How to fix lens error on Nikon Coolpix

Have you ever gone out for a hike with friends and decided to carry along your Nikon Coolpix to take pictures? Well, this is a good idea. However, while taking the pics, you might have seen a ‘LENS ERROR’ message shown on the camera’s display. This is common in most Nikon Coolpix camera models. It is usually an error with the camera’s lens.

For a better Nikon Coolpix experience, the error needs to be fixed immediately. If the issue is a minor one, it can be fixed immediately. For instance, one can turn the camera off and then back on or remove the battery and replace it. However, mechanical damage to the lens unit produced by shock or pressure or by preventing the lens unit from moving in either direction will result in the Nikon Lens error.

Need to know how to fix the Nikon Coolpix Lens error?  Don’t worry. There are various tips to do it. This guide contains various tips on how to fix the errors and other possible errors on your Coolpix. The guide also contains the best answers to the frequently asked questions on Nikon Coolpix Lens error. Here we start;

Possible error messages indicated on a Nikon Coolpix and how to fix them

lens error on Nikon Coolpix

1. The lens error message

Nikon point-and-shoot cameras are notorious for displaying the Lens Error message. It indicates that the lens housing is unable to open or close correctly.

a) Obstructions

Anything may be preventing your lens from shutting or opening. Check to see that no foreign objects or grime on the lens housing could cause difficulties. Sand is a typical cause of lens housing jamming in cases of lens jamming. Check to see if there are no evident obstacles in the route.

b) Battery

Another reason for the Lens Error warning to appear is a low or completely discharged camera battery. Check to check that your battery is completely charged before continuing to see if this resolves the issue.

If neither of these concerns appears to be the source of the problem, take your camera to a Nikon Authorized Service center for evaluation. When selecting a camera repair business, exercise caution at all times.

ü A lens unit repair and re-adjustment may be sufficient to resolve the issue, or it may necessitate the replacement of the entire lens unit, which may be prohibitively expensive compared to the camera’s market worth.

ü You should contact your nearest Nikon Service Center if the error message continues to appear.

2. Memory missing

If the camera does not recognize your SD card and displays the No SD Card error, there are several possible causes.

a) Compatibility of cards

Make sure that the memory card you use is compatible with the Nikon camera. Memory cards that are incompatible with your computer can create a variety of problems.

b) Card being full

Your memory card may be full; thus, download images to the computer to clear up space.

c) Malfunctions

A failing memory card or a memory card that has been reformatted with a different camera could cause the problem. If this is the case, you should use this camera to reformat the memory card. When you format a memory card, all of the data on it is erased.

3. System error message

While viewing the System Error notification can be alarming, the problem isn’t always difficult to resolve. The System Warning message is a generic error message that a variety of factors can trigger. Here are some troubleshooting methods to try:

a) Battery

Perhaps there is an issue with the battery. Unplug the battery and storage card from the cameras for at least a few minutes that should enable the camera to restart itself. Check to see if this addresses the problem.

b) Firmware updates

If resetting the camera will not solve the problem, check if you have the most recent firmware and drivers for the camera model. Next, go to Nikon Download Center, type in the model number of your camera, then download and install any available updates.

c) Memory card that does not work

This is yet another problem that could be produced by a faulty or incorrectly formatted memory card. Replace your card and see whether the error is resolved.

4. Camera not working but no error message

A camera that isn’t functioning properly might not even display an error message every time it happens. Restart the camera by removing both the battery and memory card and leaving them both out for at least 10 minutes. If the camera doesn’t work after you replace these things, try reinstalling them.

Error messages from different Nikon cameras may vary. Please refer to your camera’s manual for information on errors specific to the model if you receive one that is not listed here.

5. Images cannot be saved

A lot of associations may be responsible for sending out this message.

a) Memory card problems

This time around, the memory card is being held responsible for the error message. For example, if you receive the Image Cannot Be Saved problem, it is possible that your memory card is failing or that it was formatted in a camera that is not compatible with the Nikon model. In this situation, use a new SD card, as reformatting the existing one will wipe all of its data.

b) Computer system for file numbering

Image Cannot Be Saved error messages can also be caused by an issue with the camera’s folder system, discussed further below. To reset or switch off the consecutive photo file-numbering scheme, navigate through the settings menu on your camera.

c) There isn’t any more space available

This error message may also appear if the memory card has run out of space, but there isn’t enough space on your computer’s hard drive to store your picture. First, unwanted photos should be deleted, and then the photo should be saved again.

6. File lacking image data error message

lens error on Nikon

It is possible to receive this error message for a variety of reasons, including:

a) Incompatible memory card

A Nikon camera may have difficulties writing to a memory card that is incompatible with the camera, resulting in corrupt image files when you use an incompatible memory card. Consult your camera’s owner’s handbook to find out which storage devices are compatible with the model of choice. Because of this incompatibility, you may experience picture loss in some instances.

b) Changing rotation on your computer

Getting the File Does Not Include Image Data error notice after browsing some files and folders could indicate that you rotated or modified photographs on your computer before attempting to view them on your digital camera. In these instances, likely, you did not lose any images; you cannot access them on the device.

c) Memory card sharing

A small number of Nikon users have reported that on using their SD card in another device before inserting it into their camera, they receive an error message stating that the file does not include image data. In these instances, it appears that looking back a few photographs will remedy the problem.

d) Corruption

You could have a corrupted SD card or a damaged picture file on your computer. A damaged photo or, in the instance of a corrupted SD card, all of your photos on the card may be lost if you’re not using a backup copy of the photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a Nikon camera read lens error?

This warning indicates an issue with the camera’s lens system and that the camera should be taken to a Nikon service center for repair. Shut down the camera and then turn it back on. Next, remove the battery and replace it with a new one.

How can one fix a jammed camera lens?

If the lens is jammed partially or fully stretched, gently pull or push the lens barrel while the camera tries to expand or retract it. Usually, a center section spins as the lens stretches, and then you can attempt gently “assisting” it by adjusting the focus.


In conclusion, when problems with the lens occur, remove any dust or grit from the lens area by cleaning it thoroughly. To clean the lens area, you can use a can of compressed air. A hairdryer can be used to clean the region when there is no risk of heat exposure. You will need to visually inspect the lens if clearing the lens region does not work. To ensure the lenses are not inclined to one side, look them over with your eyes closed.

 When a camera is dropped, it is common for the lens to become skewed, causing it to no longer function correctly. To repair damaged lenses, it is advised that you visit a specialized camera repair facility because attempting to do so yourself could result in greater harm to the camera itself. Only once you are short on funds should you attempt to repair the lens error yourself. It is important to gently push the retrieved lens until it becomes straight and thus no longer curved or skewed. Always be keen when handling the Nikon lens.

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