How to Fix Disconnected From Xbox Live Party

If your Xbox has some issues, you might get disconnected or kicked out of the live party when you are chatting or playing games. If you keep asking yourself why such happened to you when using the device, don’t be stressed as there are some reasons. For instance, you may find your third-party headsets can cause some interference since they use the same frequency with the router, etc.

Electromagnetic interference may also result in your Xbox keeping kicking you out of the live party. So, what can you do if you are experiencing such problems? Of course, there are some tips you can follow to fix the connection issue. You may disconnect the third-party headsets and reduce any wired or wired interference present.

If you keep experiencing such issues, here are some tips you can try in the article below. Also, it is important you first find the common causes of your Xbox disconnection from the live party. In addition to that, you can have a clear look at some of the frequently asked questions and important information concerning the same. Please make sure you seek help if the tips fail to work for you.

Common causes of disconnection from Xbox live parties

Common causes of disconnection from Xbox live parties

There are some reasons why your Xbox keeps disconnecting from the live party, and they include the following;

  • Console out of range

Your Xbox device may keep kicking you out of the live party because if you are using a wireless console, it may be far and fail to connect with your Xbox. The issue is commonly known as; console being out of range, and the best way to fix such is to try moving the console closer to see if the connection issue persists.  

  • Faulty batteries

Another common reason your Xbox keeps disconnecting is that your batteries are faulty and cannot hold a charge for long. Also, it may be due to your battery draining power faster than usual. If your battery has low power, you must consider recharging it.

  • Wrong firmware

Sometimes, your Xbox may keep disconnecting due to outdated firmware. The only way is to update the firmware or use the correct firmware for your Xbox device.

  • Xbox and a terrible router

Other Xbox users may have connectivity problems due to your network equipment, notably the router. Ensure the hardware is in good working order and the firmware is up to date to avoid issues.

Your router’s security mechanisms may have an impact when it comes to party chat. If your router’s security bans the ports Xbox uses for party chat, for example, you won’t be able to speak with your friend or strangers using the Xbox party chat feature. The best course of action is to address the router issues first.

Troubleshooting tips to try

how to fix disconnected from xbox live party

Here are some tips you must try to help you fix the disconnection you are currently experiencing.


  • Router or a new one if faulty.
  • A new Xbox.
  • Computer.
  • UPS.

1. Change the position of the console

If you are using a wireless device, see the distance between the Xbox and the console. Then, move the two closer and establish a strong wireless connection to keep you connected to the live party. Bringing the two devices closer prevents the occurrence of being out of range.

2. Check the battery power status

Sometimes, you may keep disconnected because your Xbox battery is draining fast and shuts off. In such a situation, you will need to connect your device continuously, and such a process may damage your battery completely. First, check the battery indicator and see if there is enough power.

The battery indicator is on the home screen, and it is low, try connecting the battery to the power supply source for charging. Also, check if the battery is bad and replace it with a new one that suits your Xbox device. In addition to that, you can also replace the device battery pack.

3. Update the Xbox firmware

Ensure your controller firmware is up to date, and if it isn’t, upgrade it. If your controller is completely unusable, you’ll need to use a different one to complete the upgrade. To upgrade the firmware on your controller, follow these steps:

i. Engage your Xbox to your console with a USB cord.

ii. On your Xbox One console, sign in to Xbox Live.

iii. On your controller, press the Menu button.

iv. Make a selection of options.

v. Devices and accessories to choose from

vi. Choose a controller for the issue.

vii. Choose Update and then Continue.

viii. Your Xbox software is in the latest version, and if the system says “No upgrades required.” Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for the Update to finish.

ix. Examine your controller to check if it has returned to normal.

4. Restart your Xbox

Rebooting the router and Xbox solves many issues with the connection. Try restarting the more and see if the issue is eliminated. Follow these procedures to execute a power cycle reset:

  • Remove the power connection from the router, modems, or gateway’s rear.
  • Disconnect the power cables from both the router and the modem if you have both.

Read the directions below to reboot your Xbox device:

i. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button.

ii. Make a selection of options.

iii. Choose Reboot console from the menu.

iv. To agree, select Yes.

v. If you can’t access the instructions or the console looks to be stuck, tap and hold the Xbox controller for ten seconds until it switches off. 

vi. Tap the Xbox controller button on the console once more and reactivate it after it has shut down.

vii. Allow five minutes to pass.

viii. If you’re using a router, connect it and wait for all lights to return to their previous state.

ix. Reconnect the remainder of your equipment and see if you still have the same connection issues as previously.

5. Unplug any third-party headsets

While they transmit on the same bandwidth as wireless routers, following a wireless headset can cause an active disturbance. Unplug the electricity from the wireless headset’s access point to determine if the headset exacerbates the effect, and then verify to see if the connectivity situation is fixed.

6. Switch to a different Xbox

If you have an alternative controller, attempt it on your console to see if the problem has been resolved. If the new controller works properly, the first controller requires instant replacement. However, if both controllers are experiencing the same problem, your console will need to be repaired and maintained.

7. Seek help

If the issue persists, it is important to seek help from an expert. He will help you identify the main cause and help you solve it. If not, you will get more information on whether you need to replace the whole device and router or not.

Testing the port of the router, you are connecting with the Xbox

Testing the port of the router, you are connecting with the Xbox

Take the following steps:

1. Remove the wire from your Xbox console to your network interface.

2. Disconnect the networking device’s cord.

3. Disconnect the wire that links your pc to the network interface. ensure you only unplug the networking device’s cord.

4. Plug your Xbox console’s networking wire into the networking device’s port.

5. Check the status of your Xbox Live connection.

6. To access the instructions, press the Xbox button.

7. Make a selection of options.

8. Choose all Settings.

9. Choose a Network.

10. Choose the options. The center of the screen will display any known outages.

11. Choose Test network connection on the right side of the Network settings screen.

12. If you don’t get the same error, the networking device’s port was the issue.

13. Make sure the networking device’s wire is connected to your PC.

14. Then, try connecting your Xbox console’s network wire to a different port on your networking equipment.

Step-by-step instructions for reconnecting your Xbox

Step-by-step instructions for reconnecting your Xbox

Alternatively, you can try reconnecting your Xbox to your console. It will re-establish the connection and keep your Xbox from disconnecting.

If you’re using a wired Xbox;

i. Unplug it.

ii. Then reconnect it.

iii. If the issue persists, try a different cable or USB port to see if it helps.

Reconnect your wireless Xbox by following the steps below.

i. Keep pressing the wireless connect button on your controller until the Xbox button flashes.

ii. Press the wireless connect button for some time on the Xbox down

iii. Wait for the Xbox button to be still and emit some light.

iv. Check your controller to determine if this is the problem.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is it a terrible idea to unplug an Xbox while it’s still turned on?

It’s better to unplug your Xbox to avoid damaging your hard drive when it’s turned off. Disconnecting your Xbox while executing something, such as a system update, may render it inoperable.

  • How frequently does your Xbox account become disconnected from Xbox Live?

My Xbox account disposes of Xbox Live every half hour or so, even though it has a wired and steady connection.


Whenever you keep disconnecting from your Xbox live party, the tips above will be of great help. Ensure you follow them carefully, and you will bring your device to correct functioning. For example, you can reboot the two devices, use another Xbox, etc.

If you cannot solve the issue, please don’t hesitate to seek help. I hope this article will help you solve your Xbox disconnection issue. Good luck, and if you want technical support, you can use contacts such as; 1-800-753-0797.

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