How to Fix Bumper on Xbox One Controller – Ultimate Guide

Enthusiastic gamers know what it means by having a problematic bumper on the Xbox one controller. However, these bumpers may start to misbehave, mostly when you frequently use the controller for gaming. Almost all games depend on the bumpers to handle critical tasks related to your game.

There are several causative factors that can give rise to a problematic bumper like frequent usage; it quickly loses its usability. Since we are in the DYing generation, seek an expert’s knowledge when you have no idea about Xbox one controllers.

Well, if you are one of the victims, there is nothing to worry because we will guide you on how to fix the bumper on the Xbox one controller. You are very lucky to come across this article. Therefore, expect a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to fix the bumper on the Xbox one controller. Let’s not waste a lot of time coiling around the introductory part.

Quick table;



Essential tools

Ultimate guide on how to fix bumper on Xbox one controller

Uncover the battery pack

To remove the two batteries


Remove the puncture or sticker

To access the screw

A screwdriver

Detach side handles

To pry the side panel.

Check on amazon the best spudger

Remove the faceplate

To access TR9 Torx screws

TORX TR8 screwdriver

Thorough cleanliness

To eliminate grime and dirt

  1. Rubbing alcohol
  2. Microfiber cloth

Remove the plastic covering

To pull out the existing bumper assembly


Replace the bumper assembly

To Fit the new bumpers

Xbox One Controller (1697) Bumper Assembly


To determine whether the entire process is successful or not


How to clean a bumper on Xbox One controller

Soak the cloth in the isopropyl alcohol

To dampen the cloth

isopropyl alcohol

Wipe down your bumper

Do eliminate dirt



To remove wetness

microfiber cloth

Ultimate guide on how to fix bumper on Xbox one controller

how to fix bumper on xbox one controller

If you wish to fix the bumper on your Xbox one controller, then you should consider the following guide. We have made it simple for you with the help of the above mentioned tools and materials. However, if you are not sure or not familiar with the Xbox one controller, then I would suggest you surrender the job to an expert.

But if you are an enthusiastic DIYer, this step-by-step guide is for you;

Step 1: Uncover the batteries

Before you attempt anything, it is always advisable to detach the battery pack casing or cover. Doing so is necessary so that you can reach out or access the batteries. After removing the battery pack casing, there you will see two batteries; usually, they are AA batteries.

Step 2: Remove the puncture or sticker

In the battery pack, there are screws, but if you are not careful, you won’t see them. Observe where a puncture or stickers are and remove them carefully. A screw will be revealed to you. Take your screwdriver and unscrew it.

Step 3: Detach side handles

There are several actions that fall under this step and one of them is to remove the bumper’s side handles.

Under this step, a spudger remains an essential tool for wedging around the side panels. Check this spudger on amazon.

Moving the spudger fourth and back should help you pry the side panel.

Moving the spudger fourth and back should be done along the whole seam to comfortably detach the side handle panel.

Another action that you should not forget in this step is opening the seven clips.

Once opened, the clips will unlock the side handles so that you can easily remove each.

Step 4: Remove the faceplate

Now that you have removed the side handles, you will easily access the faceplate. Don’t stare at the faceplate anymore, but do the necessary.

What is the ‘necessary’? I mean the remaining task is to remove it; simple like walking into the park.

But before you detach the faceplate, don’t forget there are several TR9 Torx screws; around five of them.

TORX TR8 screwdriver becomes a handy tool to help you remove the five screws to detach the faceplate.

Step 5: Thorough cleanliness

Now that you have a clear view of the bumpers, the next thing you should do is to subject the parts to thorough cleanliness using rubbing alcohol and microfiber cloth

The best thing you can do is to ensure no grime or dirt is left around the bumper. They might be the culprits leading to an unresponsive Xbox one controller. Check on amazon for the best rubbing alcohol.

Step 6: Remove the plastic covering

There is a plastic cover in the middle, connecting the bumpers; the plastic cover is around the Xbox home button. You are supposed to remove this plastic cover by lifting it over the two pins.

Press the home button before you push the cover to the top of your controller. Here, you should be very careful, not to interfere with the home button or the plastic piece.

You should also take care of the sync button which is loosely mounted beneath the plastic covering. Therefore, don’t forget to place back the sync button before you re-install the plastic over/bumper assembly.

Now, you can pull out the existing bumper assembly from the plastic cover.

Step 7: Remove the old bumper assembly

Up to this step, your controller will be fully waiting for a new bumper. Fitting the new bumpers in the controller is very simple.

You can easily achieve this by aligning them on the controller; but you should remember to hold the triggers down.

The four pins of the bumpers should be aligned on both sides. Mount the new home button cover on the micro USB port.

Now push in the home button before pulling the cover over the visible two pins.

Step 8: Testing

This is the last step that most people neglect after fixing the bumper on the Xbox one controller. Testing is therefore necessary to determine whether the entire process is successful or not. Connect the controller to the Xbox one and then observe if it works normally.

If it is successful, give yourself a pat on the back for the work well done. However, if the unresponsiveness is persistent, maybe it is time to buy a new controller or take it to a reliable electronic repair shop.

Extra fixes

Extra fixes

There are other things that you can try out to fix a damaged Xbox one controller bumper. For instance, applying superglue on the loose bumper can solve falls off problems. The glue will package everything together so that you can play comfortably.

If you are having a sticky bumper; it won’t move, then heating up the sticky area with a lighter will restore the normal performance of the bumper. The bumper will be made more flexible than before. Though this is not a permanent solution; just replace the bumper assembly if you don’t wish to come across additional challenges.

How to clean a bumper on Xbox One controller

How to clean a bumper on Xbox One controller

From the above guide, you can realize that subjecting your Xbox one controller to thorough cleanliness is always the best care you can give it. But the question is how to clean the bumper. There are some cleaning materials that you must have like; isopropyl alcohol and microfiber cloth

Step 1: Soak the cloth in the isopropyl alcohol

Dampening the microfiber cloth in the alcohol is always necessary for the task ahead.

Step 2: Wipe down your bumper

This step is very simple since you are supposed to apply the alcohol to the bumper through several wipes.

Step 3: Drying

Before you even think of using your bumper, remember to completely dry it. Another clean piece of microfiber cloth should help you achieve that with a lot of ease.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I fix the RB button on Xbox one?

You can try out various actions to correct this issue, but the best one is to get rid of all dirt. Cleaning it is always the simplest trick to prolong their lifespan. A combination of rubbing alcohol and q-tip should help you achieve the process.

Alternatively, you can opt for a tiny piece of paper and wedge between the housing and the button.

  • How can I eliminate unresponsiveness in the bumper on the Xbox one controller?

If you are operating with an unresponsive bumper on an Xbox one controller, cleanliness is the best solution. However, if the unresponsiveness is persistent, then I would suggest opting for a controller replacement.

Final words

Anything that has a beginning must have an end. Allow me to end this discussion by saying that fixing the bumper on the Xbox one controller is absolutely possible. From the various sections above, you can realize that it is always advisable to clean your bumper to remove grime and dirt.

But if the problem is persistent, we have also provided you with an ultimate guide to fix it out. Doing it yourself is possible as long as you have the above mentioned tools and materials. Go through the entire article for more useful information. 

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