How to fix corrupted files on Xbox one

At times, games and downloadable content on your Xbox one will not load. Corruption can occur as a result of issues, including incomplete downloads or interruptions during the saving process.

Occasionally, once you initiate your Xbox one or attempt to launch a game, you might encounter an error message such as ‘database is corrupted,’ or ‘the application’s data is corrupted.’ In most cases, as per Microsoft, corrupted game files would be labeled “Corrupted Content” in the onboard storage. The label comes along with an exclamation mark.

While still, you would not be able to retrieve your current game state, you will be able to access the game by repairing the game file. This article outlines various causes of corrupted files in Xbox one. It also contains tips on how to fix the corrupted files on your Xbox one console. So ensure you go through them keenly to fix your gadget quickly.

How to fix corrupted files on Xbox one

How to fix corrupted files on Xbox one

You might receive the ‘ corrupted save game ‘ error code message once you attempt to play a game on your Xbox One console. This implies that you have a corrupted saved game file that needs to be excluded.

However, it is essential to note that whether you see the error message or not, this is determined by the game’s method of saving corrupted files. While some games ignore corrupted information, others raise the alarm by displaying a message.

The optimal solution is contingent upon when the error is discovered. Here are some of the options;

1)    Remove the corrupted files from your Xbox One

If you’re experiencing issues with a particular title, the software is most certainly corrupted, and you should thus uninstall it. You will not lose any sensitive information, and as a result, the game can be reinstalled from the disc, library, or the Xbox one Store. Unfortunately, a corrupted game save file cannot be recovered. You should therefore remove the corrupted file to safeguard other crucial data.

The following steps will help you determine if your saved game is compromised:

a)    In Settings, choose ‘System.’ Select storage from the menu that appears.

b)    The next step is to select the storage location. Once you have selected, press the A button.

c)     Select Games and Apps, and once done, click the A button.

d)    Then, select the particular game and press the A button again.

e)     Afterward, choose the saved game and press the A button.

Note that an exclamation mark in yellow indicates a corrupt saved game file. Thus, ensure you eliminate the corrupted saved game file if it exists. Select the Delete option to accomplish this.

How to remove the corrupted files

The Xbox One console comes with a hard drive that appears to be large enough to last indefinitely. However, between immediate downloads, stored data, as well as recorded video and photos, you’ll likely run out of space before long.

Below is an outlined procedure on how to remove games from your Xbox one Console;

# Access the menu options on the Xbox One home screen and then select Settings.

# Choose storage. A screen appears listing all of the connected hard drives to your console and their current capacities. Select the drive of your choice by pressing X. If you haven’t connected an external HDD to the console, the built-in memory will be your only alternative.

# Select Specific Applications. A list of applications and games that are currently installed on your Xbox one will appear. By pressing the Options button and then selecting Delete, you can select which items to delete. Usually, these are arranged in ascending order with their corresponding size.

# To the left side of each file, select boxes will appear. Pick the item(s) to delete by pressing X.

# After making your choices, on the right, click Delete.

# Select OK to affirm your choice on the next screen. Deleted items in the Applications sector will remove only configuration data. It will not delete your saved data. This means that you can reinstall or install a game without losing any progress.

# Return to the Storage menu by pressing Circle, and check to see if you have sufficient space available. If you do not, and you cannot find any additional options to remove, you can free up space elsewhere.

# Select the Saved Data option. The following screen displays your games in chronological order, where the most recent appears at the top. 

# To open a menu, press Options, and then X to choose Multiple Applications.

# Highlight the files you wish to delete, and then press X.

# Once your selections are complete, select Delete, then OK to verify your selections.

# Press Circle to revert to storage and verify that you’ve freed up enough space.

# If you still require additional space, choose Capture Gallery. Screenshots, as well as saved videos taken during the gaming process, are considered to capture data.

# To choose the ‘All folder,’ press X.

# Choose one of the databases in the folder by moving right and pressing the options button to bring up a menu.

# Select the Delete option. Each item will have a selection box next to it. From here, you can either select individual files to delete or choose ‘Select All’ if you’re not interested in saving anything.

# Select the Delete option.

# To confirm, choose OK on the subsequent screen.

# To verify that you’ve cleared enough space, press Circle. If not, it may be time to upgrade the storage on your Xbox one console.

2)    Disinfect the game disc

If you’re trying to install a game stored in a disk drive, delete any corrupted data first, then wipe down the disc’s bottom part with soft microfiber. Then reinstall it.

3)    Maintain software updates

 If the error is encountered either during or after an update, navigate to the game on the Xbox one screen, press Options, and then choose ‘Check for Updates.’

4)    Restore the licenses for your Xbox one software

Occasionally, a conflict between your Xbox one account and the game’s licenses may occur. Navigate to ‘Settings,’ followed by ‘Account Management’ and then ‘License Restore’ to resolve this issue.

5)    In safe mode, restart the Xbox one and re-establish the database

If the console can be started in safe mode, select the alternative to rebuild the database. Bear in mind that Bluetooth does not function in Safe Mode, thus necessitating a USB-connected controller to access the System. However, this process will not erase any of the game’s information, but it will perform a system file check for corruption.

 If your Xbox one does not automatically boot into safe mode, turn it off, keep holding the power button, and release it once you hear a second beep. Whenever you experience poor performance and lengthy load times, rebuilding the database may help.

6)    Initialize your Xbox one console

To revert to the System’s default configuration, select Initialize Xbox one from the safe mode tab or navigate to ‘Settings,’ followed by Initialization, then Initialize Xbox one, and finally Quick. This method will completely wipe the console’s data. If necessary, back up the game data in a different external drive.

7)    Your Xbox One will require a hard reset

If your console continues to fail to boot normally, users reinstall the operating system. However, you will lose all data present on the hard drive, and thus it is crucial to attempt data recovery first. If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your Xbox one, visit your manufacturer for free servicing.

8)    Replace the hard drive in your Xbox One

If your warranty has expired and resetting the operating system does not resolve the issue, you can substitute the hard drive with another Xbox compatible hard drive. If you previously replaced the hard drive in your Xbox with another one, replace it with the classic version and reconfigure its operating System.

9)    Request a repair for your Xbox one from Microsoft

Another option is to contact Microsoft and request Xbox one repair. Microsoft maintains a competent Xbox one game console repair center in that if you are unable to address the problems on your own, you may request your device repair. The Xbox customer service team will instantly assist you in resolving this issue.

Reasons for corrupted files in Xbox one

fix corrupted files on Xbox one

Sometimes, you might encounter an error with your game console, which a specific code could accompany in your Xbox one console. This could mean that there is a software issue with the particular game or the application.

This error is frequently encountered following a failed installation. In such cases, it would help best if you delete the corrupted file and reinstall the software to eliminate the problem.

Additionally, the error can occur while playing, typically after the visuals and background music sputter. To resolve this, I would recommend that you reinstall the game.

You can restore your account permits to resolve this or do both. If you receive the message while powering your Xbox one console in its safe mode, you may have a hard drive issue. Redeveloping the file and reinstalling the Xbox one operating system are two fruitful options.


If you experience problems when loading a game or various files on your Xbox One console, it might be affected by corrupted data. Corrupted data on your Xbox One will be evident by a displayed message on the console’s screen. The above-discussed troubleshooting tips will help you fix corrupted files in your Xbox One.

To repair the game, you must delete the game’s file. Additionally, this will delete your data files. Proceed with the outlined tips only if you are confident that your game has been corrupted. As mentioned earlier, consider taking your Xbox to your manufacturer for servicing if you haven’t altered its warranty. If still experiencing challenges, seek support from the Microsoft support center.

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