How to Fix Input Lag on Xbox One – Step by Step Guide

If you allow most of your apps to run in the background it reduces the speed of your system and even causes lagging. Exiting the applications on the screen enables your Xbox one to run correctly.

Through the help of the controllers press the Xbox button to open the documentation on how to do the operation. Run a cross-check on the applications you want to close and click the exit section.

If your Xbox has been experiencing lagging issues you are on the right track. My experimentation and documentation will help you fix the lagging issues and return your Xbox one to its glory days.

Some reasons for input lagging

Some reasons for input lagging

Input lagging is caused by two different causes. These factors include the V-Sync implementation and the frame rate. On the Xbox One consoles, it is always difficult to change the options. This further causes a statis controller communication that is implemented by the developer.

The games on the computer that do not follow these rules as stated. Given the various factors, Ultra Street Fighter IV is used comprehensively as the best trial for testing. The size of the latency used is known after doing several installments in this article.

Ultra-Street Fighter IV is mapped at around frames of sixty in total per second. As a user, reduce the size of the Casio Exilim-ZR800 to take an image at one hundred and twenty frames in on the second. The Ducky Shine 4 keyboard applications have a lighting option that gives a view on every key click.

To Get the number Latency, we sum up the number of frames between the first keypress and the first activity seen on the visual display unit. An average of 10 clicks is utilized as the result gets.

1. V-Sync OFF

To get the smallest possible controller latency, the favorite option is to power off the vertical sync at all. V-sync is an action that enables the game to synchronize its rates of the frame compared to the display rate of the screen.

Terminating the capabilities eliminates the frame with rate cap, which other times results in a lot of screens tearing. The visual display unit is brought by inadequate V-Sync which sounds to be a bad application for most game users.

But if your idea is to reduce the lagging of the console of the Xbox one, then this is your favorite article for you. Ultra-Street Fighter IV gives an Ultra=low fifty-nine MS of controller latency with all V-Sync options deactivated on our Nvidia GPU and sixty-one of controller latency pm our AMD Radeon GPU.

2. V-Sync in Game

V-Sync in Game

Almost every computer on the market today has its own V- Sync model that can be of great efficiency if toggled in the main menu of the game. In many scenarios, this is the remaining option that is required of you for better work.

Although it should not be the favorite with the smallest input lag. The stock V-Sync selection in Ultra Street Fighter IV gives an introductory latency of six frames of the input lag kept in place. The game is also similar to PlayStation three, an update with measurements of six frames.

Allowing V-Sync synchronizes the game with the fresh rate of the screen to eliminate screen tearing. Although it adds surrounding two frames of input lag in many scenarios.

Allowing V-Sync in the game causes the controller latency of six frames on our Nvidia GPU and six frames on our AMD Radeon GPU. V-Sync in-game below the crossfire leads to six frames of input lag. Always ensure that the frame pacing is ON under the Catalyst Control Center.

Disallowing frame pacing leads to a high input lag of eight frames and so you have to stop the happenings.

3. V-Sync control panel

If the game you are playing is affected by bad V-Sync making. It is advisable to pressure V-Sync via the GPU control panel. Mostly the application gives a good performance experience.

Both Nvidia and AMD give pressured V-Sync through the control panel but only the Nvidia’s pressure V-Sync selection worked in Ultra Street Fighter IV. The game gives a small high controller latency when the pressuring V-Sync through the control panel with a controller latency of seven frames.

Pressuring V-Sync on our GTX 970 SLI setup added input lag to a singular GPU causing the latency up to 7 frames. But you can change by reducing the latency to a small value by configuring a big pre-rendered frame.

Various Nvidia Input Lag Results:

ConfigurationLatency in framesEssential products
V-Sync ON Triple Buffering7.2 framesCheck for a quality Xbox one from amazon
V-Sync On6.9 framesCheck the best Xbox series x/s controller Input lag from amazon
SLI-V Sync ON6.8 frames 

Troubleshoot process on lagging

1. Steps to reduce input lag in the console

How to Fix Input Lag on Xbox One

Reducing the Xbox console of your input lag is easy. Follow the various steps to achieve:

1. It is good to inspect the condition of the HDMI cable. This helps to identify if the cable is faulty or in good condition. Check Amazon for the best HDMI cable.

2. To make your process successful ensure the television is on Game Mode.

3. The Xbox console you are using should be able to on FPS boost.

Note that the Xbox series has less input delay because the Xbox one system has more input delay as 6.25ms faster than the Xbox series S.


1. Changing the HDMI cable if it is faulty

A worn-out HDMI cable is one cause of input lag because the cables are used to transfer signals at a smaller speed than expected. There is a need to replace the cables to get over the Xbox Series X/S controller Input Lag.

There is also a greater chance that the problem might be with the bending pins used which are resulting in the input lag problem. You can be able to see it if you carefully pay attention to your cables.

Cleaning the cable by unplugging it from the power source is very useful. After you are done with the cleaning using a smooth small rug attach the HDMI cable to the source.

You can also decide to order or purchase a new HDMI cable if you are sure the cable you are using is faulty.

2. Insert the Xbox Series X/S Controller Input Lag to the right HDMI port

In case you are using the latest version of the television on many occasions, there is an HDMI port at the back of your television used specifically for playing games that fit the Xbox Series X/S Controller Input Lag.

In the case where there is no HDMI port in your television, it is good to always choose HDMI labeled 1 for better gaming.

The second action you need to perform is to understand how to fix the Xbox Series X/S Controller Input Lag. Because it helps to enable the game option on your television.

You can inspect the game mode on your TV settings as the enabling game mode will delay the Xbox Series X/S Controller delay. This enables you to play your games without interference.

3. Inspect the refresh rate

The refresh rate should be able to be at 120Hz in the Xbox series X/S settings for the user to have a more comfortable and faster access to the application you are using.

These are the simple solutions to solve this problem:

  • Carefully click the Xbox button on your Xbox console.
  • Once you click the Xbox option it will automatically open up for the guide instructions.
  • Using the instruction guide, select profile and then the system of the Xbox console.
  • Then lastly click Settings go to general options tap the television and display option.
  • Just in the display settings inspect the refresh rate and it should be around 120Hz.
  • In the final step, you give instructions from the controller and ensure the Xbox Series X/S Controller Input Lag is fixed or not.

4. Allow FPS Boost to the Xbox Series

You can be able to play the games you have at a higher fps rate and without the input lag you behind.

Follow the steps below:

  • Click the home menu in your Xbox series. Then choose My games and apps.
  • Now choose the game you would like to play and click.
  • Navigate and choose to manage games and add-ons.
  • On the left choose compatibility mode.
  • Confirm the check box for the fps boost.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • Does an HDMI input cause a lag?

An HDMI input does not cause a lag. Most of the input lags are affected by the television. But if you are operating on an old or low-quality HDMI cable and television the lag can be caused by the Xbox One.


I hope you have gone through all the areas of this article and you are now capable of solving and fixing the areas when you find a problem. A better working Xbox should have a speed and a higher response time to the user.

Always prevent the causes that lead to your machine failing at all costs. Practice good maintenance and attention to every component of your device to prevent damage. When you find difficulty when fixing and sorting the problems kindly call for help from the nearest expert.

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