How to Fix Bell Bicycle Computer Not Working – Easy Guides

Bell bike computers are devices within the modern bicycles that work by recording certain information like the distance the bicycle covered in a certain time and the speed it used for the movement.  The computer works incorporation with the magnet and sensor that is at the front part of your bike that sends data to the computer which carries out other activities.

In some cases, the bell bike computer can fail to work due to some reasons like the power issues, wring problems and maybe there could be issues with the computer like it needs updates or so that can make it fail to work. However, with every problem that the computer has, there could be a solution for it.

So do not worry if you face any problem like this since the guide will provide the necessary steps you can follow to fix the issues with the computer and it will show the reason why the computer fails to work properly. There are the frequently asked questions and lastly the conclusion.

How to fix bell bicycle computer not working

bell bicycle computer not working

When you have a bell bike computer that is not working, keep in mind that even the bicycle computers can still work after repair since they have some issues that are easy to fix. The major issues with the bell bike computers are the battery problems, wiring issues, issues with the magnet and maybe the sensors and maybe issues with the buttons.

Techniques fox fixing the bell bicycle computer not work;

TechniqueFunctionEssential product
Replace the buttons and check their surface Helps fix the buttons that are not workingCheck Amazon for the best rubber buttons
Replace bad batteries To remove the defective batteries and fix new onesCheck Amazon for the best batteries
Fix the wiring issues To connect the cables properlyCheck Amazon for the best computer cables

1. Replace the buttons and check their surface

Sometimes the bell bicycle computers fail to work since they have issues with their buttons that when you press them, they cannot start or perform any activity with them. Therefore, check the buttons and identify the issue with them as some fail to work when the rubber is not getting in contact with the computer and the computer is not getting instructions from them. When you are using computers with rubber buttons the issue could be that there is no transmission of power to the buttons as the circuit surface board can corrode and fail to respond to the instructions from the buttons.

2. Replace bad batteries

When the computer is not working, check the state of the batteries. If the batteries are bad, you can easily note their nature just by checking their colour and turning on the screen. When the battery of the computer is bad, the computer will display a certain line on the screen that if they are dim the battery will be bad but if they are bright then they are still good.

Consider removing the batteries from its unit and diagnosing them to check whether they have any issue or not. Consider checking the terminals of the battery to check if there exists any corrosion and if they are dirty choose to clean those using proper cleaning detergents and wipe them with a cloth to dry them. When the battery is totally bad and it cannot work even if you repair it then you need to replace the batteries immediately.

3. Fix the wiring issues

Wiring issues are a result of the poor routing of the wires and that they are not secure, that they can be loose or get damaged and fail to work causing the computer not to work.  The wiring problems are common in the headset of the bicycle such that when you mishandle the wire when pulling and the handlebar there could be an issue. The only computers that cannot face such a problem are the front wheel computers since their wiring is always reliable and the installation is always proper.

Consider using an Ohm meter to check the wiring problems with any section of the computer. The problem with wiring issues can be as follows

1. Loose connections such that when the wiring is done poorly, the connection between the computer and the bell bicycle will be poor. Sometimes the loose connections are from the main power supply to the computer that if they are lost the computer will fail to turn on and hence will not work for the bicycle to record the daily activities

2. Naked wires such that they are exposed to the external surroundings such that some cables are not supposed to get the open air as they can corrode or get some damages that they can fail to work to transmit power to the computer to start and work well.

3. Use of non-computer cables. Sometimes when wiring, you can choose to use wires that are not of the computer such that when you connect them for the transmission of power, they will fail to work and the computer will fail to work and start.

Therefore, with the wiring issues, consider checking the connections of the cables, the nature of the cables and the type of the cable you are using so that everything is right and that there is the proper transmission of power from the main power supply to the computer for it to work.

What causes the bell bicycle computer not to work

What causes the bell bicycle computer not to work

1. Lack of enough power supply

When using the bell bike, you can find out that the computer is not working which can be a result of the lack of power supply. When the computer fails to receive enough power it will not even start since computers require power to carry out their activities or to record and save data for the user. The power issues can be that there is no electricity at that particular time or due to some wiring issues.

2. Poor installation of the computer

When the computer is installed poorly it can easily fail to work because the wiring and everything that the computer needs to work is not effective and hence it cannot work. Therefore, with the process of installing the computer and setting the bicycle, consider consulting a technician to help you fix the problem if you lack the exact idea of what the bell bike computer entails.

3. Loose and naked cables

The computer can fail to work if the cables connecting to it are loose or are naked. Loose cables do not transmit power efficiently that is why the computer can fail to work when having them. On the other side when the cables are naked they expose themselves to some issues that can cause them to be defective in their working process and in some cases they can corrode and fail to work.

4. Issues with the battery

When the battery is bad or has some issues with it, the possibility of the computer failing to work is high since they do not have the power to run their activities. The batteries in a computer help in storing power that the computers’ RAM is using to store data.

How to use and work with the bell bicycle computer

How to use and work with the bell bicycle computer

There are several steps to follow when fixing the computer in the bell bicycle and it works well. Below are some of the steps to follow:

1. Set the bicycle

1. The first step with setting the bicycle is by getting the measurements of the bicycle wheels using a tape that you place on one end to the end and note the measurements of the distance between them.

2. Allocate the wheel factor by pressing certain buttons on the bicycle computer which is on the right side.

3. Using the same buttons set the way you want the computer to show the distance and speed which will either be in miles or kilometres. Change the time format tool which will either be in a 12-hour clock system or 24-hour clock system. Set the way of showing the weight of the cyclist which will either be in pounds or kilograms.  Set the current hour in the clock in this step. Remember to use the right button to select the options to set and the left button to save the changes.

2. Using the bicycle

1. The first step is to start riding the bicycle so that the computer can start working where you use the right button to select the current activities then you will save using the left button.

2. Check the distance covered in this second step using the right button and reset using the second button.

3. Using the buttons either the left or right button, choose an activity that you need to perform at a particular time including the data that you are recording and the one to save for future references.


The article above shows the ways of fixing the bell bicycle computer that is not working. You need to check for the causes by diagnosing the computer parts and their attachments before fixing the issue. There are the things you will major in when fixing the computer on the bicycle.

Check on the guide to work with your computer problems. If you lack an idea of the bell bicycle computer consider consulting a professional to check the problems and fix them. Sometimes the computer can fail to work if it needs to be updated. You need to check on it before checking on the other issues. 

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