary, you should seek assistance from an expert or someone more knowledgeable. For the best results, carefully follow the stages and processes below.

Fixing the Xbox 360 open tray problem 

How to fix open tray error on Xbox 360

Step 1: Disassemble your Xbox and leave it like that for a while.

Although this method appears to be ineffectual in the great majority of circumstances, it has helped some people solve problems. There are several reasons why this tactic could produce fantastic results, and it’s something you should try before going on to more advanced techniques.

1. Click and hold the power supply button on the Xbox 360 console till it completely turns off.

2. Disconnect the Xbox’s power supply from its back. Click and hold the power button on your Xbox several times to ensure that there is no residual power in your system.

3. After you’ve double-checked everything, disconnect everything from the console, including the controllers or any hardware you may have connected to it.

4. After you plug in your power brick, wait until the light turns white to orange.

5.  Restart your Xbox to determine whether the Open Tray error message is still present.

Step 2; specific parts should be aligned.

During specific actions, certain square components on your Xbox 360 appear to be moved out of place. However, you’ll need to open the Xbox 360 fully to get to these bits. All input and output devices must be disconnected from your Xbox 360. Remove all external storage, HDMI cables, charging cords, and controllers from your console.

Remove any disks from the console and move them to a new location before continuing. Then, draw away from you with your finger from the USB port section to your right of the power button. The faceplate will come away from you as a result of your actions. Because the Xbox 360’s faceplate does not have fragile bits, you can be pretty firm.

Use a long, bent clip to pry up the end grilles when you poke it into the Xbox 360’s upper suitable ventilation holes. It will then be unable to attach the grille’s clips. Next, pry up the grille with a flathead screwdriver after inserting it into the gap between both the console shell and grille. Finally, after removing the end grills from your Xbox 360’s case, you can disassemble it.

Unclip your case’s front by pulling the top of the case towards you. Four clips are located in front of your console and hold the case in place. Hand in grille space on the right, apply pressure to shell connecting components while inserting flathead driver into slots mainly on the back of Xbox.

You’ll need to use your fingers to remove the case’s base. You should be able to see the metal part. Removing the screws that keep the top in place requires the use of a Torx screwdriver.

It’s time to take out those screws holding the top of the case in place. It’s not required to loosen a screw that will fit the screwdriver. The metal section of the case requires the removal of six screws in total. Remove the left-side exit button from the console’s front part. With your flathead screwdriver, pry the green ribbon mainly on the left side of your console’s front. It is necessary to remove the Xbox’s case cover to view the disc tray. Double-check that you’ve located two squares.

The Xbox tray error message may continue to appear in any of them that has slipped out of place.

Step 3; you must be violent 

However, the cause of this remains uncertain. Several users have found that opening the cartridge tray regularly or shifting the unit back and forth works. However, instead of resolving the issue, a simple whack on the Xbox 360 did the trick. In addition, this is the most straightforward technique to try before quitting up.

Step 4; Forcing the Disc Tray from the inside

Many individuals were able to overcome this problem using this strategy, which was highly popular on YouTube. Although the tray must not be forced into the slot, it is possible without causing significant harm. A self-test appears to be triggered by inserting the tray, and the Laser looks to fix itself.

Hold down the button on the front of the Xbox 360 console until it switches off completely. It’s as simple as pressing down firmly on the open disc tray, then manually pushing it back in with just enough pressure to shut it manually, but not so much pressure as to knock it off its rails. Be sure to wait a few seconds after the tray stops spinning for the system to recalibrate itself before resetting the Xbox.

Step 5: Open your console and clean the Laser.

However, even though opening the Xbox may destroy the warranty, it may be the only way to fix it. A faulty or filthy laser is most often to blame for these problems, and cleaning it thoroughly may help you solve them quickly.

Step 6; assembling the hardware.

To prevent hardware from being clogged, dust can accumulate inside the Xbox and around its cable connections. The Xbox Disc Tray, the disc, and any plugs or other cables attached to the machine should all be cleaned. Airflow and performance are improved when the dust is cleared from the console.

Step 7; identify and repair your USB flash drive.

Xbox 360

It may be necessary to replace or reformat the USB flash drives connected to your Xbox system to determine whether the problem has been repaired. Start by following these easy steps:

1. Shut down the console first.

2. If your Xbox console has a USB flash drive connected, unplug it.

3. Play your disc again after restarting the console.

Take into account the possibility that the system can read your disk without external storage.

Step 8; Analysis of the disks                                                  

Inserting many discs into your Xbox is a brilliant idea to determine whether or not there’s a disc problem. It is possible to determine if the disc has an issue by using this approach. Due to this, you must follow the following steps:

1. Replace the old DVD with a fresh one.

2. You should replace your previous DVD as quickly as possible if you can play this one. Alternatively, you can contact the disc’s manufacturer to arrange for its repair.

Step 9; Delete the system cache.

An alternative method of addressing the “Xbox 360 open-tray error” may be to clear the system cache. This could be accomplished in the following ways:

1. Select the Settings option on the Xbox console and then the Memory icon to access your console’s memory.

2. In this section, select your hard disk and press the “Y” key.

3. A menu will appear on your computer screen. Then locate and select the “Clear system cache” option from the drop-down menu.

4. Your Xbox will likely restart on its own now. If it fails to do so, you can operate manually.

Step 10; you should be able to repair your console.

If none of the alternatives suggested above worked for you, your console may require service or repair. The process of submitting a service request online is quicker and easier than calling.

Device Services must be logged in before a new device can be registered. It’s also possible to check the gadget’s warranty status on a routine basis after being registered. For instructions on how to file an online repair request, take your Xbox in for servicing.


To summarize, if the issue is with the laptop or computer, consider employing the Restore Repair feature on your computer or laptop. Once the repositories have been analyzed, they can then replace any corrupt or missing files. Typically, a corrupted system produces issues; therefore, this is often effective in most situations. Always double-check that the disc’s region code is correct before playing it back. This can be accomplished fast and efficiently by consulting the game disc’s area code.

Using the Repair Tool to scan the repository and repair damaged or missing data is recommended if no other option has been successful. When the issue is caused by system corruption, this method is usually successful. Additionally, restoring your system will improve its overall performance. After trying several different approaches, you may choose to consult with an expert if none of them are successful. Follow the expert’s recommendations for future reference if a problem happens in the future.

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