How to Fix LB on Xbox One Controller – Complete Guide

With a lot of experience in gaming, LB on Xbox one controller plays a vital role in offering all the important features affiliated to the type of game you are playing. This is fascinating because you will be able to accomplish some missions successively. But, like any other electronic device, defects are there and one of them is a faulty controller.

A good number of people have raised this issue and that’s why we decided to come up with this article. But before we let you know how to fix LB on Xbox one controller, it is advisable to understand the root cause. The controller is likely to develop some issues if you use it frequently.

However, this issue should be the story of the past because we are here for your rescue. By the time you are through with reading this article, you will be able to replace the LB on the Xbox one controller. The process is very simple and it involves simple tools.

Quick table



Essential tools

Complete guide on how to fix LB on Xbox one controller

Remove the battery cover

To access two batteries


Detach side handles

To pry the side panel


  1. A spudger
  2. Flathead screwdriver

Remove the puncture or sticker

To access the screw

A screwdriver

Remove backplate

To access TR9 Torx screws

A TORX TR8 screwdriver

Detach a faceplate

To access bumper assembly


Clean the LB

To eliminate grime and dirt

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Microfiber cloth

Remove the plastic covering

To pull out the existing LB Triggers


Step 8: Remove the old bumper assembly

To Fit the new bumpers

LB RB Triggers for Xbox One Controller

Step 9: Finish

To determine whether the entire process was  successful or not


Complete guide on how to fix LB on Xbox one controller

how to fix lb on xbox one controller

The left bumper on the Xbox one controller has started to misbehave? Don’t worry because this section carries a lot for you. Of course we will take you through an ultimate guide, as long as you assemble specific tools and materials.

Step 1: Remove the battery cover

Removing the battery bay covering is always the first action to fix LB on an Xbox one controller. This action is essential since it gives you a chance to access the AA batteries.

Now that you can see the batteries, remove them too from the pack; they should be two. There is no big deal in this step, but ensure the batteries are removed.

Step 2: Detach side handles

Removing the side handle cover is one of the major tasks involved under this step. Start by firmly gripping the controller to uncover the side handle.

I don’t know the exact tool to help you, but a spudger or a flathead screwdriver can do wonders. They are useful for wedging around the side panels. Check this flathead screwdriver on amazon.

Try moving the flathead screwdriver fourth and back so that you can easily pry the side panel.

Moving the flathead screwdriver fourth and back around the side plates should be done along the front seam to comfortably remove the side handle panel.

Another critical action that you should not forget under this step is opening the seven clips. Once they’re opened, they will release the side handles to easily remove them.

You can now go on and push forward the plate.

Step 3: Remove the puncture or sticker

There are several screws that you are supposed to remove, starting from the battery pack. They are usually covered with either a puncture or a sticker; so if you aren’t careful, you may not spot them.  

Look where there is a sticker and remove it carefully to access the screw. Alternatively, you may just make a hole in the middle label using a screwdriver. There you’ll see a hidden screw.

Here, a TR8 screwdriver will be of much help to you. You should use it to unscrew five 10mm screws from the controller’s back.

Step 4: Remove backplate

After ensuring that there’s nothing holding the components together, it is now time to remove both plates.

You can start with any, but for our case, we shall start by removing the backplate. Place it in a secured place so that you can reach out to it easily when need arises.

Step 5: Detach a faceplate

Go on and detach the faceplate too since there are no side handles or TR9 Torx screws that hold it. Why are you staring at the plate, my friend?

Remove it from the controller and place it on a secured place; where you can easily see or touch it to avoid unnecessary damages.

Step 6: Clean the LB

Clean the LB

Sometimes these controllers accumulate dust or dirt that if not cleaned, the device may become unresponsive. For this reason, you are required to give your LB on Xbox one controller a thorough cleanliness.

Under this step, there are reputable cleaning substances like isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloth.

Start by dampening the cloth in the alcohol before giving the bumper a few wipes. Just wipe down the bumper; but not gentle. You may break the bumper or extend its defects.

The next action should be drying the bumper before you even think of using it. You may use the same piece of cloth, but the dry side to completely wipe down the wetness.

Cleaning the LB shouldn’t give you a lot of stress since it is very simple; once you have the necessary cleaning agents and materials. Advance to the next step.

Step 7: Remove the plastic covering

There is a cover piece around the Xbox one button that has to be taken off the pegs. The plastic cover is always located in the middle, connecting the bumpers.

You are therefore required to detach this plastic cover by lifting it up over the two pegs.  

Hold your controller firmly and then lift up the cover piece from the pins/pegs. Press the home button before you push the cover to the top of your controller; this will help you unclip the cover piece.

However, a lot of care is required under this step because you don’t want to affect the functioning of the home button or the plastic piece.

NOTE: You should take care of the sync button which is loosely mounted beneath the plastic covering. DO NOT forget to place it back before you re-install the bumper assembly or plastic over. 

Move on to the next step which involves pulling out the problematic bumper.

Step 8: Remove the old bumper assembly

 Remove the old bumper assembly

After disassembling almost everything, the remaining task is now to fit in a new bumper assembly. This process is somehow straightforward if you have strictly followed the above steps.

Here, you should start by removing the problematic bumper by unpinning it from the pegs. Go on and fix the LB Triggers for Xbox One Controller by aligning it on the controller. However, you should remember to hold down the triggers.

The four pins of the LB should be aligned on both sides before mounting the new home button cover. Make sure the new bumper is gently clicked into place.

Step 9: Finish

If you are lucky the problematic LB on Xbox one controller is now working. A good number of people may neglect testing the device, only to realize that the entire process was in vain.

Testing is therefore recommended to determine whether the entire process is successful or not. To achieve this, connect the controller to the Xbox one and then take note of its workability.

Sometimes you may follow the right procedure, but still the device doesn’t work for you. Don’t categorize yourself among the failures because misfortunes doe happen and maybe today was your turn.

If you find yourself in such a situation, I would urge you to seek help from an experienced electrician.

How to fix the Pound button on Xbox one elite controller

If your Xbox one controller is unresponsive, there are a few things you can put into place to fix it. Yes, and the following steps should help you; they made short and simple for you;

Step 1: power off the console

Stat by turning off the Xbox one console before you usher in the healing process

Step 2: Disconnect or detach the control from your console

Step 3: Reconnect back the controller to your console

Step 4: Now power on the Xbox one console

The problem should have gone!


  • Is it possible to apply WD-40 on a controller?

Yes, but you have to understand that this isn’t a cleaner, but a WD-40. You may use it to clean the controller’s surface, but won’t thoroughly work on the available stubborn grime and dirt.

  • What are LB and RB on Xbox one controllers?

LB and RB are buttons on the Xbox one controller, responsible for changing gears while racing.

Final words

There are some issues with Xbox one controllers that require simple tricks to fix them out. This guide on how to fix LB on Xbox one controller should therefore help you restore your gaming habit and experience. 

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